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Area Studies


The Frere Exhibition for Indian Studies, so called in memory of Sir Henry Bartle Edward Frere, is for the encouragement of the study of matters relating to India. A Board of Management administers the fund, awarding grants as well as electing to the Exhibition. The Exhibition is awarded to enable its holder to undertake a specified piece of work, approved by the board, in the field of Indian Studies. The work must be carried out at Oxford unless the board, in the interests of the work, gives leave to the exhibitioner to carry it out elsewhere for one or more terms. Candidates should specify in the application where, if elected to the Exhibition, they would wish to pursue their work.

The Exhibition is offered once in each academic year in Trinity Term. It is open to all members of the University who, on the day of election, have not exceeded twenty-one terms from their matriculation. In recent years successful applicants have been well advanced in their research. The Exhibition is tenable for one year from 1 October. Its value is likely to be of the order of £2,500 but may vary from year to year. The Board of Management may take into account the financial resources already available to the successful candidate. The Board of Management may, exceptionally, extend the Exhibition, at the end of the year, for a period not exceeding one further year: current exhibitioners must re-apply by the closing date to be considered for re-election.

The Board also awards grants to encourage the study of matters relating to India. Only candidates for the Exhibition will be considered for the award of such grants in any one year.

Applications for the Exhibition should comprise

(i) a completed application form. Forms are available from Max Todd at the address below.

(ii) a statement of no more than about two pages in length, describing the work you propose to undertake if elected to the Exhibition.

(iii) an example of your written work on a matter relating to India, not more than 5,000 words in length.

Candidates should ask three referees, one of whom should normally be your supervisor, to provide, in confidence, comments on your academic progress, the value of the intended project, and the reasons for which the funding is being requested. Referees may find it useful to receive a copy of this note. It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure references are requested and sent in by the closing date. Applications and references should be sent to Max Todd, Secretary to the Board of Management of the Frere Exhibition, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (telephone (2)80299; e-mail: The closing date is 1 May 2003.

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