Scholarships and Prizes 2002:
Miscellaneous and Multidisciplinary


The electors propose, if suitable candidates present themselves, to award two or more bursaries on this foundation. The statutory conditions require that applicants must have the intention of offering themselves for ordination in the Church of England or any church in communion therewith and be in need of financial assistance for their university education.

In addition the electors have discretion to make bursaries available, after Anglican candidates have been considered, to matriculated students of the University intending ministry in churches with which the Church of England has ecumenical relations, or who as lay men or women intend to serve their church as theologians.

The bursaries are of such annual value as the Board of the Faculty of Theology shall determine, and are tenable at any college or hall in the University.

Candidates will be required to provide the electors with evidence of their scholastic attainments and financial need together with testimonials to their character and ability. Selected candidates will be interviewed before the elections are made.

Prospective candidates should communicate by letter with The Revd C.M. Jones, St Peter's College, Oxford OX1 2DL, during March 2003 or the latter half of September 2003.

A successful candidate, if not already a member of the University, will be required to make his own arrangements for admission to a college or hall. Candidates are warned that it would be impossible to secure such admission for Michaelmas Term 2003 if action is deferred until the awards are announced. They are accordingly strongly advised to seek admission as soon as they have decided to become candidates. A prospectus, which describes the admission procedure, may be obtained from the Oxford Colleges Admissions Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.

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