Scholarships and Prizes 2002:


The Vice-Chancellor gives notice that he will make an appointment to the de Osma Studentship during Michaelmas Term 2002. The studentship is open to members of the University of Oxford who may be of either graduate or undergraduate standing.

Candidates must send their applications to the Vice-Chancellor, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, not later than Friday, 8 November 2002, and must include a recommendation from their tutor or supervisor. The student must undertake to study in connection with the Instituto de Valencia de Don Juan in Madrid in any subject for which facilities are provided, for not less than six weeks (usually in the Easter Vacation).

The studentship is tenable until 31 October 2003, and may be renewed for a second and third year. The value of the studentship is at present about £3,000.

The Instituto is especially a centre for Spanish Art studies. It has a fine collection of Spanish and Hispano-Mauresque ceramics and of Spanish medieval sculptures and objets d'art, and an outstanding library of the history of art; the library also contains a considerable number of medieval and early-modern documents and a collection of historical periodicals, mostly relating to the earlier periods of Spanish history. It is a tranquil place in which students may pursue their work.

Candidates should be concerned with Spanish studies, such as Spanish art history, Spanish language and literature, Spanish history, geography, or archaeology; they must, when presenting their applications, provide evidence that they have sufficient knowledge of both written and spoken Spanish to enable them to make proper use of the facilities of the Instituto as well as a detailed account of their proposed study.

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