Scholarships and Prizes 2002:


The prize will be offered in Hilary Term 2003 for an essay on any subject in ancient history (i.e. between 1500 bc and ad 500). The prize will be worth £500. Candidates must be members of the University reading for a Final Honour School, who do not already hold the degree of BA of this University and who on the date appointed for sending in essays have not completed more than fifteen terms from matriculation. The prize may not be awarded to a previous winner.

Essays, which must be typewritten and which must not exceed 15,000 words in length, are to be sent under a sealed cover to the Head Clerk, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, not later than Friday, 24 January 2003. Authors are required to conceal their name and distinguish their composition by a motto, sending at the same time their name, college, and date of matriculation in a separate sealed envelope, with the same motto inscribed upon it. They must also certify that their entry has not been, or is not concurrently being, submitted for any other prize.

Although competitors are free to choose their own subject, they are warned that they must secure the prior approval of the examiners for the subject of their essay; the examiners will not approve any subject unless the candidate's letter seeking approval is endorsed by his or her tutor to the effect that the proposed title is suitable. Candidates must send the proposed title to the Secretary to the Arnold Historical Essay Trustees, at the University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, for the attention of the examiners, not later than Friday, 15 November 2002.

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