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Council has made the following decrees, to come into effect on 12 July.

Decree (1): Repeal of certain Decrees which will be superseded by new Regulations

Explanatory note

The new University Statutes will come into effect on 1 October 2002. Under these statutes Council will no longer make decrees to enact secondary legislation, and all such legislation will take the form of regulations.

Council has now made regulations to supersede some of the existing legislation in the present volume of Statutes, 2000, as published in Supplement (2) to Gazette No. 4628, 26 June 2002, p. 1385, and the following decree formally repeals the decrees which those new regulations will supersede.

Opportunity is taken also to repeal: Ch. I, Sectt. I–II and V (Statutes, 2000, pp. 187–204, 209) and Ch. XI, Sect. I (pp. 765–8), which will be superseded by the new Regulations of Congregation for the Conduct of Ceremonies (Gazette, p. 768); Ch. I, Sect. IX (Statutes, 2000, p. 213), and Ch. V, Sectt. I–VII and X (pp. 353–60), the provisions of which have been transferred to the new Examination Regulations (Gazette, p. 1139); and certain sections of Ch. VIII and Ch. XI, as listed in clause 1 of the following decree, which it no longer seems appropriate to reproduce in the University's formal standing legislation (e.g. the allocation of sites and buildings, although it will continue to be necessary for allocations or reallocations of sites and buildings above the specified size to be approved at the time by resolution of Congregation under section 4 of new Statute XVI, Gazette, p. 344).

In addition to superseding certain of the existing Decrees, as listed in the following decree, the new regulations will also supersede certain detailed provisions in the existing Statutes (e.g. those governing the College Accounts and College Contributions Committees and the Curators of the University Libraries: see regulations 3.14–3.21 and 3.46–3.55 of Council Regulations 15 of 2002) because it has been agreed that the new Statutes, which have been designed to set out only the basic elements of the University's constitution (i.e. that there should be those three bodies to be responsible, under Council, for the College Contributions Scheme, the approval of College Accounts for publication, and the Oxford University Library Services: see sections 4 and 11 of new Statute XII, Gazette, pp. 342, 343, and section 4 of new Statute VIII, p. 318, respectively), with the detailed arrangements being prescribed by regulation. All the existing Statutes have been repealed with effect from 1 October 2002, so no further legislation is required now to repeal the relevant sections.

Text of Decree (1)

1 The following decrees are repealed: Ch. I, concerning Congregation and Convocation (Statutes, 2000, pp. 187–215);

Ch. II, Sectt. I–XIII, concerning Council, Divisions, Divisional Boards, Faculty Boards, and Faculties (pp. 217–51, as renumbered by Decree (1) of 25 October 2001, Gazette, p. 248); [1]

Ch. III, Sect. I, concerning elections, etc. to be made by the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors (p. 253), Sect. III, § 4, cll. 4–7, concerning the Committee for the Pitt Rivers Museum (p. 256, as renumbered by Decree (4) of 11 October 2001, Gazette, p. 188), [2] Sect. XI, § 1, concerning the Visitors of the Ashmolean Museum (pp. 261–3), [2] Sect. XIV, cll. 1–6 and 8, concerning the Curators of the Botanic Garden (pp. 278–9),[2] Sect. XXXI, concerning the Continuing Education Board (pp. 289–90), Sect. XLV, §§ 1–2, concerning the Committee for the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology and the Museum of the History of Science (pp. 303–4), [2] Sect. LVI, concerning the Committee for the Museums and Scientific Collections (pp. 315–16, as renumbered by Decree (4) of 11 October 2001, Gazette, p. 188), Sect. LXXI, cll. 1–3, concerning the Visitors of the Oxford University Museum of Natural History and the Curators of the Zoological and Entomological Collections (pp. 328–9), [2] Sect. LXXVI, concerning the Sports Strategy Committee (pp. 334–5, as renumbered by the same decree), Sect. LXXVII, concerning the Committee on Student Health and Welfare (pp. 335–7, as renumbered by the same decree), and Sect. LXXXIV, concerning the Delegacy of the University Press (pp. 339–41);

Ch. IV, concerning the Officers of the University (pp. 343–51);

Ch. V, concerning matriculation and residence (pp. 353–60);

Ch. VIII, Sectt. I–XI and Appendix, concerning financial matters (pp. 537–53, as renumbered by Decree (1) of 6 June 2002, Gazette, p. 1290; pp. 577–8); [3]

Ch. XI, Sect. I, concerning religious services and sermons (pp. 765–8), Sect. IV, concerning sites, buildings, and new developments (pp. 783–8, as renumbered by Decree (2) of 21 March 2002, Gazette, p. 933), Sect. V, concerning the size and shape of the University (p. 788, as renumbered by the same decree), and Sect. VI, concerning numbers at Permanent Private Halls (ibid.).

2 This decree shall be effective from 1 October 2002.


[1] Sect. XIV contains the Regulations (originally made by the former General Board) for Departments and Departmental Committees, which will be revised at a later stage.

[2] Sect. III, § 4, cll. 4–7, Sect. XI, § 1, Sect. XIV, cll. 1–6 and 8, Sect. XLV, §§ 1–2, and Sect. LXXI, cll. 1–3 contain the decrees governing the individual museums and scientific collections, which will be replaced at a later stage by new regulations.

[3] Sect. XII contains the Financial Regulations, which will be revised at a later stage to incorporate the other provisions in Ch. VIII that it still seems appropriate to prescribe by formal regulation and that are not already covered elsewhere in the new regulations.

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Decree (2): Anthony Baines Collection of Musical Instruments

Explanatory note

The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments currently houses a collection of instruments which was bequeathed in the Will of Anthony Baines to the Friends of the Bate Collection. The collection has been on loan to the Bate Collection from the Friends since the bequest in 1997, with the intention that it should be held permanently as part of the main collection. The Friends have now decided, with the support of Anthony Baines's widow, to give the collection to the University for the benefit of the Bate Collection. The Friends will, as in the past, continue to raise funds for the support of the entire Bate Collection.

Text of Decree (2)

In Ch. IX, Sect. I, § 239, immediately after the decree concerning the Bate Collection (Statutes, 2000, p. 688), insert:

`Baines Collection

The collection of musical instruments bequeathed by Anthony Baines shall form part of the Bate Collection under the charge of its Curator in the premises allocated to the Faculty of Music.'

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Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Hammersley, H.N., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Hunter, D.C., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Ortenberg, V.N., MA status, D.Phil., Brasenose
Wormald, C.P., MA, Faculty of Modern History
Wrigley, E.A., MA, All Souls

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For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 12 July, see `Examinations and Boards' below.

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