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MARK HARRISON, Acting Director of the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine, has been appointed to the readership and directorship with effect from 5 November 2001.

Dr Harrison will be a fellow of Green College.

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McDonnell Visiting Fellowships

The McDonnell Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience is closely integrated with the Medical Research Council Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Oxford and supports work on many aspects of brain research relevant to human cognition in several departments at Oxford University as well as at other institutions.

The McDonnell Centre encourages work in all areas of cognitive neuroscience across all relevant disciplines and embraces research on experimental, theoretical, and clinical studies of perceptual analysis, memory, language, and motor control, including philosophical approaches to cognition. Current and fuller information on the Centre is available on the Web at

The Centre offers several forms of support including Visiting Fellowships for distinguished researchers from overseas or elsewhere in Britain who wish to work within the Oxford Centre for periods between a week and several months. A Visiting Fellowship can include a modest grant to help with costs of travel and accommodation (but not a stipend), and to pay a bench fee to the host department.

Applications for Visiting Fellowships may be submitted either by a member of the Oxford Centre, or by the intended visitor. There is no special form for applications but they should include the following information: name, address, and status of applicant (in the form of a very brief curriculum vitae); names and addresses of collaborators in Oxford; a brief description (a page or two) of the proposed research; a list of any publications that have already resulted from the area of research; an outline plan of visit/s and expenditure, with total estimated budget, other sources of funding and the amount requested

Applications can be submitted at any time (e-mail is acceptable) to Sally Harte (Administrative Secretary), McDonnell Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University Laboratory of Physiology, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PT (telephone: Oxford (2)72497, fax: (2)72488, e-mail:

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Change to Internet arrangements

The URL of the Internet Gazette, for some years, has changed to:

Those responsible for pages which have links to the Internet Gazette are asked to amend their links accordingly.

Publication arrangements

The final Gazettes of term will be published on 29 November, 6 December, and 13 December. Publication for Hilary Term will begin on 10 January. The usual deadlines will apply.

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The Library at the Maison Française d'Oxford is a study and information centre for students of French and for all those interested in French culture and society.

It has a wide range of books (42,500 volumes) in history, literature, social sciences, and other fields; back issues of periodicals (including Le Monde and Libération); and a selection of videos, cassettes, and records. The social sciences section is currently being expanded.

All members of the University are welcome to join the library and take advantage of its resources.

Opening hours are 10 a.m.–6 p.m., Monday–Friday, and 10 a.m.–1 p.m. on Saturday. Subscription is free except for videos (£20 for the academic year, September–July).

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Academic Computing Development Team: call for proposals, autumn 2001

The Academic Computing Development Team invites proposals from Oxford University staff for the development of IT-based teaching or research projects. The ACDT is part of OUCS's Learning Technologies Group and therefore is multidisciplinary. It grew out of the Humanities Computing Development Team which has been running projects for over three years. However, since the autumn of 2001 the team has received additional funding to widen its remit to all of the academic disciplines taught at Oxford. Therefore proposals are invited from staff members within any academic division to be developed during the year 2002–3. The ACDT encourages applicants who wish to begin projects with a start date of February 2002 or November 2002.

Projects may be based in any subject area and can have either a teaching or research focus. Examples of the types of projects which might be considered appropriate are: Web-based teaching and learning materials; online dissemination of rare materials; and the design and development of databases or software. Projects may range in size from provision of advice on planning an IT project to the design and development of a whole system. Projects may involve more than one partner including academic, library, museum, and support staff.

The ACDT has already developed a number of successful projects, details of which can be found on the Web at The projects shown on the Web page are all in the Humanities area; but this is the ACDT's first call for proposals open to all subject areas.

For further details on how to propose a project, and an application form, see Questions should be directed to Sophie Clarke, ACDT Project Manager, OUCS, 13 Banbury Road (telephone: Oxford (2)83428, e-mail:

The closing date for proposals is Friday, 14 December. The ACDT realises that this date may be difficult for those who are dealing with admissions. Anyone who finds the closing date problematic, but would still like to submit a proposal, is invited to contact the ACTD (contact details given above).

Note: if the project will involve the use of substantial amounts of material held in Oxford libraries, the organisers are strongly encouraged to contact the Oxford Digital Library/Development Fund (Norbert Lossau, Head of Oxford Digital Library; telephone: Oxford (2)84457, e-mail: The ACDT will be working collaboratively with ODL but chiefly on the development of interfaces and learning environments that utilise ODL materials.

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A meeting of the Oxford University Expedition Council, to approve proposals for undergraduate expeditions, will be held at 9 a.m. on Monday, 26 November in the Seminar Room, the University Museum of Natural History, Parks Road.

Prospective expeditions should have provided eight copies of their proposal to the Secretary, Dr G. McGavin at the University Museum, by Monday, 19 November.

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