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CONGREGATION 27 November 2 p.m.

Voting on amendments to proposed new University Statutes

Explanatory note

The following amendments have been proposed to the new University Statutes which would be approved by the Statute published in Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4601, 7 November 2001 (p. 307). Amendments 1--6 correct drafting errors, and amendment 7 clarifies the reference to income received by colleges from the University out of HEFCE grants to the University. All are acceptable to Council.

Under the statutory procedure, the amendments will be submitted to Congregation on 27 November. The opportunity will be taken, as originally intended, for there to be a presentation of the proposed new Statutes as a whole, and members of Congregation will have the opportunity to discuss them. The relevant sections of the Statutes must then be published in the Gazette incorporating the amendments approved on 27 November. In the absence of any subsequent amendment or notice of opposition, the Statutes can formally be declared to have been approved on 11 December without the need for a further meeting of Congregation.

Text of amendments to Statutes

1 In section 4 (2) of proposed new Statute II, concerning membership of the University (Gazette, p. 310), delete `or Permanent Private Hall' and substitute `Permanent Private Hall, or any other institution designated by Council by regulation'.

2 Ibid., sub-section (4), delete `any other institution designated by Council by regulation' and substitute `other designated institution'.

3 Ibid., section 10 (2), delete `other institution' and substitute `other designated institution'.

4 In section 1 of proposed new Statute VIII, concerning University Libraries, Museums and Scientific Collections, and the University Press (p. 318), after `care' insert `and management'.

5 In section 37 of proposed new Statute XI, concerning university discipline (p. 329), delete `section 2, 6, or 7' and substitute `section 2 or section 7 or regulations made under section 3'.

6 Ibid., section 41, after `section 2, 6, or 7' insert `or regulations made under section 3'.

Proposed by

Professor P.A. Slack, Principal of Linacre College
D.A. Wood, Principal of St Hugh's College

7 In section 12 of proposed new Statute XV, concerning the College Contributions Scheme and College Accounts (p. 343), delete `public funds received by the college' and substitute `income received by the college from the University out of grants from public funds'.

Proposed by

T.W. Seaman, All Souls
H.F. Richardson, Christ Church
B.C. Ruck Keene, Corpus Christi
P.N. Mirfield, Jesus
D.A. Forbes, Mansfield
I. Honeyman, St Hugh's
D.R. Holmes, St John's
A.F. Gordon, Wolfson

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