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Mr Vice-Chancellor has, with the agreement of Council, approved the following arrangements for junior members to speak in Congregation under the terms of Ch. I, Sect x (Statutes, 2000, p. 213), which reads as follows:
`Any junior member as defined in Tit. XV, Sect. iv, § 1, cl. 2, may speak at a meeting of Congregation, if called upon to do so by the Chairman at the Chairman's discretion, provided that the Chairman may at any time terminate a debate on the floor of the House and proceed to the final speeches and the taking of a vote.'
The Chairman of Congregation will normally expect to call upon nominated representatives of the Oxford University Student Union if they wish to speak in debate, and will normally expect to call upon junior members to speak only from among those who have given advance notice of their wish to be called. Should the Chairman consider that the number of junior members who have given such notice is excessive, he or she will have to be selective in calling upon them. The Chairman will try to ensure a balanced debate in relation to the apparent spread and strength of views held by junior members. If informed selection is to be possible it is desirable that when giving notice of the wish to be called a junior member should indicate (a) whether he or she intends to support or oppose the motion before the House, (b) whether he or she would speak on behalf of any club, committee, group, or association, (c) whether he or she is supported by other junior members (up to twelve of whom might sign the notice).

If the number giving notice is small they will all be admitted to the floor of the House although this does not ensure their being called. In other cases some selection may be necessary at the stages of both admission and calling of speakers. If there is to be time to tell applicants whether they will be admitted notice will have to be received in good time. Junior members should therefore send in such notice, in writing, to the Registrar to be received at the University Offices not later than 10 a.m. on the Monday preceding the debate in question. The name of any representative nominated by OUSU should also be communicated to the Registrar, in writing, through the President by that time. A notice will then be posted in the University Offices and on the gate of the Clarendon Building not later than 10 a.m. on the morning of the debate, indicating whether all applicants will be admitted to the floor of the House or, if selection has had to take place, the names of those selected for admission to the floor.

Junior members not admitted to the floor of the House will normally be permitted to listen to the debate from the gallery. Junior members on the floor of the House will be asked to remain in their places while a vote is being taken.

Under Tit. XV, Sect. iv, § 1, cl. 2, junior members are defined as `those persons who, having been admitted to matriculation, are residing to fulfil the requirements of any statute, decree, or regulation of the University or reading for any degree, diploma, or certificate of the University and who have not proceeded to membership of Convocation'. (Membership of Convocation is obtained by taking a degree of the University.)

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OLIS, the University's Library system, is an integrated library system which offers online cataloguing, circulation, acquisitions and periodicals registration. Ninety-eight Oxford libraries now catalogue onto OLIS. See below for a complete list of member libraries with information about when they began cataloguing and whether they also use the Acquisitions, Circulation, or Periodical registration modules.

OLIS is a union catalogue which contains cataloguing information (i.e. bibliographic records) from member libraries. This enables a reader to search for any book held in any OLIS member library from any terminal or microcomputer connected to OLIS. Access via the Internet is available world-wide. Copy information (i.e. shelfmark) which is specific to a particular library has been separated so that when searching for a book, you will first be shown the copy information for the items held in the library where you are conducting your search. Information regarding other copies in Oxford libraries will also frequently be available. It will still be necessary to check other catalogues in the libraries concerned to find information about holdings not yet catalogued on OLIS. Further information about the holdings of the individual libraries contributing to OLIS may be obtained from the guides at, where information about opening hours and admission policies can be found.

Retrospective conversion of card and other catalogues into machine readable form so that they can be interrogated online has been recognised by the University as a major priority. Following completion of a University funded project to convert the Bodleian Guard Book catalogue (covering items published from 1920 onwards) and the incorporation of the Bodleian pre-1920 catalogue (previously a separate database), the OLIS catalogue currently has around 7.5 million copies attached to nearly 5 million individual titles.

Printed catalogues in the Sackler, Politics, and Taylor Institution Libraries have largely been converted onto OLIS. The work of the Early Printed Books Project to produce machine readable records, available on OLIS, is continuing following a successful bid to the Research Support Libraries Programme. Details of `Charting the European Printed Heritage, 1641--1800', under which foreign language books of that period will be catalogued, can be found at (see under: Research Collections in the Humanities and Social Sciences (RCHSS) Strand Projects—University of Oxford); and further details of the work of the Early Printed Books Project at Middle Eastern material is being added as part of another Research Support Libraries Programme project: see `Collaborative improvement in access for Middle Eastern studies research materials in Arabic and Persian' at the first Web address.

Two interfaces to OLIS, the character based OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and GeoWeb, are currently available through the OxLIP interface (Oxford Libraries Information Platform). The OPAC may also be accessed directly via telnet to, and GeoWeb at The online catalogue is designed so that it can be used easily, but guidance on how to use it is also provided via the online help screens. Explanatory leaflets about basic and advanced searching procedures for both the character-based OPAC and GeoWeb are available in any OLIS library or from the Systems and Electronic Resources Service (telephone: (2)78170), and online versions of the guides may be found at Library staff are able to show readers how to use the online catalogue and give advice on how to search the catalogue.

An experimental service for generating reading lists is available on GeoWeb. Records can be exported from GeoWeb as an HTML snippet easily embeddable in a Web page. This snippet includes hyperlinks to OLIS which display full details of the book and the holding libraries. It is also possible to link OLIS with bibliographic packages which support the ANSI Z39.50 (ISO23950) standard (e.g. EndNote). For more information, see

Online circulation (issuing, reservations, and fines) has been introduced into fifty-seven OLIS libraries. This allows readers registered in these libraries to find out what they have on loan and to place reservations from any terminal. It also enables any reader to check the availability of items in libraries using automated circulation. If an item is on loan, the date due back will be displayed. Automated self-issue is also possible in most of the libraries using automated circulation which provide twenty-four hour access for part or all of their readership. Online acquisitions allows a reader to find out when a book has been ordered and received by one of the forty-seven libraries now using the Acquisitions module. Twenty-five libraries are now using the periodicals registration module. This allows readers to find out when a specific issue of a journal has been received, claimed or declared missing.

In an exciting new development readers now use OLIS to order books from the Radcliffe Science Library closed access stacks to reading rooms in that library. This can be done either from terminals in the library or remotely from other libraries, from offices, from home or from any place in the world which has a connection to the Internet. Once placed, the progress of the orders can be seen on OLIS. Readers are also spared the frustration of ordering a book only to find that it has already been sent to a reading room since OLIS alerts them to this situation at the outset. The Automated Stack Request system will gradually be extended to cover readers' orders for closed access material anywhere in the Bodleian, its dependent libraries, the Nuneham repository, and eventually to other OLIS libraries which fetch items from their bookstacks on request.

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OLIS member libraries

                             (1)          (2)          (3)           (4)

All Souls College 
Library                      2/90                                   

Ashmolean Library*           6/90         1/01         8/91         

Balfour Library              11/93                     8/95         

Balliol College Library      9/89         1/00         8/91         

Biochemistry Library         7/94                                   

Bodleian Japanese 
Library                      11/92        10/94        8/93         

Bodleian Law Library         9/88                      8/92         1/99

Bodleian Library             9/88                      8/92         1/99

Brasenose College 
Library                      8/93         6/99                      

Cairns Library of Clinical
Medicine                     9/97         9/97         8/97         

Centre for Criminological
Research Library             2/95                                   

Centre for Oxfordshire 
Studies                      10/98                                  

Centre for Vaishnava and
Hindu Studies                7/01                                   

Chinese Studies Library      1/88                      8/92         

Christ Church Library        1/01                                   

Clarendon Laboratory 
Library                      1/93         10/95                     

Classics Lending Library*    10/92        4/94                      

Computing Laboratory 
Library                      6/90         10/94        8/98         1/01

Continuing Education 
Library                      9/92         1/98                      

Corpus Christi College 
Library                      8/89         10/92        8/90         1/95

Earth Sciences Library       2/92                      8/93         1/95

Eastern Art Library          1/88                      8/92         

Economics Library            1/90         10/99        8/98         1/99

Educational Studies Library  3/91         8/95         8/95         

Engineering Science Library  2/91         10/97                     4/99

English Faculty Library      6/89         4/90         8/91         

Exeter College Library       10/97                                  

Experimental Psychology
Library                      6/90         10/92                     4/99

Geography Library            1/90         1/95         8/91         

Greyfriars Hall Library      7/99                                   

Harris Manchester 
College Library              6/98                                   

Hertford College Library     6/98                                   

History of Art Library*      1/92                      8/93         

Hooke Library                6/89         10/89        10/92        1/98

Indian Institute Library     9/88         10/97        8/92         1/99

Institute of Health Sciences
Library                      9/01                                   

Islamic Studies Library      1/98                                   

Jesus College Library        8/92         10/99                     4/99

Keble College Library        1/93         10/98                     

Lady Margaret Hall Library   7/92                      10/93        

Language Centre Library      11/99                                  

Latin American Centre 
Library                      1/91                      11/91        

Linacre College Library      10/98        3/01         1/01         

Lincoln College Library      1/92         10/94                     

Magdalen College Library     1/93         10/97                     

Maison Française 
Library                      1/91         10/98        

Materials Library            1/93         10/95                     

Mathematical Institute 
Library                      5/90         9/01                      

Merton College Library       5/97         10/99                     

Middle East Centre Library   1/91         10/99        11/91        4/99

Modern History Faculty
Library                      5/91         10/96                     

Modern Languages Faculty
Library                      6/89         4/90         9/92         4/99

Museum of the History of
Science Library              2/96                                   

Music Faculty Library        6/90         10/99                     

Networked Resources          2/95                                   

New College Library          9/89         1/00                      

Nuclear and Astrophysics
Library                      1/93                                   

Nuffield College Library     9/89         10/94        8/90         1/93

Nuffield Department of
Anaesthetics Library         11/99                                  

Oriel College Library        7/98                      7/98         

Oriental Institute Library   1/88                      8/92         

Oxford Centre for Mission
Studies                      8/01                                   

Oxford Centre for the
Environment, Ethics, and
Society                      3/99                                   

Oxford Union Society Library 10/00                                  

Pembroke College Library     10/98        6/01                      

Philosophy Faculty Library   11/90        4/95         9/92         

Physiology Library           6/90         10/97                     1/99

Plant Sciences Library       1/90         10/93        8/98         1/99

Politics, International 
Relations, and
Sociology Library            6/89         1/90         8/91         1/95

Queen Elizabeth House 
Library                      1/90         10/92        8/91         1/95

Queen's College Library      2/92         10/99        10/97        10/97

Radcliffe Science Library    9/88                      1/91         1/93

Regent's Park College 
Library                     11/97        9/01                      

Rhodes House Library         9/88                      8/92         1/98

Sackler Library**            7/01         7/01         7/01         

Saïd Business 
      School Library         4/96         10/96        

St Anne's College Library    1/91         9/01         9/92         

St Antony's College Library  1/91                      12/91        

St Catherine's College 
Library                      10/99        10/01                     

St Cross College Library     10/93        10/01        3/98         

St Edmund Hall Library       1/92                                   

St Hugh's College Library    7/95         10/98                     1/01

St John's College Library    1/95                      10/01        

St Peter's College Library   10/93        10/97        9/94         

Social and Cultural
Anthropology Library         1/92                                   

Social Policy and Social Work
Library                      7/99         9/01         1/01         

Socio-Legal Studies Library  7/94                                   

Somerville College           10/98        9/01                      

Staff Library                9/89                      1/93         

Statistics Library           10/99        5/01                      

Taylor Institution Library   9/88         9/98         8/98         

Taylor Slavonic and Greek
Library                      9/88         9/98         8/98         

Theology Faculty Library     5/89         10/94                     

Trinity College Library      4/92         9/00                      

University Museum Library 
(Hope Library)               1/91                      9/99         1/00

Vere Harmsworth Library

(Rothermere American Institute) 3/01 8/01 8/01 Wadham College Library 4/92 Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine Library 10/93 Wolfson College Library 7/90 9/01 8/92 Zoology Library 1/90 10/97 1/98

* Became part of the Sackler Library in July 2001.

** Merger of the Ashmolean, Classics Lending, and History of Art Libraries in July 2001.


(1) Cataloguing

(2) Circulation

(3) Acquisitions

(4) Periodicals registration

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Queen's College

Lunchtime organ recitals

The following organ recitals will be given at 1.10 p.m. on Wednesdays in the chapel, Queen's College. Admission is free, with a retiring collection.

24 Oct.: Ian Hare (University of Lancaster)

31 Oct.: George Parsons (Queen's College)

7 Nov.: Philip Rushforth (RCO Performer of the Year)

14 Nov.: Daniel Turner (Queen's College)

21 Nov.: Richard Leach (Pembroke College)

28 Nov.: Oliver Lallemant (Award Winner, Oundle Festival)

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Forthcoming exhibition

Sixty-fourth Annual Exhibition of the Society of Wood Engravers (22 October–14 December)

At the University Club, 6–8 South Parks Road. Exhibition open Monday–Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m.; closed Saturday and Sunday.

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