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Christ Church

PROFESSOR SIR DIMITRI OBOLENSKY, FBA, FSA, F.R.HIST.S., 23 December 2001; Reader in Russian and Balkan History, and Student of Christ Church, 1948–50, Emeritus Student 1985. Aged 83.

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Corpus Christi College

JOHN CHADWICK, MA, LITT.D., FBA, 24 November 1998; commoner 1950. Aged 78.

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Lady Margaret Hall

PROFESSOR ALBINIA CATHERINE (TILLY) DE LA MARE, OBE, MA (PH.D. London), FBA, FSA, F.R.HIST.S., 19 December 2001; Lady Margaret Hall 1951–4, Susette Taylor Fellow 1964, Honorary Research Fellow 1979–89, Honorary Fellow 1989–2001.

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Lincoln College

LOUIS WALTER DAVIES, 22 Decembe 2001; commoner 1948–51. Aged 78.

CARL MICHAEL DAVIS, 15 September 2001; commoner 1959–63. Aged 61.

GORDON MATTHEWS HECTOR, CMG, CBE, 4 October 2001; 1936. Aged 83.

FRANCIS HUGH MARES, 3 May 2001; commoner 1952–4. Aged 75.

PETER CHISHOLM MCINTOSH, 22 July 2000; commoner 1934–7. Aged 84.

MICHAEL DIXON PHILLIPS, 11 December 2000; commoner 1949–51. Aged 72.

RONALD WILLIAM SMITH, 10 December 2001; 1949. Aged 85.

THOMAS STEVENS, 1 November 2000; commoner 1923–5. Aged 100.

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Magdalen College

ARTHUR ROBERT ANTHONY ELSTON, 10 November 2001; commoner 1943–4 and 1947–9. Aged 76.

PROFESSOR JOHN LLEWELYN EVANS, 2 December 2001; senior demy 1945–8, Junior Lecturer in Philosophy 1946–8. Aged 81.

STEPHEN GREGORY HAZELTINE, 17 June 1999; commoner 1976–9. Aged 42.

THE REVD EDWARD OWEN EUSTACE HILL, July 2001; demy 1926–9. Aged 94.

ALEXANDER MATTHEW HOLGATE; exhibitioner 1975–8.

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St Hilda's College

CHRISTIANE ANDRÉE WILKINSON, MA (PH.D. Cambridge), 25 October 2001; Senior Research Officer, Department of Nuclear Physics, 1961–76; University Lecturer in Physics 1977–82; Lecturer in Physics, St Hilda's College, 1963–82, Fellow 1969–82, Supernumerary Fellow from 1982.

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Green College

Friends of 13 Norham Gardens: Osler Essay Prize 2001

This prize, to the annual value of £200, is offered by the Friends of 13 Norham Gardens through the generosity of Dr Martin Entin of Montreal, Canada, for an essay to be submitted by a registered clinical medical student of the University (either clinical or preclinical). The subject chosen should in some way deal with medicine or medical science in the light of the life and work of Sir William Osler. Students who are interested in submitting an essay may visit Osler's former home and library at 13 Norham Gardens by appointment (telephone: Oxford 512492). Essays of not less than 2,500 words and not more than 5,000 words should be sent to Lord Walton of Detchant at 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6PS, by 31 May.

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