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The Oxford University Research Services Office (RSO) is based in the University Offices, Wellington Square (with satellite offices in the Medical School Offices of the John Radcliffe Hospital and at 9 Parks Road). The RSO is part of the Finance Division of the University's central administration.

The RSO is authorised to process all applications to outside bodies for research grants and to sign research-related agreements on behalf of the University. It can also provide advice for those seeking external research funding or requiring information about specific initiatives (e.g. LINK, EU research programmes, etc.).

Research-related contracts with industry and other external sponsors are negotiated through the RSO. Such contracts include agreements covering the sponsorship of research, collaborative research, clinical trials, services to industry, intellectual property issues, confidentiality issues, material transfer, and consultancy.

The RSO produces a weekly electronic bulletin of funding opportunities with forthcoming deadlines for applications, electronic Research Funding News (eRFN), which is available to members of the University via the Internet at: To receive a weekly e-mail summarising the contents of the bulletin, please contact Ellen McAteer, Information Assistant in the RSO (e-mail:, telephone: (2)70082). Non-funding research-related information is publicised via the RSO's Web-based Bulletin Board, which is also available to members of the University at:

Contact details for certain members of the RSO are as follows:

Ms Catherine Quinn, Director (telephone: (2)70158, e-mail:

Dr Richard Liwicki, Head of Research Contracts Administration (telephone: (2)70011, e-mail:

Mr Pierre-Manuel Espinasse, Head of Research Grants Administration (telephone (2)70043, e-mail:

Dr Michael Halsey, Assistant Registrar (Clinical Research Grants and Contracts), John Radcliffe Hospital satellite office (telephone: (2)22604, e-mail:

General enquiries may be addressed, in the first instance, to Mrs Jane Taylor (telephone: (2)70143), who will be pleased to direct calls to the appropriate member of staff. Further information about the Research Services Office is available from the Web site:

Submitting research grant applications to external sponsors

All applications for external research funding must be endorsed by the University before they are despatched to the sponsor, whether or not this is required by the funding body. In order to do this, the University requires all applications made to funding bodies (such as the research councils, government departments, UK and overseas charities and foundations, and industry) to be checked and endorsed by the Research Services Office (RSO) on behalf of the University. The reasons for this are to ensure that:

—the funds requested are sufficient to cover the research being undertaken (e.g. that correct and up-to-date salary scales have been used);

—the costing rules of the University have been applied correctly (e.g. that the appropriate level of indirect costs have been applied);

—the guidelines of the funding body have been followed correctly (e.g. that the funds requested may be used for the purpose proposed); and

—the University would be in a position to accept the grant should the application be successful (e.g. that appropriate facilities are available to house the project, or that the proposed research does not contravene University policy).

In addition, the RSO can:

—advise on the factors which should be taken into consideration when costing research projects,

—provide information on funding body guidelines, and

—advise on the completion of the necessary application and internal forms prior to submission to the RGO.

The administrative arrangements for submitting research funding applications are available from the RSO's Web site at In summary, these are as follows: applicants should submit the original plus one copy of their application, together with a completed copy of the University's Outside Grants (OG) form, to the Research Services Office, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)70146), or, in the case of certain clinical departments, to the RSO satellite office at the Medical School Offices of the John Radcliffe Hospital (telephone: (2)20311), leaving three clear working days for it to be processed.

In connection with the acceptance of research awards and signature of research-related contracts it should be noted that Statutes, Tit. X, cl. 3, provides that `no official of the University or any other person employed by the University or working in or in connection with any department of or under the control of the University shall in connection with any invention, discovery, or patent, or ... process, or manufacture have authority to make any representations on behalf of the University or to enter into any contract on behalf of the University or to be concerned in any transaction whatsoever in connection therewith on behalf of the University except with the express consent of Council'.

Enquiries relating to the day-to-day processing of research grant applications should be addressed to the RSO's Research Grants Office (telephone: (2)70146, e-mail:, or, in the case of certain clinical departments, to the RSO satellite office, the Medical School Offices, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington (telephone: (2)22544).

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Industrial Fellowships 2002

The Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 proposes to offer about six industrial fellowships in 2002 to graduates working in British industry to encourage profitable innovation and creativity.

The fellowships are tenable for up to three years and provide 50 per cent of the fellow's salary (up to a limit of £18,000 per annum, reviewed annually), university fees, and overseas travel expenses (up to £3,200 per annum). An honorarium of £10,000 will be paid to the fellow's university on completion of the fellowship.

Applicants should:

—have a good first degree in engineering, science, or medicine;

—be employed by a British company;

—have identified a research and/or development topic, leading to a patent, product, or process specification within the timescale of the award;

—have an established link with staff at a British university;

—be British nationals, resident in the UK;

—normally be within two years from graduation (but older candidates may apply).

Those considering applying for one of these grants are reminded that all applications for research funding from external sponsors, at whatever stage, must be endorsed on behalf of the University by the Research Services Office. Further information regarding the procedure for this is available from:

Advice on how to apply is available from the Royal Commission's Web site at The closing date for applications is Friday, 1 February 2002. Any queries should be addressed directly to Mr J. Middleton, CB, Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, Sherfield Building, Imperial College, London SW7 2AZ (telephone: 020-7594 8790, fax: 020-7594 8794, e-mail:, Web site:

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Michael von Clemm Fellowship 2002--3

Applications are invited for a Michael von Clemm Fellowship for study at Harvard University during the academic year 2002--3. The fellowship is in memory of Michael von Clemm (1935--97), who was a graduate of Harvard and a graduate student (and subsequently Honorary Fellow) of Corpus Christi College. It is open to undergraduates at the University of Oxford who will be entering their final year in October 2001 and also to those who graduated in June 2001. It is intended to attract applicants of very high academic calibre who have the personal qualities likely to conduce to success in a non-academic career. The holder will also be perceived (however informally) as an `ambassadorial' representative of Oxford at Harvard, and should be content with and capable of that role.

The successful applicant will spend a year at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences as a Special Student following a course of study or research of his or her choice (subject to the availability of tuition or supervision at Harvard); he/she must apply to and be registered at that School and no other. The fellowship is not intended for those wishing to study vocational subjects, such as Business Administration or Law. Potential applicants are advised to look at the School Web site (, and should if possible list in their application the specific courses there which they hope to take.

The fellowship will meet the costs of all tuition at Harvard as well as travel between Boston and the UK and will provide an allowance sufficient to cover the costs of living at Harvard.

Those wishing to be considered should write to the College Secretary, Corpus Christi College, Oxford OX1 4JF, asking for further particulars and an application form, together with a copy of the information for referees. It is the responsibility of applicants to ask three referees to write directly to the same address. Completed application forms and references must reach the College Secretary not later than 26 October 2001. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

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