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Love and death: Vienna, Wagner, and fin de siècle culture

DR NIKE WAGNER will lecture at 5 p.m. on the following days in the Examination Schools. Unless otherwise indicated, the lectures will be given on Tuesdays.

15 Oct.: `Historism in Vienna.'

Thur. 17 Oct.: `The political dreams of Theodor Herzl.'

22 Oct.: `The modernity of Richard Strauss.'

5 Nov.: `Artist and countess—the "ideal" couple.'

12 Nov.: `Schnitzler's "Casanova" and Hofmannsthal's "Marschalin" .'

19 Nov.: `Lulu and Lolita.'

26 Nov.: `The divided world of Winifred Wagner.'

Dr Wagner will also give seminars on dates to be arranged. The seminar topics will be:

1. `Thomas Mann and Richard Wagner.'

2. `Casanova and The Feldmarschallin.'

3. `Theodor Herzl's dreams.'

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The future of education

The following lectures will be given at 5 p.m. on Fridays in the Examination Schools.

DR J.T. BRUER, Director, James S. McDonnell Foundation
18 Oct.: `Neuroscience, cognitive science, and the rational basis of education.'

PROFESSOR J. LEDOUX, Centre for Neural Science, New York University
25 Oct.: `How our brains learn to be who we are.'

PROFESSOR M. COLE, Department of Psychology, University of California at San Diego
1 Nov.: `Cross-cultural and historical perspectives on the consequences of education.'

PROFESSOR C. HOYLES, Professor of Mathematics Education, Institute of Education, London
8 Nov.: `Cognitive and epistemological research aspects of mathematical learning.'

PROFESSOR H. GIROUX, Waterbury Chair Professor
15 Nov.: `Reclaiming higher education as a democratic public sphere: towards a politics of educated hope.'

PROFESSOR M. BARBER, Prime Minister's Chief Adviser on Delivery
22 Nov.: `Strategy for the National Curriculum.'

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The Royal Institute of Philosophy Conference 2002

The 2002 conference, on the theme of `Action and Agency', will take place at the University, 13–15 September.

Registration forms and further conference information may be obtained at http://users.ox.ac.uk/~lawf0081/rip/.

A credit-card booking form is also available on the Web site.

The speakers at the conference will be: Professor Michael Moore (University of San Diego); Dr D. Charles (Oriel College); Professor A. Duff (University of Stirling); Professor J. Hornsby (Birkbeck College, London); Professor R. Moran (Harvard University); Professor R. Langton (University of Edinburgh); Professor J. Wallace (University of California at Berkeley); Professor B. Williams (All Souls College and University of California at Berkeley); Professor O. O'Neill (Newnham College, Cambridge); Professor A. Mele (University of Florida at Tallahassee); Professor M. Smith (Australian National University); Professor S. Hurley (University of Warwick); Professor T. Irwin (Cornell); and Professor J. Dancy (Reading).

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Unless otherwise indicated, the following lectures will be given at 5.30 p.m. on Thursdays in the Headley Lecture Theatre, the Ashmolean Museum. Admission is free, but numbers are limited.

DR A. TOPSFIELD, Curator of Indian Art
11 July, 5.15 p.m.: `Princes and palaces: court painting at Udaipur.'

DR C. HARRISON, Curator of British Art
25 July: `Collecting drawings for pleasure.'

A. TOCKWELL-VILLANDRY, artist and cultural theorist specialising in landscape
15 Aug.: `Nature in art: the interior landscape.'

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London lecture (part of the Bodleian Library's Quatercentenary Celebrations)

PROFESSOR J. BARNARD will lecture at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday, 26 September, in Stationers' Hall, Ave Maria Lane, London EC4.

Subject: `Politics, profit, and ?idealism: John Norton, the Stationers' Company, and the Bodleian Library 1601–12.'

The lecture will be followed by wine and canapés. Tickets cost £10 per person (to include refreshments). Bookings should be made by 26 August with Mrs P.M. Sturgis, Membership Secretary, Friends of the Bodleian, Bodleian Library, Oxford OX1 3BG, preferably by post including payment, by telephone (Oxford (2)77234), or e-mail (pms@bodley.ox.ac.uk).

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