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The composition of the electoral boards to the posts below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:
                                                            Appointed by

Thomas Warton Professorship of English Literature

The Master of St Cross (Chairman)                           Mr Vice-Chancellor [1]
The Master of St Catherine's                                ex officio
Professor C. Rawson                                         Council
Professor J. Richetti                                       Council
Dr R.C.S. Walker                                            Humanities Board
Professor S.C. Gill                                         English Board
Professor M.S. Butler                                       English Board
Professor I. Armstrong                                      English Board
Dr D. Wu                                                    St Catherine's College 

Professorship of Inorganic Chemistry

The Master of St Cross (Chairman)                           ex officio
The Master of St Catherine's                                ex officio
Professor K. Davies                                         Council
Professor A.K. Cheetham                                     Council
Professor D.M. O'Hare                                       Mathematical and                    
                                                             Physical Sciences Board
Professor B. Cantor                                         Mathematical and
                                                              Physical Sciences Board
Professor H.B. Gray, California                             Mathematical and  
                                                               Physical Sciences Board
Professor W.G. Richards                                     Mathematical and
                                                              Physical Sciences Board
Dr P.D. Battle                                              St Catherine's College
[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Tit. IX, Sect. III, cll. 2 and 3 (Statutes, 2000, p. 63–4).

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Council's Advisory Committee for Degrees by Diploma and Encaenia Honorary Degrees gives preliminary consideration both to proposals received from members of Congregation for the conferment of degrees upon royal personages and heads of state on occasions other than Encaenia, and to proposals for the conferment of Encaenia honorary degrees. The current membership of the committee is: Professor P.A. Slack, Principal of Linacre College, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic Services and University Collections) (chairman); Dr S.R. Parkinson, Linacre (Assessor 2002–3, ex officio); Mr B.R. Ward-Perkins, Trinity College (Assessor 2001–2, ex officio); Professor J. Griffin, Balliol College (Public Orator, ex officio); Sir Alan Budd, Provost of Queen's; Dame Fiona Caldicott, Principal of Somerville; Professor A. Cameron, Warden of Keble; Professor D.J.H. Cockayne, Linacre College; Professor K. Davies, Hertford; Sir Marrack Goulding, Warden of St Antony's College; Professor N.J. Hitchin, New College; Professor H. Lee, New College.

Members of Congregation who wish to make suggestions to the committee about honorary degrees to be conferred at the Encaenia in 2003 or degrees by diploma are asked to do so by sending in proposals which provide information under the following headings:

name of nominee;

brief biographical details;

reason for nomination.

Proposals should be sent to Miss Noon, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, under strictly confidential cover, not later than Friday, 3 May 2002.

Members of Congregation wishing to suggest candidates are asked in particular to note the following points:

(a) under Council's standing orders, no member of Council or of the advisory committee shall forward to that committee or propose directly to Council the name of any person for any honorary degree unless he or she is prepared personally to recommend that the conferment of such a degree be seriously considered;

(b) while informal soundings within the University on any proposal will often be desirable, every effort should be made to ensure that publicity is not at any stage given to any proposal for the conferment of an honorary degree.

The Advisory Committee will report to Council just before the beginning of Michaelmas Term, submitting a short-list of candidates for further consideration. Council will then decide which proposals should be referred to its Committee on Honorary Degrees. The final list of proposed honorands, drawn up by Council in the light of the latter committee's report, will be submitted to Congregation for approval in accordance with the requirements of Tit. II, Sectt. VI and VIII (Statutes, 2000, pp. 14–16).

Details of those on whom degrees by diploma and honorary degrees have been conferred in the years from 1992 are set out in pp. 443–8 of the University Calendar, 2001. This year's honorands are as follows:

Professor R. Prodi, President of the Commission of the European Communities

Dame Rosalyn Higgins, Judge of the International Court of Justice, The Hague

The Rt. Hon. Lord Rothschild, former Chairman of the National Heritage Memorial Fund

Professor John M. Coetzee, writer, Professor of Social Thought, University of Chicago

Paul Scofield, actor

Professor Romila Thapar, Emeritus Professor of Ancient Indian History, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

Dr A.A. Penzias, former Chief Scientist, Bell Laboratories

Professor Shirley M. Tilghman, President and Howard A. Prior Professor of the Life Sciences, Princeton University

Dr J.H. Billington, the Librarian of the Congress of the United States

Ms Lynne J. Brindley, Chief Executive, the British Library

Sir Brian Follett, Chairman of the Arts and Humanities Research Board

Dr P. Leclerc, President and Chief Executive Officer, the New York Public Library

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Ewert House, Ewert Place, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7BZ

Isis Innovation, a wholly-owned company of the University, was established in 1988. The company has been formed to exploit know-how arising out of research funded by the UK Government through the Research Councils and funded by other bodies where the rights are not tied. The function of the company is to ensure that the results of research bring rewards to Oxford, and to the inventors, who are given a financial incentive for exploitation.

Isis seeks licensees willing to pay lump sums and/or royalties for the use of know-how arising out of research. Isis also exploits the intellectual property of the University by setting up individual companies using venture capital or development capital funds.

Isis' services are also available to individuals who wish to exploit the results of research supported by non-Research Council sources, when there are no prior conditions on the handling of the intellectual property rights. Isis Innovation has at its disposal a small pre- seedcorn fund for paying the costs of protecting intellectual property rights and for taking work to a stage where its potential can be assessed.

Isis finds industrial partners to ensure that new ideas can be developed for market requirements. The company has established the Oxford Innovation Society for major industrial companies, so that they can have a window on Oxford technology and an opportunity to license and invest where appropriate.

A brochure explaining Isis' activities is available. If you wish to receive a copy, please contact Isis (details below).

Members of the University should contact the Managing Director if they wish to take advantage of the services that Isis provides. (Telephone: (2)80830, fax: (2)80831, e-mail:, Internet:

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THE VOCAL ENSEMBLE OF THE UNIVERSITY OF AVEIRO, Portugal, will perform Music for Lent from seventeenth-century Portugal, by Manuel Cardoso, at 8.15 p.m. on Sunday, 10 March, in the chapel, Queen's College. Admission will be by programme (£5, £3 concessions) at the door. Seats may be reserved by e-mail (e-mail:

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Members of the University are invited to visit the Sackler Library during an open day (10 a.m.–5 p.m.) on Wednesday, 20 March. Registration formalities will be lifted and members of the University will be admitted on presentation of their university card.

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