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Oriel College

To a Tutorial Fellowship in Ancient History (from 1 October 2000):


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St Antony's College

To an Honorary Fellowship:


To Visiting Fellowships:

RODERICK BAILEY (MA Edinburgh, M.PHIL. Cambridge) (Alistair Horne Visiting Fellow)

ANDRZEJ BANIAK (M.SC. (Econ.) New York and Central European University, PH.D. Florence) (Central European University Visiting Fellow)

ASEF BAYAT (BA Tehran, PH.D. Kent) (Iranian Visiting Fellow)

VÉRONIQUE DIMIER (D.PHIL. Grenoble) (Deakin Visiting Fellow)

MARK FISHER (BA Cambridge), MP (Visiting Parliamentary Fellow)

KENNETH EUGENE GOLDEN (B.SC (Ed.) Virginia) (Hudson Visiting Fellow, HT and TT)

AITZPEA LEIZAOLA (MA Paris) (Basque Visiting Fellow)

MARGARITA LÓPEZ MAYA (BA, PH.D. Central University of Venezuela) (Andres Bello Visiting Fellow)

HIROCHIKA NAKAMAKI (BA Saitama, MA, D.LITT. Tokyo) (Nissan Visiting Fellow)

AKIRA OGAWA (Japan Bank for International Co-operation Visiting Fellow)

AVRAHAM SELA (MA, PH.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem) (Israeli Visiting Fellow)

GILLIAN PATRICIA SHEPHARD, BA, MP (Visiting Parliamentary Fellow)

JOHN FRANCIS JOSEPH TOYE (M.SC. (Econ.), PH.D. London) (Visiting Professorial Fellow (Centre for Study of African Economies)

ANTHONY JOHN WHITEHOUSE (CA, ACIS, MBA Manchester/Wales) (European Investment Bank Fellow)

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St Edmund Hall

To Scholarships:

YUI-BONG AU, formerly of Wycliffe College
LUCY A. BANISTER, formerly of Aquinas College
RHYS BEER, formerly of Richard Huish College
CHARIS BOUTIERI, formerly of Moraitis School, Athens
GLEN G. BOWMAN, formerly of King Edward VI School, Southampton
HARRIET M.L. BROWN, formerly of Clifton College
EDWARD A. CARDER, formerly of Upton-by-Chester High School
CAROLINE CATMUR, formerly of Kingston Grammar School
SONGPOL CHUENKHUM, formerly of d'Overbroeck's
DANIEL A. CORMACK, formerly of Thomas Tallis School
DAVID P. CORMODE, formerly of Maidstone Grammar School
LAUREN CROWTHER, formerly of Harrogate Grammar School
STEPHEN D. ELLIS, formerly of Winchester College
ARAZ ENAYATI RAD, formerly of Durham Johnston School
CHARLES R.B. FIRTH, formerly of Kingston Grammar School
ALICE L. GARDNER, King Edward VI School, Chelmsford
JAMES M. HAGAN, formerly of King Edward's School, Bath
JOSEPH HANSON, formerly of St Katherine's School
JOSEPH A. HARVEY, formerly of Weston College
CHEN RYUNG LEO, formerly of Raffles Junior College, Singapore
JASON W. LINFORD, formerly of Wallington County Grammar School
JASON D. LOTAY, formerly of Bedford School
MARK J. PAVEY, formerly of Pate's Grammar School
CLARE D. PEARSALL, formerly of Worcester Sixth-Form College
VICTORIA L. PECK, formerly of Woodford Lodge High School
MATTHEW A. PIATKUS, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's School for Boys
ALEXANDER B. PRIDEAUX, formerly of King Edward's School, Bath
MICHAEL S. RUMSEY, formerly of New College, Swindon
GARETH J. RYLANCE, formerly of Deanery High School
PAMELA J. SCHARTAU, formerly of F.V. Stein Gymnasium, Leverkusen
ANDREW J. SMITH, formerly of Queen Mary's Grammar School, Walsall
DANIEL K. SOKOL, formerly of Winchester College
IAN D. THATCHER, formerly of Manshead Upper School
NICKLAUS THOMAS-SYMONDS, formerly of St Alban's Roman Catholic High School
CATRIONA I.S. WARD, formerly of Bedales School
HENRY A. WAY, formerly of Monmouth School
ADAM WHITWORTH, formerly of King Edward VII School, Lytham
E. KATE WILKINSON, formerly of St John's School, Marlborough

To Exhibitions:

MARK S. BOLTON-MAGGS, formerly of Rainhill High School
REBECCA L. CONNELL, formerly of Sevenoaks School
MICHAEL R. COOK, formerly of Westcliff High School for Boys
TIMOTHY R. COURT, formerly of Trinity School
STUART P. CRABTREE, formerly of Rainford High School
JONATHAN T. CRAWSHAW, formerly of Reigate Grammar School
HANNA ERIKSSON, formerly of the International School, Manila
MUSA FAZALUR KARIM, formerly of Raffles Junior College, Singapore
JONATHAN P. FLOWERDEW, formerly of St Brendan's Sixth-Form College
JAMES E.R. FOWNES, formerly of South Bromsgrove High School
CHRISTOPHER M. GOURLAY, formerly of Merchiston Castle School
JOHN HALLIWELL, formerly of The King's School, Chester
NICHOLAS S. HAMILTON, formerly of Dulwich College
CHIN DIANG LEE, formerly of Victoria Junior College, Singapore
RUPERT J.E. LION, formerly of Harrow School
TRISTAN R. LOMAS, formerly of West Bridgford School
JACQUELINE A. MCDERMOTT, formerly of Beaulieu Convent School
JENNA-LOUISE MCRAE, formerly of Newcastle-under-Lyme College
THOMAS O. MARSH, formerly of Dover Grammar School for Boys
DEAN W. O'CONNELL, formerly of Langley Grammar School
LUAN TZE ONG, formerly of National Junior College, Singapore
ARISTEIDIS PAPATHANOS, formerly of Athens GCE Tutorial College
NATALIE C. PARKER, formerly of Pate's Grammar School
SHOAIB PATEL, formerly of King Edward VI School, Nuneaton
STUART D. REEVE, formerly of Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys
JOANNA C. SLACK, formerly of James Allen's Girls' School
SEAN B. SULLIVAN, formerly of Ewell Castle School
E.-LING KAREN TAN, formerly of Victoria Junior College, Singapore
JOHN A. THOMPSON, formerly of Eton College
TAMSYN C. TREMEER, formerly of Millfield School
LISA E. WATKINSON, formerly of Newstead Wood School
DAVID W. WELCH, formerly of Upton-by-Chester High School

To an Organ Scholarship:


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Somerville College

As Fellow and Treasurer (from 18 September 2000): MISS HELEN MORTON, MA (MA Cambridge, M.SC. Boston)

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