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Ireland Scholarship and First Craven Scholarship: LAURA ANN BENDER, Magdalen College

Second Craven Scholarship: KATHARINE LUCY BLADEN BROWN, Corpus Christi College pro hac vice an Ireland Scholarship has also been awarded to PATRICK JOHN FINGLASS, St John's College.

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Audio-visual Equipment

As previously announced, certain items of surplus audio-visual equipment are available for purchase by university departments and colleges with immediate effect, mostly at a nominal price. A complete list of available equipment can be found on the ETRC's web site at

Anyone interested in purchasing any of this equipment should contact Lisa Wiggins on (2)70526 or as soon as possible.

Please note that equipment will only be sold to departments, or other university institutions, or colleges, on receipt of an official order.

Towards the end of November any remaining equipment will also be made available to individuals.

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Visiting Fellowship awards

An award from the J.S. McDonnell Foundation, St Louis, USA, will continue to fund the Oxford McDonnell–Pew Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience until April 2003. The centre, which is closely integrated with the Medical Research Council Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, links work on many aspects of brain research relevant to human cognition in several departments at Oxford and other institutions.

The McDonnell–Pew Centre encourages work in all areas of cognitive neuroscience across all relevant disciplines and embraces research on experimental, theoretical, and clinical studies of perceptual analysis, memory, language, and motor control, including philosophical approaches to cognition. Current and fuller information on the centre is available at

The renewed centre offers several forms of support, including visiting fellowships for distinguished researchers from overseas or elsewhere in Britain who wish to work within the centre for periods between a week and several months. A modest grant may be provided to help with costs of travel and accommodation (but not salary or stipend), and to pay a bench fee to the host department.

There is no application form. Applications should include the following information:

name, address, and status of applicant (in the form of a very brief curriculum vitae);

names and addresses of collaborators in Oxford;

a brief statement (up to 300 words) of the proposed research;

a list of any publications that have already resulted from the research;

an outline plan of visit/s and expenditure, with total estimated budget;

other sources of funding and the amount requested.

Applications can be submitted at any time (e-mail is acceptable), to Sally Harte, Administrative Secretary, McDonnell–Pew Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University Laboratory of Physiology, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PT (telephone: (2)72497, fax: (2)72488, e-mail:

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Statistical Consulting Service

The Department of Statistics runs a consulting service available to members of the University. The consulting officer position is currently vacant, but the acting consultants can be contacted via the departmental office (telephone: Oxford (2)72860, fax: (2)72595, e-mail:

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Exhibition now open

Sixty-third annual exhibition of the Society of Wood Engravers: at the University Club, 6–8 South Parks Road (until 24 Nov.; open Mon.–Fri., 10 a.m.–5 p.m.; admission free)

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