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Merton College

PETER LOCKWOOD BOULTON, 4 January 2001; Postmaster 1942–3 and 1946–8. Aged 77.

MICHAEL JOHN DYMOND, 21 February 2001; commoner 1957–60. Aged 64.

NEIL STUART MALCOLM, March 2001; 1957–61. Aged 64.

DEREK JOSEPH PAYTON-SMITH, 12 February 2001; Postmaster 1938–40 and 1946–7. Aged 80. LEONARD ROE, 20 December 2000; Commoner's Exhibitioner 1930–3. Aged 88.

JOSEPH ANTHONY SEMLYEN, 7 March 2001; exhibitioner 1958–63. Aged 64.

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St Hilda's College

KARIN ELIZABETH DAVIES (née Hodgkiss), MA, 14 April 2001; exhibitioner 1960–4. Aged 60.

DAPHNE ELIZABETH LOGAN SHANKLAND (née Elmslie), OBE, MA, 10 April 2001; commoner 1939–42. Aged 80.

JEAN MARGARET LORRAINE TAYLOR, MA, 25 March 2001; commoner 1974–8. Aged 44.

MAVIS YOUNG (née Charles), MA, DIP.ED., 15 February 2001; commoner 1941–5. Aged 79.

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St Hugh's College

MRS DIANA BETTY ANDERSON (née Morgans), 22 February 2001; Modern History 1931. Aged 88.

MISS MARGARET MONICA BEALE JONES, 15 February 2001; English 1941. Aged 78.

MISS JULIA MARY BISKNELL, 11 March 2001; Forest Sciences and Agriculture 1978. Aged 40.

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Brasenose College

To a Tutorial Fellowship in Law (with effect from 1 October 2001):


To a Junior Research Fellowship (with effect from 1 October 2001):


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Oriel College

Eugene Lee-Hamilton Prize 2000

The Provost and Fellows of Oriel College offer a prize of £60 for the best Petrarchan Sonnet in English submitted by an undergraduate of Oxford or Cambridge, on a subject to be chosen by the candidate.

Enjambment between the eighth and ninth lines will be permitted.

No candidate may submit more than one sonnet, nor may the prize be awarded more than once to the same person.

The competing sonnets should be sent to Mrs Yvonne Scott, College Secretary, Oriel College, Oxford OX1 4EW, not later than Friday, 1 June. Each sonnet must be accompanied by a certificate from the head or a fellow of the candidate's college, stating that the candidate is an undergraduate. The winner will have been deemed to have given permission to publish his/her sonnet in the Oriel Record.

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