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All Souls College

ALAN WALTER TYSON, CBE, MB, BS, MA, FBA, 10 November 2000; Fellow 1952–94, Emeritus Fellow from 1994.

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Christ Church

DAVID GEORGE BARTRAM, MA, 25 July 2000; scholar 1945–8 and 1953. Aged 74.

JOHN GEOFFREY BLACKWELL, 28 July 2000; commoner 1933–5. Aged 86.

MAJOR LORD DESMOND CHICHESTER, MA, MC, 7 October 2000; commoner 1938–9, 1944, and 1945.

PETER GLADSTONE, MA, 25 July 2000; commoner 1949–52 and 1961. Aged 71.

MAJOR CHARLES FREDERICK GRIEVE, BA, 2000; commoner 1933–4 and 1935–7. Aged 86.

NICHOLAS RICHARD PATRICK HEATON, MA, 18 July 2000; Westminster Exhibitioner 1959–62 and 1966.

LT.-COL. DAVID M. LIMB, MA, OBE, 11 August 2000; commoner 1979–82, 1983, and 1986. Aged 39.

MICHAEL LEVERSON MEYER, MA, 3 August 2000; commoner 1939–41, 1942, and 1946–7. Aged 79.

JOHN MILLES, 1 July 2000; commoner 1946–7 and 1949–50. Aged 78.

BRYAN JOHN NEWMAN, JP, 15 October 2000; commoner 1944–5.

HARRY FREDERICK OPPENHEIMER, MA, 19 August 2000; Holford Scholar 1927–31, 1933, and 1956; Honorary Student 1974. Aged 91.

DAVID ARTHUR FITZROY PAGET, BA, 28 July 2000; commoner 1948–51.

PROFESSOR JACK SIMMONS, MA, OBE, FRSL, 3 September 2000; Hinchcliffe Scholar 1933–7 and 1942. Aged 85.

PHILIP ARTHUR WILLIAM WARNER, 23 September 2000; commoner 1933–4. Aged 86.

DR PETER BRIAN WHALLEY, 10 October 2000; 1973 and Emeritus Fellow, Balliol College.

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Magdalen College

EDGAR BEDROS BAKIRGIAN, 1998; commoner 1933–6. Aged 84.

FRANCIS ANNANDALE CORDINGLEY, 1996; commoner 1943–5. Aged 70.

ALAN CYRIL CRUNDWELL; demy 1942–3 and 1947–9.

EHIOZE EDIAE, 1998; commoner 1964–5. Aged 53.

(WALTER) RONALD FRYER, 28 July 2000; exhibitioner 1935–9. Aged 83.

EDUARD GOLDSTUCKER, 23 October 2000; commoner 1940–2. Aged 87.

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM LLOYD GRIFFIN, November 1998; exhibitioner 1981–6. Aged 36.

AUBREY SEYMOUR HALFORD-MACLEOD, 21 August 2000; Doncaster Scholar 1933–6. Aged 85.

PAUL EDWARD HEALEY, November 2000; exhibitioner 1960–3. Aged 60.

GEORGE RICHARD HOLMES, 4 June 2000; demy 1938–42. Aged 80.

ADAM BRIAN JOSEPH KLUG, 8 August 2000; exhibitioner 1973–6. Aged 46.

DESMOND KENZO KNIGHT, 3 August 2000; commoner 1929–32. Aged 89.

JAMES HENRY LUND, July 2000; demy 1947–9. Aged 75.

ALEXANDER MCGREGOR, September 2000; commoner 1929–30. Aged 90.

PROFESSOR BERNARD MAYO, 14 February 2000; demy 1939–40 and 1945–7. Aged 79.

THOMAS ARFON OWEN, 2 August 2000; Doncaster Scholar 1951–4. Aged 67.

SIR PETER PLATT, 3 August 2000; commoner 1946–51. Aged 76.

MICHAEL PHILIP PULLIN, 29 March 2000; Mackinnon Scholar 1954–7. Aged 64.

ITALO DE LISLE RADICE, 14 July 2000; demy 1929–34. Aged 89.

JOHN LAWRANCE VERNON VERNON, tenth Baron, 19 August 2000; commoner 1941–2 and 1946–8. Aged 77.

THE REVD PHILIP BOULTON WILLMOT, 29 April 2000; Chaplain 1943–50. Aged 85.

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St Edmund Hall

THE REVD CANON VOILEY MICHAEL SPENCER ELLIS, MA, 11 September 2000; commoner 1934–8. Aged 84.

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Christ Church

To Open Scholarships:

JONATHAN AVIS, formerly of Clifton College, Bristol

JULIET WALTON, formerly of St Paul's Girls' School

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To Open Exhibitions:

RALPH MCCLELLAND, formerly of Fettes College, Edinburgh

ALAN RAFFERTY, formerly of University College School, London

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To Boulter Exhibitions:

HOLLY BRODIE, formerly of Wellington School, Somerset

NICOLA HALL, formerly of Ridge College, Stockport

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To Instrumental Exhibitions:

JACQUELINE MCCLURE, formerly of Clifton College, Bristol

CLAIRE OVERBURY, formerly of School of St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon

AMY RUSSELL, formerly of Westminster School

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Lincoln College

To Lord Crewe Scholarships:

MARKO BACIC, formerly of Mathematics Secondary School, Belgrade

PATRICK OSSIAN COHRS, formerly of St Antony's College, Oxford

TREVOR JAMES DAVIES, formerly of Wigan and Leigh College

MISS SUSANNE LEITTERSTORF, formerly of Albert Einstein Gymnasium

CHRISTOPHER PHILIPP MASKE, formerly of University of Cape Town

MISS HELEN JULIA MOSLEY, formerly of Sir William Perkin's School

MISS MICHELE RUNYON PERRY, formerly of University of York

MISS ANNA LOUISE POZO, formerly of Wycombe Abbey School

MISS EMMA JANE STIRRUP, formerly of Courtauld Institute

ANDREW EDWARD VAN DER VLIES, formerly of Rhodes University, Grahamstown

ROBERT DYLAN VAN NIEKERK, formerly of Leeds University

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To a Crewe Overseas Award (joint award):

STUART SPENCER NATHANIEL SCHULZKE, formerly of Brigham Young University

DONGSHENG WEN, formerly of Tsinghua University

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To Old Members' Exhibitions:

ANDREW GLOVER GAYNOR DUNN, formerly of Eton College

CHRISTOPHER LEWIS HUNWICK, formerly of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Blackburn

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To Organ Scholarships:

CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS EASTWOOD, formerly of the Oratory School, Woodcote

PHILIP MICHAEL RUSSON SMITH, formerly of Marlborough College

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To Scholarships:

JOHN WILLIAM ROY BOOTH, formerly of Reading School

DARREN JOHN COULT, formerly of John Leggot College, Scunthorpe

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM DUNSMORE, formerly of St Dunstan's College, London


MISS SARAH ELIZABETH MULLEY, formerly of Itchen College

WILLIAM PADGETT, formerly of Winchester College

JUNAID AHMED BAKHTIYAR ZAMAN, formerly of Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical

School, Rochester

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To Exhibitions:

MISS CELIA CAROLINE ARMSTRONG, formerly of St Swithun's School, Winchester

GILES HENRY DONNE BARRETT, formerly of Winchester College

NEIL RICHARD BUSH, formerly of Barton Peveril College, Eastleigh

CHARLES FRANCIS CAHER, formerly of Methodist College, Belfast

DAVID GORDON COCKS, formerly of King Edward VI Camp Hill School, Birmingham

WILLIAM NEAL DAVIS, formerly of Collingwood College, Camberley

MICHAEL PETER GRAY, formerly of City of London School

MISS CATHERINE CLARE GRIFFITH, formerly of Aylesbury High School


MISS MARIA LOUISA HANKS, formerly of Backwell School

PETER JOSEPH HARRIS, formerly of Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Amersham

CLAUDE HEILAND-ALLEN, formerly of St Olave's Grammar School, Orpington

MISS CAROLINE JANE IDDON, formerly of Wolverhampton Girls' High School

NADEEM ILYAS, formerly of Bradford Grammar School

THOMAS DAVID KIRK, formerly of Manchester Grammar School

EDWARD ANDREW KNOWLES, formerly of Warwick School

JAMES ANDREW LARCOMBE, formerly of Coombe Dean School, Plymouth

MISS AVYE LEVENTIS, formerly of Westminster School

THOMAS PETER LYDON, formerly of Edinburgh University

MISS REBECCA HELENA MARTYN, formerly of Peter Symond's College, Winchester

RODERICK NEIL MCINNES, formerly of Dulwich College

PETER JOHN MORGAN-WARREN, formerly of Howard of Effingham School

PAUL JOSEPH MUNDAY, formerly of Truro School

ROBIN PAUL NEWNHAM, formerly of Abingdon School

STEVEN NORTON, formerly of Warwick School

MISS ANNA GABRIELA NOWAKOWSKA, formerly of The Tiffin Girls' School

ANDREW JOHN PHILLIPS, formerly of Collingwood College, Camberley

MICHAEL JOSEPH REISS, formerly of St Paul's School

PHILIP ALBERT RODRIGS, formerly of Nottingham High School

LEE BENJAMIN ROWLEY, formerly of St Mary's High School, Chesterfield

RICHARD DAVID SAGE, formerly of Carmarthen College

STEPHEN MICHAEL SMITH, formerly of Abingdon School

CHRISTOPHER SMYTH, formerly of City of London School

STEPHEN MICHAEL SPENCE, formerly of King Edward's School, Birmingham

CHRISTOPHER JAMES WEBBER, formerly of Nottingham High School

MISS REBECCA JANE WILLCOX, formerly of Marlborough College

MARTIN PHILIP WILSON, formerly of All Hallows' Catholic High School, Macclesfield

JAMES SPENCER WOOLRICH, formerly of Reading School

JOHN PATRICK FREDERICK WYNNE, formerly of Marlborough College

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Merton College

To Postmasterships:

JOANNE ELIZABETH DRANE, formerly of Plymouth High School for Girls

JANNA LOUISE LAWLEY, formerly of King Edward VI College, Stourbridge

To an Exhibition:

JANE LEE, formerly of Churcher's College, Petersfield

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Trinity College

To Scholarships:

MICHAEL EDWARD BATE, formerly of Culford School, Bury St Edmunds

IMOGEN BLACK, formerly of Oxford High School

LIANA CHUA, formerly of Victoria Junior College, Singapore

ROXANNE SELBY, formerly of Shena Simon College, Manchester

DANIEL ANTONY HOMER THORNTON, formerly of King's College School, Wimbledon

LUKE ANTHONY WOODWARD, formerly of Ilfracombe College

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To Exhibitions:

LUKE JAMES ANTHONY, formerly of Desborough School, Maidenhead

KEVIN RICHARD BACK, formerly of Bridlington School

CATHERINE BRESLIN, formerly of St Wilfrid's Roman Catholic High School, Featherstone

MARK BURDEN, formerly of Barton Peveril College

MARK ANDREW COATES, formerly of the King's School, Gloucester

CHRISTOPHER JAMES DARK, formerly of the Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

ELIZABETH MERYL AGNES DAVIES, formerly of Llandovery College


MARK EDWARD HARRIS, formerly of King's College School, Wimbledon

MADIHA HASAN, formerly of Crossley Heath School, Halifax

THOMAS IVELL, formerly of Gymnasium Oldenfelde, Hamburg

GARETH GEORGE JELLEY, formerly of King Henry VIII School, Abergavenny

GARETH EDWARD JONES, formerly of the Haberdashers' Aske's School

DANIEL JAMES KIRK, formerly of Queen Mary's Grammar School, Walsall

DENNIS KRUCHININ, formerly of Exeter School

GEORGE LOIZOU, formerly of the English School, Nicosia

BEATRICE ALEXANDRA MAVROLEON, formerly of Collingham Tutors

ASHLEE TRACEY MCCUNE, formerly of Belfast Royal Academy

GALLIA SYLVIANNE MCDERMOTT, formerly of Westminster School

BRYN MORRIS, formerly of Llanfyllin High School

CHRISTOPHER JAMES OGLE, formerly of Marling School, Gloucester

RUTH ELIZABETH ORMSTON, formerly of York Sixth Form College

JENNIFER MOIRA SHERRY, formerly of the Island School, Hong Kong

MATTHEW PETER SOMERVILLE, formerly of Xaverian Sixth Form College, Manchester

CELIA LOUISE TEDD, formerly of Malvern Girls' College

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Christ Church

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E.T. Warner Prizes:




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