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The following speech was delivered by THE PUBLIC ORATOR at a Congregation held on Friday, 15 June, in presenting for the Honorary Degree of Master of Arts


Faciendi plures libros nullum esse finem certiores nos facit Ecclesiastes; quod proverbium nemo melius intellegit quam haec quam produco. viginti enim anni sunt ex quo Prelo Academico addicta libros cum de scriptoribus Anglicis, tum de eo universo studiorum genere quod in humanitate constat, admirabilem in modum alit et sustinet. homines doctos hortata est ut libros conscribat, quorum alios ipsa edidit, alios ceteris edentibus praefuit; ad ordinem superiorem tandem provecta deditos illorum gregum labores direxit qui libros edunt formant vendunt fabricantur. neque quemquam inveneritis qui tam prospere homines eruditos, quod genus nonnumquam morosius esse scimus omnes, ita tractet ut res bene ac tranquille procedat, praeclara illa doctrinae copia librariis atque prelo sine offensione tradatur. nam ipsa studiis liberalibus libentissime vacat, hominum doctorum mentes intellegit, dilatare vult scientiae fines. dies me deficiat, si uberrimum illud librorum flumen percensere coner, quos haec elicuit fovit iuris publici fecit; sed cum ab animo impetrare non possim ut omnino taceam, paucos saltem indicabo. carminum florilegia celeberrima produxit, alterum a quovis quolibet tempore conscriptorum, alterum a mulieribus saeculo certo; poetarum nobilium cum vitas narrandas tum opera publicanda curavit; ipsius Gulielmi Quatipili fabulas et antiquo more et hodierno descriptas ita apparere iussit ut adsint

cartae regiae, novi libri,
derecta plumbo et pumice omnia aequata,

ut utar Catulli mei verbis; neque opinioni obnoxia est praeiudicatae, quae Francisci Bacon opera philosophica apparatu vix minus lauto sed separatim emiserit. librorum quoque mater est aliquot qui se lectoribus comites ducesque praebent, sive auctores perlegis Francogallos sive poetas aevi recentioris nostrates; quid enim commemorem litterarum Anglicarum historiunculam in usum studiosae iuventutis expressam? nec minus in negotiis et usu habilis est quam in libris atque eruditione, quae gregem suum sollertissime direxerit, Prelo ipsi cum laudem tum nummos consecuta esse videatur.

Praesento Preli administram impigerrimam, Academiae amicam pietate eximiam, doctrinae fautricem praeclarissimam, Kim Scott Walwyn, ut admittatur honoris causa ad gradum Magistri in Artibus.

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`Of the making of many books', says Ecclesiastes, `there is no end'. Ms Walwyn knows the truth of that saying as well as anyone can. She was an important and productive employee of the Oxford University Press for more than twenty years, first in the division of English Literature, and later in that of the Humanities and Social Sciences. She commissioned many valuable books, she edited many herself, and she was in charge of the editing of many others. After promotion she was a Publishing Director in charge of editorial, marketing, production, and design. She was especially well qualified to deal with academic authors, who as we all know are not always the easiest people to handle, and to ensure that everything went smoothly, and the precious copy reached the Press without a hitch; she herself likes to read scholarly books, she understands the academic mind, and she is keen to enlarge the bounds of our knowledge. It would take all day, if I were to attempt to list all the books which she has actively commissioned, encouraged, and published; but I cannot resist indicating a few. Among the anthologies for which she is responsible are The Oxford Book of English Verse and that of Eighteenth Century Women Poets. She commissioned notable biographies of poets, as well as publishing their works. There is also The Oxford Shakespeare, published both in old and new spelling, in a handsome edition which recalls the words of Catullus:

Royal paper, new format, new spines,
And all squared off in fine straight lines;

Ms Walwyn showed her freedom from prejudice by publishing the philosophical works of Bacon, too, in a format hardly less handsome, but clearly separate. Her literary offspring includes several Companions, including that to Literature in French and that to Twentieth Century Poetry. Then, for students, there is The Short Oxford History of English Literature. Her scholarly interests are matched by her practical efficiency: she was an excellent leader of her editorial team, and her publications won the Press not only prestige but also financial profit.

I present an indefatigable agent of the Press, a devoted friend of the University, and a distinguished champion of scholarship, Kim Scott Walwyn, for the honorary degree of Master of Arts.

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Hobson/Mann Memorial Scholarships of £225 per annum, tenable for the second and final year of the clinical course, have been awarded to the following:

RICHARD J.E. ARMSTRONG, Magdalen College
KNUT EICCHORN, Magdalen College
LUCY M. GOSSAGE, Jesus College
JONATHAN K. RANDALL, Worcester College

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Prizes have been awarded in `the works of Dante' jointly to MELISSA HEYN, Lincoln College and JOHN LAKE, Worcester College; and in `Old French Language and Literature' to HELEN SWIFT, Magdalen College.

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Oxbow Prize for Fieldwork 2001

The Prize has been awarded to MS HANNAH JAMES, St Peter's College.

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Barclay Head Prize 2001

The Prize has been awarded to CRISTIAN GAZDAC, Merton College.

Proxime accessit: GUIDO PETRUCCIOLI, St Cross College.

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Greek Reading

First Prize: EDWARD HATTON, Balliol College

Second Prize: JOANNE JOHNSON, Corpus Christi College

Latin Reading

First Prize: JONATHAN FOWLES, New College

Second Prize: JANE HEATH, Balliol College

Greek Recitation

Prize: EDWARD HATTON, Balliol College

Honorably mentioned: ALMUT FRIES, Hertford College

Latin Recitation

Prize: GAIL TRIMBLE, Corpus Christi College

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The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Professorship of Indian History and Culture

                                        Appointed by

The Principal of Linacre 
(Chairman)                              Mr Vice-Chancellor [1]
The Master of St Cross                  ex officio
Professor R. Thapar                     Council
Professor T.K. Raychaudhuri             Council      
Professor S. Bhattacharya               Council after consultation  with the
                                          Government of India
Dr R.C.S. Walker                        Humanities Board
Professor R.F. Gombrich                 Oriental Studies Board
Dr J.W. Benson                          Oriental Studies Board
Dr D.A. Washbrook                       Oriental Studies Board
Professor W.R. James                    St Cross College
[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Tit. IX, Sect. III, cll. 2 and 3 (Statutes, 2000, pp. 63–4).

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Exhibitions now open

Solomon's House in Oxford: new finds from the first Museum—an exhibition in the new special exhibition gallery of archaeological finds made during the recent redevelopment

Domestic Measures: scientific instruments on commonplace objects (the student exhibition for 2001)

The permanent galleries are now open for public previewing, prior to the official reopening of the extended and refurbished Museum.

The Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday, 12 noon–4 p.m.

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Gamelan concert

THE OXFORD GAMELAN SOCIETY will give a concert of Javanese songs and instrumental music, performing on the Bate Collection Gamelan, Kyai Madu Laras, at 7 p.m. on Saturday, 23 June, in the Wesley Memorial Church, New Inn Hall Street. Tickets, costing £8 (£6) are available from `Tickets Oxford' at the Playhouse, Beaumont Street, or at the door.

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Closures due to building work, Long Vacation

Due to building work to be carried out during the Long Vacation, the Modern History Faculty Library will be closed from Thursday, 12 July, to Sunday, 16 September, inclusive.

The Modern History Faculty Building will be closed from Monday, 30 July, to Friday, 17 August, inclusive.

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The Telecommunications Section Web-site,, has recently been updated to include the latest news about services for users of the University telecommunications network. It provides up-to-date information on the following important topics:

—University Telephone Directories for the new academic year, especially the rights of all staff to request suppression of their personal details in published directories;

—procedures for new telephone installations for the new academic year; —developments with the student telephone service, following the placing of the University's suppliers, WorldxChange (ex-ACC), in administration;

—Web access to voice-mail messages;

—improvements to the University's Web contact page,;

—current Telecommunications Section tariffs;

—Web access to the call logger—it is now possible for departments and colleges to generate invoices for their telephones using a standard web browser.

For more details see or contact the Help Desk (telephone: 88888, e-mail:

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