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On Thursday, 12 October, the following was duly elected to hold office until the first day of Michaelmas Term 2004.

As a member of the Social Sciences Board

(from among the members of the Faculty of Social Studies)

M.F.E. PHILP, MA, M.PHIL., D.PHIL., Fellow of Oriel

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Election of ordinary member (2 November)

The following nomination has been duly received:

K.V. WILKES, MA, Fellow of St Hilda's

Nominated by:

E.L. Bowie, Corpus Christi
C.C.W. Taylor, Corpus Christi

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With the approval of Council, the following changes in regulations made by The Board of the Faculty of Social Studies will come into effect on 3 November.

Board of the Faculty of Social Studies

M.Phil. in Politics

With effect from 1 October 2000 (for first examination in 2001)

In Examination Decrees, 1999, p. 637, delete ll. 1–2 and substitute:

`(o) Political Sociology

The scope of politics in industrial societies and variations in relations between state, economy, and civil society. The social bases of political organisation and partisanship including class, religion, ethnicity. Leadership elites, organisational democracy. Organised interests and social movements. The political context of economic performance and welfare state provision. Candidates will be expected to be familiar with the main theoretical approaches to explaining political behaviour, and must show knowledge of more than one major industrial society.'

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The Board of the Faculty of Clinical Medicine has granted leave to B. KEAVNEY, St John's, to supplicate for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine.

The evidence submitted by the candidate was entitled: `A genetic investigation of blood pressure and other quantitative cardiovascular risk factors in humans'.

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The examiners appointed by the following faculty boards give notice of oral examination of their candidates as follows:

Anthropology and Geography

M. FEAKINS, St Catherine's: `Access to capital for small and medium-sized enterprises in Poland: banks, decisions, and economic development in postsocialism'.
School of Geography, Wednesday, 25 October, 2 p.m.
Examiners: C. Clarke, C. Mason.

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Literae Humaniores

E. KAIZER, Brasenose: `A study of the social patterns of worship in Palmyra in the Roman period'.
Oriental Institute, Tuesday, 31 October, 11 a.m.
Examiners: M.D. Goodman, S. Mitchell.

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P.N. BACKE, Templeton: `The role of fashion "supermodels" in advertising'.
Templeton, Friday, 8 December, 11 a.m.
Examiners: K. Grint, A.R. Lock.

K. WATTANASUWAN, Linacre: `I am what I consume: the post-modern self and consumption symbolism'.
Templeton,Wednesday, 22 November, 11 a.m.
Examiners: K. Grint, M. Ritson.

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Medieval and Modern Languages

K.M. MACDONALD, St Hugh's: `Literary biography in Renaissance France: 1524–1619'.
St John's, Thursday, 9 November, 2 p.m.
Examiners: J.P. O'Brien, T.C. Cave.

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Modern History

R. GUION ARDREY, Worcester: `Your museum or mine? Problems in the conservation and restoration of historical artefacts'.
Ashmolean Museum, Tuesday, 21 November, 11 a.m.
Examiners: C.P.H. Brown, R. Wenley.

P. SHERLOCK, Corpus Christi: `Funeral monuments: piety, honour, and memory in early modern England'.
Examination Schools, Monday, 20 November, 2.15 p.m.
Examiners: K.V. Thomas, R.A. Houlbrooke.

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Physical Sciences

H. AHMAD, Balliol: `Partial oxidation and CO2 reforming of methane to valuable products over molybdenum and tungsten carbide'.
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Friday, 10 November, 2.15 p.m.
Examiners: D. O'Hare, M. Ledoux.

S.E. ASHBROOK, Hertford: `New NMR techniques for the study of quadrupolar nuclei'.
Keble, Friday, 10 November, 11 a.m.
Examiners: S.J. Heyes, M.E. Smith.

G. BELLODI, Wolfson: `A measurement of the parity violating parameter Ab with a muon tag at the SLD'.
Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Tuesday, 24 October, 2 p.m.
Examiners: P.B. Renton, R. Barlow.

E. GRIER, Wolfson: `Microstructural characterisation of epitaxial rare earth metal based films'.
Department of Materials, Thursday, 26 October, 10 a.m.
Examiners: D. Cockayne, H. Zabel.

E. HAYMAN, Wolfson: `The use of zoom within active vision'.
Department of Engineering Science, Tuesday, 31 October, 12 noon.
Examiners: A. Zisserman, K. üstrÜm.

D. MORRIS, St Peter's: `Surface and sensor studies of doped titanium dioxide'.
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Monday, 30 October, 11.15 a.m.
Examiners: J.C. Green, D.E. Williams.

L. UPPADINE, Magdalen: `Ruthenium (II) rhenium (I) bipyridine receptors for the recognition of anions and ion pairs'.
Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Thursday, 26 October, 2.15 p.m.
Examiners: M.L.H. Green, J. McClevity.

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The examiners appointed by the following faculty board give notice of oral examination of their candidate as follows:

Clinical Medicine

M.H. MCPHERSON, Green College: `Tyrosine depletion: a novel treatment for mania and other hyperdopaminergic states?' University Department of Psychiatry, Warneford Hospital, Friday, 17 November, 2 p.m.
Examiners: T. Sharp, A.H. Young.

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