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Note: college vacancies will also be found in the Gazette's Appointments Supplement.

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Corpus Christi College

PETER ANSCAR WILLIAMS, MA, 29 September 2000; commoner 1944–6 and 1952. Aged 84.

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Corpus Christi College

To an Honorary Fellowship:

SIR KEITH THOMAS, MA (HON. D.LITT.D. Cambridge and Sheffield, , HON. LITT.D. Kent, Leicester, Sussex, Wales, and Warwick, HON. LL.D. Oglethorpe, Williams), FBA, President 1986–2000

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Merton College

To Postmasterships:

MISS RACHEL GRENVILLE BERKSON, formerly of Perse School for Girls

MISS SARAH BYSOUTH, formerly of Yeovil College

THOMAS PETER JOSHUA EDLIN, formerly of Westminster School

ALEXANDER JAMES EDMANS, formerly of St Paul's School

PAUL MICHAEL FREEMAN, formerly of Widnes Sixth-Form College

BENJAMIN THOMAS GARNER, formerly of Reigate Grammar School

KEITH MARTIN GODA, formerly of Walton High School, Stafford

EVAN GUPPY, formerly of Northgate High School, Ipswich

DAVID EDWARD LEWIS, formerly of Monmouth Comprehensive School

ANDREW JAY LOBB, formerly of St Olave's Grammar School, Orpington

MARK ANDREW MORLEY-FLETCHER, formerly of Eton College

STUART ANTHONY NORMAN, formerly of Tonbridge School

ALEXANDER RICHARD POLLEY, formerly of King's College, Taunton

JONATHAN EDWARD LUKE SMETHURST, formerly of Abingdon School

ADAM JAMES BARNABY TOLHURST, formerly of Strode College

MATTHEW NIGEL WICKS, formerly of King's College School, Wimbledon

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To Exhibitions:

MICHAEL LOCKHART ARMITAGE, formerly of Royal Grammar School, Guildford

ALEXANDER JOHN BANFIELD HICKS, formerly of Colyton Grammar School

MISS VANESSA BLOOR, formerly of Wellington College

JOHN GARETH BARLOW BOURKE, formerly of St David's Sixth-Form College, Cardiff

ROBERT NICHOLAS BRITTAIN, formerly of Pershore Sixth-Form Centre

MISS CHARLOTTE ANNE BROADIE, formerly of Wycombe Abbey School

JAMES JONATHAN JESSE BRUNNING, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College

MISS YEUK KI JESSICA CHIU, formerly of the International School of Singapore

MISS SARAH JANE CLAYTON, formerly of Queen Mary's High School, Walsall

MISS ANNABEL CHARIS REBECCA CROFT, formerly of Perse School for Girls

MISS JOLIE GRACIA DE MIRANDA, formerly of Mander Portman Woodward, London

MISS SERENA JEAN EADE, formerly of Badminton School

MARK FRANKLIN EMINSON, formerly of Gloucester College of Arts and Technology

MISS EMMA ANGHARAD LUCILLE EVANS, formerly of Shrewsbury High School

GARY MICHAEL FAHY, formerly of Halewood Comprehensive School

ANDREW JAMES HOLLAND, formerly of Nottingham High School

JONATHAN PAUL HOME, formerly of Ponteland High School, Newcastle upon Tyne

LAURENCE JONATHAN KALMAN, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's School for Boys

SUBHANEIL LAHIRI, formerly of Colchester Royal Grammar School

MARK FRANCIS JAMES MCDONALD, formerly of John Leggott College, Scunthorpe

BENEDICT LUKE MORRISON, formerly of Hereford Sixth-Form College

THOMAS JOSEPH BENJAMIN STUDD, formerley of Eton College

MAXIMILIEN HONG-LIN TSE, formerley of Eton College

ANDREW DAVID TUSTIAN, formerly of Banbury Sixth-Form Centre

JOSEPH HUGH LINTON VIRDEN, formerly of Winchester College

PHILIP LAWRENCE WILD, formerly of Merchant Taylors' School

JAMES STEPHEN YARROW, formerly of Winchester College

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St Hilda's College

To Scholarships:

RUMANA HUSSAIN, formerly of the Alice Otley School, Worcester

SUZANNE KIEFER, formerly of Theodor Heuss Gymnasium, Ludwigshafen

DILJA KRUEGER, formerly of Gymnasium Rodenkirchen, Cologne

EVA WOKI MACHARIA, formerly of the United World College of the Atlantic Llantwit Major

JOANNE RICHARDS, formerly of Moseley Park School, Bilston

SONIA SODHA, formerly of the Old Palace School, Croydon

ANNA WILLE, formerly of Helene Lange Gymnasium, Hamburg

NORA WREDENHAGEN, formerly of Heidelberg University

KAREN WONG, formerly of the Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore

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To Exhibitions:

CAROLINE ALLEN, formerly of Leicester Grammar School

SARAH BROWNBILL, formerly of the Bluecoat School, Liverpool

MARGARET DAVIDSON, formerly of Hamilton Grammar School

SARAH DAVISON, formerly of Oaklands Roman Catholic School, Waterloovile

GEMMA FULLER, formerly of Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School

CHRISTINA HARRISON, formerly of Prince Henry's High School, Evesham

ALISON IP, formerly of Alleyn's School, London

AMELIA JACKSON, formerly of Gateway Sixth-form College, Leicester

KRISTINA JONES, formerly of Brentwood School

MARYAM KHAN, formerly of the Old Palace School, Croydon

KATIE STAFFORD, formerly of Alleyne's High School, Stone

HELEN THOMAS, formerly of Lampeter Comprehensive School

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Appointment of Development Director

Christ Church proposes to appoint a Development Director for a fixed term of three years. The successful candidate will be expected to take a leading role in the planning and implementation of the college's development strategy, and in fostering the college's relations with its alumni. He/she will be responsible for management of the Development Office within Christ Church, and will work closely with the Dean (the head of the college) and other college officers. Remuneration package of up to £50,000 per annum, depending on experience. Further particulars may be obtained from Ms Mairi Shirley, Execucare, 34 Ebury Street, London SW1W 0LU (telephone: 020-7761 0700; e-mail:, and may be viewed on the college's Web site, http://www. Applications are due by 23 October.

Christ Church is an equal opportunities employer.

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Junior Research Fellowships

The governing bodies of the three colleges propose to elect, in co-operation, twelve Junior Research Fellows in Arts and Sciences according to an agreed allocation of subjects between the colleges. The fellowships are open to men and women, and are tenable from 1 October 2001.

The fellowships are normally awarded to those who are approaching the end of their doctoral research or who have begun postdoctoral study. Fellows must engage in original research and may, with the permission of the appropriate governing body, undertake a limited amount of teaching. Current annual salary is up to £14,851 (under review).

Applications forms, together with further particulars and details of the allocation of subjects, may be obtained from the Academic Administrator, St John's College, Oxford OX1 3JP (telephone: Oxford (2)77495 (answering machine); fax: (2)77435).

The further particulars can also be seen at

The colleges are equal opportunities employers.

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Leventis Graduate Scholarship in Greek Studies

Merton College proposes to elect in 2001 a Leventis Graduate Scholar. The scholarship will cover full board and accommodation in the college, college and university fees, and an additional grant of £2,700 (making a total annual value of about £9,278–£13,489, depending on the origin of the student and the subject studied). Subject to satisfactory progress, the scholarship will be tenable for three years.

The award is open to both men and women who meet the following criteria: all candidates must be university graduates, who are citizens of the Republic of Greece or the Republic of Cyprus, and have not done more than two years of postgraduate study or research, and propose to begin a doctorate at the University of Oxford in October 2001 in Greek Studies (including the study of Greek culture and civilisation of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean in any of their aspects) from the Bronze Age to ad 1453. It is not available for studies relating to modern Greece, or at any other university.

Details of the award may be obtained from Mrs M. Wise, Merton College, Oxford OX1 4JD (fax: Oxford (2)76282, e-mail: The closing date for applications is Friday, 5 January 2001.

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Mary Ewart Junior Research Fellowship in Mathematics and/or Computation

Somerville College invites applications for this fellowship, tenable for three years from October 2001, in the field of Mathematics and/or Computation. The annual stipend is currently £12,250 (subject to annual review) with free board and residence in college. The holder will also be eligible to join the University's Superannuation Scheme. Candidates must be graduates in at least their second year of research.

Further particulars may be obtained from the College Secretary, Somerville College, Oxford OX2 6HD (telephone: Oxford (2)70619, e-mail: secretariat@somerville. The closing date for applications is 2 January 2001.

Somerville College is committed to achieving equal opportunities.

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