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CONGREGATION 14 November 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice of any intention to vote against the preamble of the statute at item 1 below or the resolution at item 2 below, or of any wish to speak or to ask a question concerning the Vice-Chancellor's Oration under item 3 below, signed in each case by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 6 November (see the Guide to Procedures in Congregation cited in the note at the end of `University Agenda').

1 Promulgation of Statute

Statute: Eldon Law Scholarship Fund

Explanatory note

Eligibility for the Eldon Law Scholarship is at present restricted, so far as the examinations for the Degrees of Bachelor of Civil Law and of Magister Juris are concerned, to those awarded a First. The degrees awarded on these examinations in future will not be classified, although the examiners may award a distinction for excellence in the examination. The following statute extends eligibility for the scholarship to those who gain a distinction in the BCL and M.Jur. At the same time opportunity is taken to add a clause permitting Congregation to make subsequent amendments to the statute, provided that the main object of the founder is always kept in view.

WHEREAS it is expedient to extend eligibility for the Eldon Law Scholarship to those who gain a distinction in the examinations for the Degrees of Bachelor of Civil Law and of Magister Juris, NOW THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, in exercise of the powers in that behalf conferred upon it by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923, and of all other powers enabling it, ENACTS, subject to the approval of Her Majesty in Council, AS FOLLOWS.

1 In Tit. XVI, Sect. XXVIII (Statutes, 1997, p. 144, as renumbered by Statute (2) approved by Congregation on 29 June 1999, Gazette, Vol. 129, pp. 1433, 1482), delete cl. 3 (b) and substitute:

`(b) shall have either been placed in the First Class or been awarded a distinction in one or other of the said examinations or in Honour Moderations or shall have gained one of the Chancellor's Prizes; and'.

2 Ibid., insert cl. 5:

`5. Congregation shall have power from time to time to alter this statute, provided that the main object of the founder, namely the award of Eldon Law Scholarships to suitable members of the University intending to follow the profession of the law, shall always be kept in view.'

2 Voting on Resolution authorising expenditure from the Higher Studies Fund

That the University be authorised to expend from the Bodleian Fund B of the Higher Studies Fund the sum of £25K per annum for two years towards the cost of a post in the Bodleian Library in support of the task of automating the cataloguing of the Bodleian's Western Manuscript Collections.

3 Presentation of Vice-Chancellor's Oration

The Oration delivered by Mr Vice-Chancellor on 3 October will be presented and may be discussed.

¶ The text of the Oration has been printed as Supplement (2) to Gazette No. 4560.

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Sheldonian Theatre, Curators of

Vacancy: one

Retiring member: Mr M.B. Gearin-Tosh

Period: Until MT 2006

¶ Nominations in writing by two members of Congregation other than the candidate will be received by the Head Clerk at the University Offices, Wellington Square, up to 4 p.m. on Monday, 30 October, and similar nominations by six members of Congregation other than the candidate up to 4 p.m. on Monday, 6 November.

Council has decided that nominations should show for each signatory the name and college or department in block capitals. Any names which are not so shown may not be published. At least one nomination in respect of each candidate must be made on an official nomination form. Copies of the form are obtainable from the Head Clerk (telephone: (2)70190; e-mail:

In the event of a contested election, a brief biographical note on each candidate will be published in the Gazette dated 16 November, and voters may wish to wait until they have read these notes before returning their ballot papers (which will be sent out to members of Congregation as soon as possible after the closing date for nominations, and which, after completion, must be received by the Head Clerk not later than 4 p.m. on 23 November).

Note on the body concerned

The Curators of the Sheldonian Theatre are responsible, under Council, for the Theatre and for making arrangements for the conduct of business at the Encaenia. They also make the building available for other academic and non-academic purposes. The curators have control of the Theatre's budget, except in respect of the maintenance of the fabric of the building (which is the responsibility of the Buildings and Estates Subcommittee).

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