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Ten or more members of Congregation may arrange to have a flysheet circulated with the Gazette (a) on matters before Congregation, or Convocation in regard to the election of the Professor of Poetry, or (b) relating to matters of general interest to the University, subject to the following general conditions:

(i) no flysheet will be circulated which in the opinion of the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors might be defamatory or otherwise illegal;

(ii) the right is reserved on behalf of the University and its employees, without prior consultation with the signatories, to publish an apology in respect of any statement in a flysheet which is complained of as defamatory or otherwise illegal (whether or not the statement can be shown to be true);

(iii) the signatories shall jointly and severally indemnify the University and its employees against any costs or damages payable in respect of their flysheet and, unless a Queen's Counsel (to be mutually agreed on by the signatories and the University) shall advise within four months of the making of any claim in respect of a flysheet that any proceedings could be contested with the probability of success, such damages shall include any sum paid by the University in settlement of any claim arising out of the flysheet;

(iv) the flysheet shall consist of one leaf only (though text may appear on both sides of the leaf); the text shall include the name and college or department of each of the signatories;

(v) a copy of the text of the flysheet shall be delivered to the Registrar before 10 a.m. on the Monday of the week in which circulation is desired; it shall be accompanied by an indemnity in accordance with condition (iii) above drawn up on a form obtainable from the Registrar and signed by each of the signatories of the flysheet; the Registrar shall be informed at the same time which of the signatories is to be notified whether the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors have authorised circulation;

(vi) the Registrar shall arrange for the production by the University Press of copies of a flysheet the circulation of which has been duly authorised.

Though every effort will be made to circulate on the day desired flysheets so received, it must be understood that this cannot be guaranteed.

(a) Matters before Congregation or Convocation

If the flysheet deals with a matter that is a formal agendum for Congregation, or for Convocation in regard to the election of the Professor of Poetry, or the subject of a report published in the Gazette, the production costs will be met from university funds.

(b) Matters of general interest to the University

If the flysheet deals with a matter that is not a formal agendum for Congregation or the subject of a report published in the Gazette, the Vice-Chancellor will decide whether it is of sufficient general interest to warrant circulation with the Gazette; the production costs for such a flysheet will be the responsibility of the signatories.

Oxford University Student Union

The Executive and the Graduate Committee of the Oxford University Student Union may have flysheets circulated with the Gazette under the arrangements and subject to the conditions set out above, provided that:

(1) the number of names to be included on the flysheet under condition (iv) shall be not less than a majority of the total number of members of the Executive or the Graduate Committee of OUSU, as the case may be, and each of the persons named shall sign the indemnity required under condition (v);

(2) the maximum number of flysheets to be circulated as of right, whether on matters before Congregation (to be paid for by the University) or on matters of general interest to the University (to be paid for by OUSU and to be subject to the Vice-Chancellor's decision as prescribed under (b) above) shall be three per term for each of these bodies, save that the Vice-Chancellor shall have discretion to permit further flysheets.

Subject to proviso (1) above, the Executive and the Graduate Committee of OUSU may also support flysheets signed by not less than ten members of Congregation.

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Indexes to volumes 124 (1993–4) and 130 (1999–2000) of the Gazette are available, and copies may be obtained, without charge, on application to the Gazette Office, Publications Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.

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Lunchtime events

Further details of the following events may be obtained from Victoria Beaumont at the Bate Collection (telephone: Oxford (2)76139).

Tue. 6 Feb., 1.15–2 p.m., at the Bate Collection: `Adolphe Sax and his legacy; the saxophones of the Bate Collection'—a lecture-recital using historic instruments and featuring members of `Plural Sax'.

Tue. 6 Mar., 1.15–2 p.m., at the Bate Collection: `The French Collection, Jean Henry's Gift'—an illustrated musical talk of the Bate Collection's current special exhibition.

Bate Collection Concert

Fri. 9 Feb., 8 p.m., Holywell Music Room: a concert to celebrate the history of the saxophone, featuring instruments from the Bate Collection, with `Plural Sax'.

Further details may be obtained from Victoria Beaumont at the Bate Collection (telephone: Oxford (2)76139).

Weekend workshops/courses

Further details of the following workshops and courses may be obtained from Victoria Beaumont at the Bate Collection (telephone: Oxford (2)76139).

Sat. 17 Feb. and Sun. 18 Feb.: Recorder Study Weekend with Edgar Hunt.

Sat. 17 Mar. and Sun. 18 Mar.: a weekend of central Javanese Gamelan; singing and playing the Gamelan Kyai Madu Laras, with Pete Smith, Simon Steptoe, and Emma Dowden. Prices £60 (concessions £35); places available.

Sat. 24 Mar. and Sun. 25 Mar.: bow-rehairing weekend with Andrew Bellis. Bowmaker and instrument restorer Andrew Bellis demonstrates how a bow is dismantled, cleaned, and rehaired, and offers advice to those who wish to try their hand at rehairing a bow themselves. Suitable for players and beginners alike. Prices £45 (concessions £30).

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Hambro Professor of Opera Studies 2000–1

SIR THOMAS ALLEN will lead the following two master-classes this term. Both are non- ticketed and open to the public.

Mon. 22 Jan., 2–5 p.m., Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, St Hilda's College: `Drama in Lieder.'

Mon. 5 Feb., 2–5 p.m., Holywell Music Room: `The Marriage of Figaro: recitative in Act I.'

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Faculty of Music

Unless otherwise stated the following events will take place in the Holywell Music Room, and tickets, costing £10 (concessions £5) may be obtained from the Playhouse Box Office, Beaumont Street, or at the door.

Fri. 19. Jan., 8.15 p.m., New College chapel: THE BAND OF INSTRUMENTS (director Gary Cooper) perform orchestral music from Marc-Antoine Charpentier's opera Circé.

Fri. 16 Feb., 8 p.m.: JOHN MCCABE, CBE, performs Copland's Piano Variations (1930), Webern's Variations, op. 17, Hindemith's Ludus Tonalis, and his own Haydn Variations (1983).

Earlier the same day John McCabe leads the following events in the Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty (both free and open to the public): Composers' Workshop, 11 a.m., and a lecture-workshop on fugue and Hindemith's Ludus Tonalis, 2 p.m.

Mon. 19 Feb., 8 p.m.: THE ALLEGRI STRING QUARTET perform Haydn's Quartet in E flat major, op. 64 no.6, Beethoven's Quartet in E minor, op. 59 no. 2, and a new piece by composer John Cooney.

Wed. 21 Feb., 8 p.m.: THE ALLEGRI STRING QUARTET perform Smetana's Quartet No. 1 in E minor (`Aus meinem Leben'), Berg's Lyric Suite, and a new work by composer Graham Lack (a free pre-concert talk by Graham Lack takes place in the Music Room, 5 p.m.).

Fri. 23 Feb., 1 p.m.: THE ALLEGRI STRING QUARTET (with Rahel Jones, viola, and Alexander Borthwick, cello) perform Mozart's Quartet in D major, K.575, and Schoenberg's Verklärte Nacht (tickets £5; concessions £2.50).

Tue. 27 Feb., 8 p.m.: Concert in memory of ROBERT SHERLAW JOHNSON, including works by the composer, performed by musicians who knew and worked with him (ticket enquiries: tel. (2)76133, e-mail

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St John's College and Colin Carr

Musical events

The following musical events will take place at the times shown in the Auditorium, St John's College. Other events may be notified later.

Admission to each concert is free. Programmes will be available from the Porters' Lodge at St John's, but are reserved for members of the college until about ten days before the event. Each programme will be valid as an admission ticket until the last ten minutes before the concert starts; then any vacant seats will be filled from the door.

Fri. 16 Feb., 8.30 p.m.: Schubert, Trout quintet, and Brahms, Piano quartet in C minor, performed by SUSAN TOMES (piano), ANTHONY MARWOOD (violin), ROGER CHASE (viola), COLIN CARR (cello), and CHI-CHI NWANOKU (bass).

Sat. 17 Feb., 10 a.m.: master-class by ANTHONY MARWOOD.

Sun. 29 Apr., 8.30 p.m.: Beethoven, Septet, and Schubert, Octet, performed by MARK PESKANOV (violin), CAROLINE WOLFF

(violin), ROGER CHASE (viola), COLIN CARR (cello), CHRISTIAN GELDSETZER (bass), ANTHONY PAY (clarinet), RICHARD WATKINS (horn), and URSULA LEVAUX (bassoon).

Mon. 30 Apr., 10 a.m.: master-class by MARK PESKANOV.

Mon. 28 May, 8.30 p.m.: Stravinsky, Three Pieces, Mozart `Dissonance' K.465, Webern, Six Bagatelles op. 9, and Mendelssohn, op. 12, performed by the BRENTANO STRING QUARTET.

Tue. 29 May, 10 a.m.: master-class by members of the BRENTANO STRING QUARTET.


Chamber groups or performing soloists receive coaching in front of an informal audience. There is no charge, either for performers or for audience. Any performers wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should apply via the College Secretary as soon as possible.

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Wine-tastings will be held at 5.45 p.m. on the following Wednesdays in the University Club.

Members and their guests are welcome, the cost being £2 per person.

Wed. 24 Jan.: Clarets from the 1995 vintage.

Wed. 21 Feb.: Madeiras.

Wed. 21 Mar.: Some new additions to the wine-list.

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