Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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All Souls College, Balliol College, Exeter College, and St John's College

SIR RICHARD WILLIAM SOUTHERN, FBA, 6 February 2001; Junior Research Fellow, Exeter College, 1933–7; Fellow, Balliol College, 1937–61; Chichele Professor of Modern History, and Fellow, All Souls College, 1961–9; President, St John's College, 1969–81, Honorary Fellow 1981–2001. Aged 88.

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Merton College

JAMES BENTLEY, December 2000; Postmaster 1956–61. Aged 63.

HELEN CARNEGIE, 22 November 2000; Rhodes Scholar 1998–2000.

EDWARD PATRICK JAMES CAVENDISH, November 2000; Exhibitioner 1957–60. Aged 61.

JAMES ALEXANDER WALLACE GIBSON, 2000; commoner 1944–5.

PHILLIP LEE JACKSON, September 2000; Rhodes Scholar 1973–6. Aged 49.

GERALD JAMES WHITROW, 2 June 2000; Harmsworth Senior Scholar 1935–7.

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St Edmund Hall

ROGER BUCKLAND BLUETT, 2000; Royal Naval Division 1943.

DONALD MURRAY FORSTER, BA, 2000; commoner 1949–52.

GRAHAM HARPER KING, MA, 2000; commoner 1939–42.

JOHN PARK, BA, DIP.ED., 2000; exhibitioner 1933–7.


JOHN SINCLAIR, MA, DIP.ED., 29 December 2000; RAF; 1943–50. Aged 75.

GRAHAM STEVEN TAYLOR, MA, 1999; commoner 1968–71.

JOHN OWEN WARD, MA, 1999; commoner 1950–2.

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St Hilda's College

EVELYN MARY CORNISH (née Job), BA, 3 February 2001; commoner 1934–7. Aged 85.

BEATRICE OFELIA SIMCHA DAVENPORT (née Toledano), MA, 13 December 2000; commoner 1928–31. Aged 91.

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Somerville College

To Coombs Exhibitions in English and Modern Languages:

MIRIAM ROSE DEAKIN, formerly of Bradford Girls' Grammar School

PHILIP DAVID HOLYMAN, formerly of Queen Mary's Grammar School

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