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Corpus Christi College

BASIL EDMUND RIGG, MA, 25 November 1999; scholar 1925–9. Aged 93.

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St Hilda's College

VALERIE DAVIDA, LADY DANIEL (née Lloyd George), BA, 2 October 2000; commoner 1936–9. Aged 82.

FLORA MADDISON (née Meaden), BA, 11 November 2000; scholar 1929–33. Aged 89.

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All Souls College

A Memorial Service for ALAN WALKER TYSON, CBE, MB, BS, MA, FBA, will be held at 2.15 p.m. on Saturday, 24 February, in the chapel, All Souls College.

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All Souls College

To an Official Fellowship under Statute III, cl. 19 (with effect from 1 October 2001):


To an Honorary Fellowship under Statute III, cl. 17 (with effect from 2 December 2000):


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Balliol College

To an Honorary Fellowship (with effect from 1 October 2001):


To Emeritus Fellowships:





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Merton College

To an Exhibition:

HEENAL MUKESH RAJANI, formerly of Bishop's Stortford College

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Nuffield College

To a Senior Research Fellowship:

HYUN SHIN, BA, D.PHIL., Professor of Finance, London School of Economics

To Visiting Fellowships:

FRANCES CAIRNCROSS, MA, Management Editor, The Economist

LEN COOK (MA Otago), National Statistician and Director of the Office for National Statistics

FRANK VANDENBROUCKE, D.PHIL. (M.PHIL. Cambridge), Minister of Social Affairs and Pensions in the Belgian Cabinet

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To Associate Memberships:

ANDREAS BUSCH (MA, D.PHIL. Heidelberg), Lecturer in German Politics, CEPES/Department of Politics and International Relations

GAVIN CAMERON, D.PHIL. (B.SC. Lancaster, M.SC. Bristol), Official Fellow and Lecturer in Economics, Lady Margaret Hall

ANDREW CHESHER (B.SOC.SCI. Birmingham), Department of Economics, University College, London

JEAN CLAUDE SERGEANT (L. ÈS L., D. ÈS L. University Paris 3—Sorbonne Nouvelle), Director, the Maison Française, Professor of English Studies

NANNY WERMUTH (PH.D. Harvard), Professor of Statistics, Department of Psychology, University of Mainz

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St Anne's College

To Scholarships:

DAVID N. AGRAWAL, formerly of Reading School

FENNEL Z. AURORA, formerly of D'Overbroeck's

JENNIFER M. AUSTIN, formerly of Sir Roger Manwood's school

JENNIFER H. BARNETT, formerly of St Clare's College

MATTHEW D. CAVE, formerly of Christ's College

ELLA K. CHASE, formerly of Wellington College

NEIL K. CHAUHAN, formerly of King Henry VIII School

HANNAH J. CLAUGHTON, formerly of Berkhamsted Collegiate School

ROONA DEB, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls

ROHAN N. DOCTOR, formerly of St Paul's School

LAURA K. DUGGAN, formerly of Dr Challoner's High School

SIMON W. GARFIELD, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's School

THOMAS J. HILL, formerly of British School of Paris

NICOLA J. HORNE, formerly of Bexhill College

SHAHID KADODIA, formerly of King Henry VIII School

MAIREAD C. KELLY, formerly of King Edward VI High School for Girls

SNEHA S. MALDE, formerly of North London Collegiate School

AARON MOORE, formerly of Lurgan College

REBECCA S. MORELLE, formerly of Goff's School

JOSEPH M. OLIVER, formerly of Queen Elizabeth High School

GAVIN M. PAPE, formerly of King Alfred's School

RICHARD A. ROBINSON, formerly of Solihull School

LISA A. SCRUBY, formerly of The School of St Helen And St Katharine

JOHN F. SHIELDS, formerly of Ampleforth College

ADAM J. SINGER, formerly of King Edward's School

ALEXEY SMIRNOV, formerly of Cheltenham College

PHILIP J. TETLOW, formerly of Wellington School

EMILY A. TRAVIS, formerly of King Edward VI High School For Girls

To Exhibitions:

ERICA ATTWELL, formerly of Deben High School

LUKE BOLTON, formerly of Backwell School

JOHN S. BURKE, formerly of St Cuthbert's High School

RUTH CHAPMAN, formerly of Queen Elizabeth Sixth-Form College

ALEXANDRA P. CLARKE, formerly of Samuel Ward Upper School

CATHERINE F. COLLAUTT, formerly of Smith College, Massachusetts

SARAH J. DAVISON, formerly of Hills Road Sixth-Form College

ANDREW G. DOWNTON, formerly of Exeter School

ANDREW G. HINE, formerly of Reed's School

SARJU MEHTA, formerly of Manchester Grammar School

KRISTIAN MILES, formerly of Sir John Deane's College

NAOMI J. MORRIS, formerly of Oswestry School

VALERIE A. PORTER, formerly of Newstead Wood School

MICHAEL J. WILLIAMS, formerly of High Storrs School

STEVEN A. WILLIAMS, formerly of Barton Peveril College

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St Catherine's College

To a St Catherine's Scholarship:



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To a St Catherine's Exhibition:




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St Hilda's College

To an E.P. Abraham Research Fellowship (from 1 October 2000):


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Senior Scholarship in Theology

Exeter College proposes to elect a graduate to a Senior Scholarship in Theology from 1 October 2001. The Scholar is to study for the Final Honour School of either Theology or Philosophy and Theology.

The value of the scholarship will be determined by the college in the light of the scholar's financial circumstances, but may, in appropriate cases, cover all college and university fees for a `home' or EC student, and provide a maintenance grant of approximately £3,725. The scholarship is open to both men and women. The successful candidate shall hold, or expect to hold by the time of admission to the scholarship, at least a second-class honours degree in a subject other than Theology.

Applications, with a curriculum vitae and two academic references, should reach the Chaplain, Exeter College, Oxford OX1 3DP, by 26 January (telephone: Oxford (2)79610, fax: (2)79630). Exeter College is an equal opportunities employer.

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Tutorial Fellowship in Philosophy

Applications are invited for a Tutorial Fellowship in Philosophy from 1 October 2001. The fellowship will be held in conjunction with a Titular University Lecturership (CUF), for which no separate application is required.

The successful applicant will be expected to undertake research, will be responsible for the organisation of Philosophy teaching in the college and will be expected to teach undergraduates reading for the Honour Schools of PPE, Literae Humaniores, and any Joint School involving Philosophy. The college's principal teaching requirements are in the following papers: Mill's Utilitarianism, Descartes' Meditations and Elementary Formal Logic for Mods and Prelims; Ethics, History of Philosophy from Descartes to Kant, Knowledge and Reality, Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy of Mind for Finals; ability to teach other special courses would also be an asset.

The combined college and university salary will be according to age on a scale up to £39,564 per annum (subject to review with effect from April 2001). Additional college allowances are available. Further particulars, containing details of the duties and full range of emoluments and allowances, may be obtained from the Principal's Secretary, Jesus College, Oxford OX1 3DW (telephone: Oxford (2)79718, e-mail:, or they may be viewed on the college's Web page, http://www.jesus.ox. Applications, with a curriculum vitae and the names of three referees, should reach the Principal, Jesus College, Oxford OX1 3DW, not later than Monday, 29 January. Referees should be asked to write directly to the Principal by the same date.

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Mary Blaschko Graduate Scholarships

Linacre College proposes to elect to three Graduate Scholarships, of a value of £2,000 per annum, tenable for one year from 1 October 2001, with the possibility of renewal for a second year. The scholarships are open to suitably qualified students reading or intending to read for a research degree in the arts and humanities. At the time of taking up the scholarships, scholars must have been admitted as postgraduate students by a relevant faculty of Oxford University, and must be, or become, members of Linacre College.

Applications forms may be obtained from the College Secretary, Linacre College, Oxford OX1 3JA. Closing date for applications: 31 January.

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Domus Research Studentships

Linacre College proposes to elect to not more than four Domus Studentships, tenable in the first instance for two years from 1 October 2001, with the possibility of election for a third year subject to satisfactory work and progress. The value of these studentships will be £250 per year. They will not normally be tenable after the students' liability for university and college fees has ended.

Holders of Domus Studentships will be given priority in the allocation of college accommodation. Candidates for these studentships will be either students who intend to begin reading for a higher degree or diploma at the University in October 2001, or current students of Linacre College in their first or second years. There is no restriction of subject. Candidates for these awards should submit an account of their previous academic work and a brief description of their proposed topic of research to the Senior Tutor, Linacre College, Oxford OX1 3JA, before 31 January, and should ask two academic referees to write directly to the Senior Tutor about them by that date.

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North Senior Scholarships 2001 and Beeston Scholarship 2001

St John's College proposes to elect from October 2001 one Beeston Scholar and two North Senior Scholars, each of whom will be required to work for a higher degree of Oxford University under a supervisor appointed by a faculty board. Candidates will normally have completed a first degree, be aged twenty-five or under at the starting date, and be in receipt of a United Kingdom graduate award, or its equivalent, covering the academic year 2001–2. Both scholarships are open to candidates in all subjects, but special encouragement is given, in the case of the Beeston Scholarship, to applications in the field of Middle Eastern Studies.

The value of the scholarships will be equal to the rate for awards from Government agencies, plus academic fees, less the value of any award held (that is, the scholarship does not duplicate fees and maintenance already paid by grant-awarding bodies). The scholars may, with permission, undertake a limited amount of teaching. Unmarried scholars will be offered accommodation, supplied by the college free of charge. A housing allowance is available for married scholars. Scholars have the right to dine at high table once a week in full term. The scholarships are normally tenable for two years. Application forms, available from the Secretary to the Tutor for Graduates, Mrs Pat Wilkinson, St John's College, Oxford OX1 3JP (telephone: Oxford (2)77428, fax: (2)77640), should be returned as soon as possible, and not later than 19 January.

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