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JOTUN JOHN HEIN (Cand. Scient., Licentiat, Aarhus), Associate Professor, Aarhus University, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 September 2001.

Dr Hein will be a fellow of University College.

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Appointment of Acting Director

The Visitors of the Ashmolean Museum have appointed DR P.R.S. MOOREY, MA, D.PHIL., Keeper, Department of Antiquities and Fellow of Wolfson College, as Acting Director of the Ashmolean Museum vice Dr C.P.H. Brown, MA (Ph.D. London), Director of the Ashmolean Museum and Fellow of Worcester College, for the period mid-March to mid- October 2002, during which Dr Brown has been granted sabbatical leave.

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On the recommendation of the Medical Sciences Board, Council has assigned the Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery to A.J. CARR, MA status (MB, CH.B., CH.M. Bristol), Fellow of Worcester College and Nuffield Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, for a period of one year from 1 October 2001.

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Mr Denis O'Driscoll's title has changed from Administrator to Associate Head of Department (Finance and Administration), the Department of Biochemistry.

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Scholarships have been awarded to the following:

AMANDA BRODIE, Jesus College


RACHEL DIXON, Somerville College

BENJAMIN HORAN, Magdalen College

VICTORIA KWEE, Jesus College



SAMIR NATHOO, Wadham College

ROLAND PARRY, Jesus College

RICHARD POWER, St Hugh's College

DAVID TAYLOR, Lincoln College

IONA THOMAS, Lincoln College

SAM WEST, St Anne's College


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The Scholarship has been awarded to HANNAH SAMPSON, Merton College.

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The Scholarship has been awarded to STEVEN GRAHL, Magdalen College.

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The Scholarship has been awarded to ALEXANDER BINN, St Anne's College.

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Prizes have been awarded to the following:


RICHARD POWER, St Hugh's College

HANNAH SAMPSON, Merton College

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The Prize has been awarded to YARLINI S. BALARAJAN, Green College.

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The Prize has been awarded to EDWIN A.M. LEE, Christ Church.

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The Prize has been awarded to DR B.C.A. MORISON, Queen's College.

Proxime accessit: DR H. LORENZ, St John's College.

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The Prize, for performance in the M.Phil. in Modern Middle Eastern Studies, has been awarded to MS RACHEL SCOTT, St Antony's College.

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George Webb Medley Prizes

Prize for best thesis: THOMAS W.L. NORMAN, Nuffield College

Proxime accesserunt: GEORGE KONARIS, Trinity College, and MURTAZA H. SYED, Nuffield College

Prize for best performance in written papers: WEI YANG CHEONG, Trinity College

Proxime accesserunt: REBECCA STONE, Nuffield College, and PHURICHAI RUNGCHAROENKITKUL, St Antony's College

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Awards have been made to MATTHEW HUNT, St Peter's College, and MS ELLA CHASE, St Anne's College.

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Awards have been made to the following:

DAVID CHALLIS, Somerville College

ROSS MCLEOD, Wolfson College


MS SANDRA SWART, Magdalen College

MS KATE HAMPSON, St Anne's College

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The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Professorship of the Study of Contemporary China

                                             Appointed by

The Master of St Cross 
(Chairman)                                   Mr Vice-Chancellor[1]
The Warden of St Antony's                    ex officio
Professor J.B. Knight                        Council
Professor E.J. Perry                         Council after 
                                               consultation with the
                                               Leverhulme Trust
Professor J. Rawson                          Humanities Board
Professor C.H. Feinstein                     Social Sciences Board
Professor R. Foot                            Area and Development
                                               Studies Committee
Professor L. Whitehead                       Area and Development
                                               Studies Committee
Dr D.W. FaureSt Antony's College
[1]Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Tit. IX, Sect. III, cll. 2 and 3 (Statutes, 2000, pp. 63–4.)

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Closedown of Sable computer system

The Sable system will be closed down on 31 July. Any material stored only on Sable must be saved independently before then, or preserved by transferring to a Herald or Ermine account. All users have been contacted by e-mail, frequently in the case of active users, but as the OUCS cannot be certain that this has been received in all cases, members of the University are asked to advise any colleagues who may have inactive but valuable data on Sable.

Any queries on the closure of Sable should be directed to OUCS Registration (e-mail: as soon as possible. The username or the name of the original account holder will be needed in third- party cases.

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Guidelines on the holding of outside appointments from 18 June 2001

These guidelines outline new procedures for obtaining approval to hold outside appointments. No changes have been made to the University's policy, nor to the individuals and types of appointment covered by the policy.

All university employees, with the exception of CUF lecturers, are required to obtain approval for the holding of any outside appointment. The following do not count as outside appointments for this purpose (see Ch. VII, Sect. I, § 5.A, cll. 10-- 11—Statutes, 2000, p. 370):

—the holding of the office of Proctor or Assessor;

—the holding of the office of examiner in any examination which is part of a degree course at any university;

—the holding of a commemorative lecturership or similar post in any university with the duty to give not more than eight lectures in any year of office;

—activities or responsibilities normally associated with, or arising from, scholarly work which do not involve a formal and continuing contract.

The University permits its employees to hold outside appointments without deduction of stipend subject to the following conditions:

—the total commitment to such outside appointments must not exceed thirty days per year; [1]

—any contractual terms proposed to cover the outside appointment must be scrutinised by the Research Services Office on behalf of the University, and must not be amended without the prior written approval of the Research Services Office;

—the employee's head of department[2] must approve the application.

Outside appointments can take a number of different forms, such as consultancy, private professional practice, expert witness, and non-executive directorships. (Approval will not be given for the holding of executive directorships.) These are activities carried out outside the University and are contracted for from the individual's personal address. University letterhead, facilities, and premises should not be used without the University's express permission.

Certain types of activity involving consultancy/services to industry may be carried out within the University and may be included, where appropriate, within projects funded by externally-funded research grants and contacts. These are described below.

Procedures for applying for approval to hold outside appointments

(a) Applicants must complete an application form (Form OA1, available on the University's Web site at, or in hard copy from departmental administrators/faculty board secretaries).

(b) Applicants whose salaries are funded from externally-funded research grants or contracts, or who are Principal Investigators or Co-Investigators on outside-sponsored projects, must adhere to the terms and conditions stipulated by or agreed with the sponsor and, if necessary, seek written approval from the sponsor.[3] The Research Services Office is able to provide advice on the terms and conditions of externally-funded research grants and contracts held by the University (telephone: (2)70143).

(c) Where it is appropriate for the outside appointment to be covered by a contract or letter of agreement, and particularly when the external organisation requires a written agreement to cover a consultancy, applicants must arrange for the terms governing the outside appointment to be scrutinised by the Research Services Office in advance of signature. (All applicants are, in fact, advised to stipulate in writing the terms which will govern their outside activities for an external organisation, not least to limit their personal liability.) The University's legal advisers have drafted a standard personal consultancy document which serves as a useful starting point for discussions around the terms of a consultancy appointment. This is available from the Research Services Office (telephone: (2)70143) or on the Research Services Web site at

(d) The Research Services Office scrutinises the terms of an agreement in order to consider their compatibility with the University's interests as employer. The office cannot advise the employee on the terms from the employee's standpoint; and the employee should take his or her own advice unless he or she makes use of Oxford University Consulting Limited (see paragraph 8 below).

(e) Applicants must obtain the approval of their direct line manager where relevant.

(f) When the Research Services Office has confirmed in writing that the terms proposed to govern the outside appointment meet the University's minimum requirements and the necessary approvals have been obtained from the relevant line manager or sponsor (as appropriate), applicants should submit the completed form to their head of department, who will be asked to sign to confirm that he/she is content to approve the outside appointment in the context of the applicant's university duties. Heads of department who themselves wish to hold outside appointments must submit their application forms to their head of division for approval. Heads of Division should submit applications to the Vice-Chancellor.

(g) If the above procedures are followed and the relevant approvals obtained, applicants will be granted insurance cover for the outside appointment in question under the University's professional indemnity insurance policy, subject to the limitations of that policy. Details may be obtained from the Insurance Officer, Mr G.C. Waite (telephone: (2)80307).

Consultancies within research grant applications and contracts

The holding of a consultancy may be included where appropriate within research grant applications and contracts. Where consultancies are included in this way and provision is made through the payroll to pay staff for such work, the Outside Grants (OG) form should itemise, among the costs of the project, the costs of the consultancy payment (including employers' on-costs). Indirect costs should also be calculated on the total cost of the project, including the fee for the consultancy. The Research Services Office (telephone: (2)70143) will be able to advise on the most appropriate form of agreement to cover consultancies attached to research grants or contracts. Time spent on such consultancies will count towards the thirty-day limit.

Other services to industry and outside bodies

Not all work for outside bodies is governed by a contract with an external sponsor under the University's research grants and contracts procedures. Some is likely to be `service' work, i.e. the provision of a service to an external organisation which is not of academic benefit but which makes use of spare capacity in a department in return for payment. Such arrangements should nevertheless be covered by an agreement approved by the head of department which is drawn up in consultation with the departmental administrator and (for tax reasons) with the Finance Division. If the service agreement proposed by the outside body includes terms and conditions relating to intellectual property or confidentiality of information, or does not incorporate the University's standard disclaimer of liability, this will require an authorised signature on behalf of the University. In such cases, the agreement should be forwarded to the Research Services Office which is required to ensure that appropriate disclaimers of liability have been issued in connection with the provision of services to industry and other outside bodies.

Where appropriate, as with consultancies within research grant applications and contracts, a payment may be made through the payroll to individuals for the additional work undertaken in performing the services. It is expected that the head of department will decide on an appropriate fee to be paid to the individual based on the time spent (which again will count towards the thirty-day per year limit). The instructions to the Finance Division to make such payments are processed through the Research Services Office. In such cases, where an agreement has been made with University in respect of the service, it is not expected that a further personal consultancy agreement with the academic concerned will be necessary.

Financial arrangements

The University does not generally seek details of remuneration which applicants are to receive under arrangements for outside appointments, but reserves the right to request to be provided with such details in certain circumstances e.g. in the light of any potential conflict of interest with the outside appointment. Applicants wishing exceptionally to make a case to spend a total of more than thirty days in any one year on outside appointments will be required to provide details of remuneration.

Use of computing facilities

University IT and network facilities, including software, are provided for use for educational purposes only, in accordance with the `University Rules for Computer Use', which may be found on the University Web site at

Monitoring and reporting

(a) Heads of department are responsible, through their departmental administration, for keeping records of the number of days spent on outside appointments by all staff (regardless of staff group) in their departments.

(b) Heads of department will report their approvals of outside appointments, and the basic details of the outside appointments, to their divisions on an annual basis, by the end of July each year.

(c) Divisions are responsible, through their divisional administration, for monitoring and co-ordinating information relating to all approvals for outside appointments submitted by departments within their remit, and for making an annual return to the Personnel Committee by the end of September each year.

Oxford University Consultancy Ltd.

The University has established a wholly-owned subsidiary company, Oxford University Consultancy Ltd., to help members of the University to market their expertise to outside bodies, to negotiate commercial terms and payment on behalf of individuals, and to manage the administration associated with consultancy. OUC Ltd offers a professional service for academics and departments throughout the University, which will identify consultancy and related opportunities with local, national, and international companies and organisations. Details of this service may be obtained by telephone ([2] 80829) or by e-mail at

Members of the University choosing to use the services of OUC Ltd. must still follow the internal procedures for University approval of their outside appointments as outlined in these guidelines; OUC Ltd. will, however, assist the process on behalf of the individuals concerned.


[1] Approval for cases where the proposed commitment exceeds thirty days may still be sought; in such cases the department will refer the request to the divisional board and if it is approved a deduction in university stipend will be made. Partial or full secondment may be more appropriate for particularly time-consuming outside appointments.
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[2] Faculty board chairman in non-departmentally organised subjects, head of division in the case of heads of departments.
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[3] The Wellcome Trust's grant conditions, for example, include stringent conditions relating to the holding of consultancies and these apply equally to individuals who are in receipt of Wellcome Trust research grants, as well as to those whose salaries are paid from Wellcome Trust grants.
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The University Counselling Service will remain open throughout the Long Vacation on weekdays between 9.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m.

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English for academic studies (EFL)

Pre-Sessional Courses: August and September (30 July–21 September). These full-time courses are designed to ensure that international students and academic visitors are adequately prepared to begin their studies at Oxford and other universities.

Library and self-study facilities

The Library's collection of audio/video cassettes, books and computer programs covers over 100 languages. The Self-Study Area has rooms equipped with listening and viewing facilities for individual work and computer-based learning resources. New users should aim to arrive shortly before 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. to register and attend an orientation session.

The Library and Self-Study Area is free of charge to the following: senior members of the University who are members of Congregation, junior members of the University pursuing a course and members of staff (including staff of the colleges, teaching hospitals and the University Press). The Centre also accepts applications from external users for a fee.

The Language Centre and Library are open during vacation from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Monday–Friday.

Further information about all courses and facilities at the Language Centre may be obtained from the Language Centre's Information Officer, Angela Pinkney, by telephoning (2)83360, by e-mailing to, or by calling at the Centre at 12 Woodstock Road. The centre's Web site is at

Change in registration procedures for open access language courses 2001--2

Faced with overwhelming demand for places on Open Access language courses, the Language Centre is introducing new procedures for standard (non-priority) registration during Week 1 of Michaelmas Term. Arrangements for priority registration remain unchanged. Those requiring a language course for reasons of study or research may register for courses at any time. Matriculated students must obtain a priority registration form from the Language Centre and bring it signed by their tutor or supervisor to register for a course.

Remaining non-priority places on courses will be allocated on a random selection basis at the end of Week 1, following the initial registration period of Monday, 8 October to Wednesday, 10 October. Registration forms may be handed in at the Language Centre (in person only; no posted, faxed, or e-mailed registration forms will be accepted) at any time between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on these three days and must be checked by a member of Language Centre staff before acceptance. Registrations received after 6 p.m. on Wednesday, 10 October, will automatically be allocated to the waiting list for a course if no places are available. Class lists will be posted at the Language Centre and on the Language Centre Web site by 12 noon on Friday, 12 October.

The above arrangements do not apply to courses of study within the programmes of English for Academic Study and English as a Foreign Language. Arrangements for these programmes remain unchanged from previous years.

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Exhibitions open

Opulence and devotion: Brazilian Baroque art—the first exhibition in Britain of Brazilian Baroque art (16 October–3 February)

Acts of faith: Brazilian contemporary photography (curated by the Pitt Rivers Museum) (16 October–3 February)

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Exhibition open

Images of Alice: photographs and documents which belonged to Alice Liddell, Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland; the items include Alice's photographic scrapbook, the famous hand-coloured photograph of Alice as the Beggar Maid, an edition of Alice's Adventures Under Ground, given to Alice by Carroll, and a previously unpublished letter from Carroll to Alice as an adult (from 28 June)

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Opening arrangements for the Sackler Library

The Library is delighted to announce that the first phase of the move has been successfully completed and that part of the Sackler Library is now open. The usual Gazette notice for Long Vacation hours of university libraries gives the opening hours of the constituent collections, the projected date of closure and move into the Sackler, and the opening hours of the Sackler.

Discrete sections of stock will be unavailable while being transferred during the following weeks and the move should be completed by mid-August. As the timetable has been formulated around the minimum possible periods of closure, all parts are subject to change according to progress with the move. More detailed information and updates can be found on the Internet at

Although the Library staff will make every effort to maintain services through this period, readers are requested to minimise their use of the Library in July and August. Visitors are requested to check the Web site before making arrangements to travel to Oxford and, as a precaution, to avoid Mondays 16 July, 6, 13 August, and the following Tuesdays. All parts of the Library will be closed on Saturdays from 30 June to 22 September, as well as 27 August, 3--4 September, and some or all of 24 September.

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To a Lecturership in Modern Judaism (from 1 October 2001): MIRI J. FREUD-KANDEL (PH.D. Cambridge)

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