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Scottish Gaelic literature

PROFESSOR W. GILLIES, Professor of Celtic, University of Edinburgh, will deliver the O'Donnell Lectures at 5 p.m. on the following days in the Hall, the Taylor Institution.

Thur. 26 Apr.: `Approaches to Gaelic poetry.'

Fri. 27 Apr.: `The form and content of Gaelic verse.'

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DR NOEL MALCOLM will deliver the Carlyle Lectures at 5 p.m. on Thursdays in the Examination Schools, in weeks three to eight of Hilary Term.

Subject: `Islam, the Ottomans, and "Oriental Despotism" in western thought, c.1400–c.1800.'

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Colloquium: Excavating Classical Culture; Recent Archaeological Discoveries in Greece

This three-day colloquium will be held on in Somerville College on 24–6 March. It will present the most important finds of the first millennium BC that have been excavated in Greece in recent years.It offers a unique chance for classical archaeologists and students to see and hear about major recent discoveries and finds and to meet the excavators.

Conveners: Dr J.J.Coulton, Reader in Classical Archaeology (Merton College), and Dr Maria Stamatopoulou (Somerville College).

Speakers will include: X. Arapoyianni; E. Baziotopoulou-Valavani; A. Cambitoglou; R. Etienne; Ch. Indzessiloglou; H. J. Kienast; M. Korres; Ch. Koukouli-Chrysanthaki; N. Kourou; V. Lambrinoudakis; M. Lilibaki-Akamati; E. Lygouri; L. Marangou; Al. Mazarakis-Ainian; J. R. McCredie; D. Pandermalis; E. Sapouna-Sakellaraki; M. Sgourou; E. Simantoni-Bournia; N. Stampolidis; P. G. Themelis; M. Tsibidou-Auloniti; G. Waywell; Ph. Zapheiropoulou.

There will be a reception on 25 March for all participants, hosted by the Hellenic Foundation for Culture.

Further information is available from Dr Maria Stamatopoulou, Excavating Classical Culture, Somerville College, Oxford OX2 6HD (fax: Oxford (2)70620, e-mail: maria.stamatopoulou@some.ox.ac.uk), or from the Web site at http://www.beazley.ox.ac.uk/ecc. Application forms are available from Reception, Institute of Archaeology, 36 Beaumont Street, Oxford OX1 2PG, and from the Web site (above).

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Rodney Porter Memorial Lecture

STANLEY PRUSINER, Director of the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases and Professor of Neurology and Biochemistry, University of California, San Francisco, will deliver the fourth Rodney Porter Memorial Lecture at 4 p.m. on Thursday, 31 May, in the University Museum of Natural History. Enquiries may be directed to Pauline Rudd (telephone: (2)75340), Fran Platt (telephone: (2)75725), or Kieran Clarke (telephone: (2)75255).

Subject: `The mad cow crisis.'

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European banks and the Brazilian financial system

This workshop will be held form 9.30 a.m. on Monday, 12 March, in the Dahrendorf Room, St Antony's College. Further information may be obtained from Allessendra Nolasco (telephone: Oxford (2)84460, fax: (2)84461, e-mail: enquiries@brazilian-studies.ox.ac.uk).

Session 1 (10.30 a.m.–12.30 p.m.): expansion strategies of the European financial conglomerates

Speakers: Professor Jan Kregel, UNCTAG and Johns Hopkins University; Professor Phil Molyneux, Institute of European Finance, University of Wales, Bangor; Dr Valpy Fitzgerald, Queen Elizabeth House and St Antony's College.

Session 2 (2–4 p.m.): the recent wave of acquisitions by European banks in Brazil: an assessment

Speakers: Professor Fernando Cardim de Carvalho, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Dr Luiz Fernanda de Paula, State University of Rio de Janeiro and Centre for Brazilian Studies; Mr Pedro Guimaraes, Banco Santander do Brasil and University of Rochester, New York.

Session 3 (4.30–6.30 p.m.): European banks and the future of the Brazilian banking sector

The speakers in this round-table discussion will be executives and professionals from European banks.

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Richard Hillary Lecture

IAN McEWAN will deliver the Richard Hillary Lecture at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 2 May, in the St Cross Building.

Subject: `Literature and human nature.'

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