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New College

To Scholarships:

MALCOLM ARCHER, formerly of Bedales School

STEPHEN AXCELL, formerly of Bridgwater County School

JOHN BARNABY WALLACE, formerly of Highgate School

LEE BOFKIN, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's School for Boys

DAVID CHAMBERS, formerly of Newcastle under Lyme School

CHARLES DRURY, formerly of Tonbridge School

BRENDAN FITZGERALD, formerly of Chester Catholic High School

ANDREW GALL, formerly of Queen Elizabeth Sixth-Form College, Darlington

MILES GOULD, formerly of Eton College

ISTVAN GYONGY, formerly of Boroughmuir High School

CAROLINE HALLIDAY, formerly of Stockport Grammar School

ROBERT HARRIS, formerly of the Oratory School, Reading

TIMOTHY HARRIS, formerly of Ralph Allen School, Bath

NICOLAS LEVENE, formerly of Westminster School

JONATHAN LIGHTFOOT, formerly of Leeds Grammar School

MARCUS LONG, formerly of Leeds Grammar School

BRADLEY LORD, formerly of Bedford School

THOMAS MORAN, formerly of Fulford Comprehensive School

MARK OPENSHAW, formerly of King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Boys, Birmingham

ABIGAIL OXLEY, formerly of the Meridian School, Royston

PRASANNA PUWANARAJAH, formerly of Winchester College

ROBERT SMALLEY, formerly of Windsor Boys' School

SAMANTHA SPAKE, formerly of Falmouth College of Art and Design

THOMAS TAYLOR, formerly of Hornsea School

NICOLA WAGNER, formerly of Wycombe Abbey School

JUSTIN YEOMAN, formerly of Winchester College

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To Exhibitions:

EMILY CORP, formerly of Lycée International, St Germain

MICHAEL HEAL, formerly of the King Alfred School, Somerset

ALEXANDER HEMINGWAY, formerly of Manchester Grammar School

MATTHEW HONESS, formerly of High Storrs Secondary School, Sheffield

SIMON HOWES, formerly of Greenhead College, Huddersfield

KELSEY JONES, formerly of Exeter College, Exeter

STEFAN KOLLER, formerly of UWC—SA Waterford, Khamhlaba, Switzerland

ANDREW MCDONALD, formerly of Lycée Michel Rodange, Luxembourg

HARJASKARAN RAI, formerly of Warwickshire College, Leamington Spa

TOM VALENTINE, formerly of Charterhouse

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Oriel College

To Scholarships:

KA MAN CHOI, formerly of Cheltenham Ladies College

HELEN KIM DIXON, formerly of Ribston Hall High School, Gloucestershire

ROWAN ANTHONY ROBERT FARR, formerly of Hereford Cathedral School

WILLIAM JAMES GLOVER, formerly of Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Bucks

KATHERINE ALICE MOIR, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls, Elstree, Herts

NADEAM MUJTABA, formerly of Slough Grammar School

JENNIFER MARY HELEN PENLINGTON, formerly of Mount St Mary's College, Derbyshire

BEN MICHAEL PROCTOR, formerly of the Hulme Grammar School for Boys, Oldham

DEBRA JANE SMITH, formerly of Latymer School, Enfield

GEORGE DAVID JOHN SPALTON, formerly of Winchester College

RONALD ANDREW STEWART, formerly of Dr Challoner's Grammar School, Bucks

MICHAEL GEORGE TAYLOR, formerly of Manchester Grammar School

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To Exhibitions:

AMANDA LOUISE COWELL, formerly of The Sixth Form College, Farnborough

CHLOE HELEN DALTON, formerly of Monkton Combe Senior School, Bath

CASPAR JOHN DAVEY, formerly of King's College School, Wimbledon

ELEANOR LUCY FURNISS, formerly of North London Collegiate School

OLIVER JAMES MARSDEN, formerly of The London Oratory School

CATHERINE RUTH MURRAY, formerly of Oakham School, Leicester

IRENE CILLI LUCIANA PEIRANO, formerly of Liceo Galileo, Florence, Italy

DARREN LAWRENCE ROISER, formerly of Trinity School, Croydon

THOMAS WILLIAM ROSE, formerly of Ampleforth College, North Yorkshire

MATTHEW FOSS WESTCOTT, formerly of Bolton School

ABBEY CLAIRE LUCY WRIGHT, formerly of Alcester Grammar School, Warwickshire

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