No. 4522 Thursday 30 September 1999 Vol. 130

Structure reforms in University Offices : A wide-ranging reorganisation of the University's Central Administration was formally introduced from 1 August, with many departments moving during October.

Scientists search for genes of Barbary lions : Scientists in the Department of Zoology and Biological Anthropology are trying to retrieve genetic information from museum skins and bones of the Barbary lion, once the feared opponent of Christians in Roman Amphitheatres.

New appointment to Rouse Ball Professorship : Professor Philip Candelas, formerly of the Department of Physics, University of Texas at Austin, has been appointed to the Rouse Ball Professorship of Mathematics.

British archive in medieval music to be created : A collaborative project between the music departments of Oxford and Royal Holloway, University of London, has been awarded an AHRB grant of £75,539 to preserve and enhance collections of pre-Reformation music for future generations.

New research to shed light on schizophrenia : Doctors at the University's Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry have been awarded a Medical Research Council grant of £715,749 over five years to conduct research into adolescent psychosis, its causes and possible treatments.

Lecture Lists on Web: The University's Lecture Lists for the coming term are being published on the Internet for the first time. All of the lists will be made available in PDF. The Lecture List site, which is managed by the University's Public Relations Office, can be found at: www.admin.ox.ac.uk/pubs/ lectures

Boathouse fire: A Grade II listed boathouse, owned by University College, was burnt down in the early hours of Saturday 25 September. Equipment valued at around £1 million was destroyed in the blaze. Among those to lose boats and other equipment are Linacre, St Peter's, Somerville, University, and Wolfson Colleges, St Benet's Hall, and Oxford University Boat Club. The boathouse had been home to Oxford crews competing in the Boat Race since 1881, and historic records and photographs were among the items lost. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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