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Note: college vacancies will also be found in the Gazette's Appointments Supplement.

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Christ Church

SIR MICHAEL KEITH SIMPSON-ORLEBAR, KCMG, 2 January 2000; scholar 1951–4. Aged 67.

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Corpus Christi College

DUNCAN COTTRELL MUNRO, MA, D.PHIL., 2 November 1999; commoner 1944–50. Aged 73.

JOHN WILLIAM OGILVIE, BM, MA, FRCS, 28 November 1998; commoner 1956–9. Aged 60.

ULLIN THOMAS PLACE, MA, DIP.ANTHR., D.LITT., 2 January 2000; scholar 1943 and 1947–50. Aged 75.

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Oriel College

FREDERICK HOPE MURRAY, MA, 19 December 1999; 1931. Aged 91.




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St Anne's College

MISS R. JOAN HOBSON, 31 August 1999; member of the Society of Oxford Home Students 1925–8.

MRS MARGERY BAILE (née Cartwright), 1999; member of the Society of Oxford Home Students 1925–9.

MRS DOROTHY GWYN (née Macmillan), 1999; member of the Society of Oxford Home Students 1937–40.

MRS GILLIAN HALL (née Dedman), 18 November 1999; scholar 1972–6. Aged 47.

MRS VIOLETTA ZHANG, 1999; Erasmus Student 1993–4. Aged 33.

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St Hilda's College

AMY JOYCE GODBER, MA, 20 December 1999; scholar 1925–8. Aged 93.

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All Souls College

Visiting Fellowships: amended notice

The following will be in residence for Hilary Term 2000 as Visiting Fellows at All Souls College:

PROFESSOR DAVID N. BERATAN, University of Pittsburgh

PROFESSOR BRIAN J. BOND, King's College, London


DR CHRISTOPHER DE HAMEL, Senior Director, Sotheby's, London

DR IAN C. HARRIS, University of Leicester

PROFESSOR MICHAEL POWER, London School of Economics and Political Science



PROFESSOR NICHOLAS C. VINCENT, Christ Church College, Canterbury

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Six-hour Stipendiary Lecturership in Mathematics

Balliol College proposes, if a suitable candidate applies, to appoint a six-hour Stipendiary Lecturer in Mathematics for the academic year 2000–1. The lecturer will be asked to teach first- and second-year Pure Mathematics, and to contribute some section b classes to the intercollegiate class scheme. The lecturer will also be expected to assist with the administration of the subject, with pastoral care of students, and with entrance interviewing.

The successful applicant will be expected to teach an average of six hours a week over the year, with up to eight hours a week in Michaelmas Term and Hilary Term and proportionally less in Trinity Term. He or she will receive a stipend of £5,279 per annum and certain common room rights.

Applicants should provide a letter of application supported by a curriculum vitae, and should state which parts of the Mathematics syllabus they would be willing to teach. They should give the names of two referees whom they should ask to write directly to the Senior Tutor. Applications and references must reach the Senior Tutor, Balliol College, Oxford OX1 3BJ, by Friday, 4 February.

It is expected that interviews will be held during the week beginning 14 February (fifth week).

Any prospective applicants wishing to discuss details of the post should contact Keith Hannabuss (e-mail: keith. or Frances Kirwan (e-mail:

Balliol College is an equal opportunities employer.

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Tutorial Fellowship in Economics

Applications are invited for a Tutorial Fellowship in Economics from 1 October 2000. The fellowship will be held in conjunction with a stipendiary University Lecturership (CUF), for which no separate application is required.

Jesus College admits on average twelve undergraduates a year to read for Economics in the related degrees of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Economics and Management; Modern History and Economics; Engineering, Economics, and Management; and Metallurgy, Economics, and Management. The successful applicant will be expected to undertake research and to make a major contribution to teaching Economics to undergraduates at Jesus College reading for these degrees.

The combined college and university salary will be according to age on a scale up to £38,412 per annum (subject to review with effect from April 2000).

Additional college allowances are available. Further particulars, containing details of the duties and full range of emoluments and allowances, may be obtained from the Principal's Secretary, Jesus College, Oxford OX1 3DW (telephone: Oxford (2)79718, e-mail:

Applications, with a curriculum vitae and the names of three referees, should reach the Principal, Jesus College, Oxford OX1 3DW, not later than Saturday, 19 February. Referees should be asked to write directly to the Principal by the same date.

Interviews will be held on Friday, 25 February.

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Research Fellowship and Tutorship in Archaeology and Anthropology

Keble College proposes to elect a Research Fellow and Tutor in Archaeology and Anthropology for a period of three years from 1 October 2000, with the possibility of re-election for a further period of two years. The person appointed will be required to teach for up to four hours per week, and be able either to cover Moderations paper 2 (Introduction to Anthropological Theory) and substantial parts of Final Honours papers 1 (Social Analysis and Interpretation) and 2 (Cultural Representations, Beliefs, and Practices), or to cover Moderations paper 3 (Evolution, the Environment and Culture [Perspectives on Human Evolution]) and Final Honours paper 4 (Human Evolution and Ecology). In addition, the fellow will be expected to conduct revision classes in Trinity Term.

The fellow will not be a member of the governing body, but will be a full member of the senior common room and be entitled to lunch and dinner at the common table as well as an academic allowance of £536. Shared office space will also be available. Payment for teaching will be at the rate of £2,516 for four hours; in addition, a Research Fellow and Tutor not in receipt of other financial support will receive a housing allowance of £2,913. The fellow will be eligible to join USS. Selection will be made on the basis of teaching capacity in the required field and on research.

Candidates should submit a curriculum vitae, a statement of research, a covering letter, and the names and addresses of two referees to the Warden's Secretary, Keble College, Oxford OX1 3PG, by 21 February; they should also ask their referees to write directly to the Warden's Secretary by the same date.

Keble College is an equal opportunities employer committed to excellence in teaching and research.

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Randall MacIver Studentship in Archaeology

Queen's College proposes to elect to a Randall MacIver Studentship in Archaeology, tenable from 1 October 2000. The studentship, whose value, unless the student is in receipt of other emoluments, will be £12,616 per annum, is open to members of the University of Oxford who have obtained first- or second-class honours at any university in the United Kingdom or a degree of equivalent standing at a university elsewhere, and is intended for research relating to the material civilisation of any country or period (before AD 1500), excluding the archaeology of the American continent and Greek and Roman archaeology. Italy before 300 BC is however a legitimate subject.

Further particulars and application forms may be obtained from the College Secretary, Queen's College, Oxford OX1 4AW (e-mail: The closing date for applications is Friday, 11 February.

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St Cross College Graduate Scholarships 2000–1

St Cross College offers the following scholarships for which it invites applications from students who will be studying for a postgraduate degree in the University of Oxford in the academic year 2000–1.

Two Paula Soans O'Brian Scholarships, unrestricted in subject area, with a value of £1,774 per annum, normally tenable for between one and three years, coterminous with college fee liability, though consideration will be given to doctoral candidates in their fourth year for that year alone. Applications should be received by 17 March. It is intended to hold interviews on 12 May.

One Unilever Scholarship in the Sciences, with a value of £1,774 per annum, tenable for between one and three years coterminous with college fee liability. Preference will be given to those studying for degrees in engineering or biochemistry. Applications should be received by 17 March. It is intended to hold interviews on 19 May.

Scholarships are awarded only after interview. Only in the most exceptional circumstances is the college able to pay travel expenses for interview. Any candidates unsuccessful in their application for a scholarship may, if they wish, be considered for normal membership of the college. Enquiries about the procedures for applying for a scholarship and requests for application forms should be sent to the College Office, St Cross College, Oxford OX1 3LZ (e-mail:

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