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Mr Vice-Chancellor has received a communication from the Clerk of Her Majesty's Privy Council, stating that on 8 February 2000 Her Majesty was pleased to approve the Statute establishing new governance structures for the University, printed in Gazette, Vol. 129, p. 1324 (approved by Congregation, p. 1482).

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PAUL WILLMAN, D.Phil. (BA Cambridge), Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Industrial Relations, London Business School, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 August 2000.

Professor Willman will be a fellow of Balliol College.

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JOHN GARDNER, BCL, MA, D.Phil., Reader in Legal Philosophy, King's College, London, and Fellow of All Souls College, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 October 2000.

Dr Gardner will be a fellow of University College.

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TIMOTHY WILLIAMSON, MA, D.Phil., FBA, Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, University of Edinburgh, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 October 2000.

Professor Williamson will be a fellow of New College.

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A Kolkhorst Exhibition in Spanish has been awarded to RACHEL LOUISE HUNT, Somerville College.

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Gordon Duff Prize 1999

The Prize has been awarded to JAMES KELLY, Worcester College.

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Oxford Partnership for Equality, Justice, and Good Citizenship

At a conference held in Oxford on 17 February, the Vice-Chancellor signed the following declaration on behalf of the University:

`We recognise and accept the findings of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, and declare that we are united in opposing all forms of racism in Oxfordshire. We are dedicated to creating a county in which all individuals and groups can participate freely and realise their full potential.

We will work to:

—Actively encourage and support the law enforcement agencies and all other agencies in the civil and criminal justice system to implement the recommendations of the Macpherson Inquiry Report through peformance and results-based action plans.

—Commit private, public and voluntary sector organisations in Oxfordshire to implement action-based equal opportunities policies in employment practice and in the delivery of goods and services.

—Support schools and other educational establishments to increase respect for curltural and religious differences and understanding of the nature of racism and its consequences.'

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Amendment to Rules for the Registration of Sports Clubs

In order to give effect to recommendations arising from the Review of University Sport, the Proctors consider it expedient to introduce revised rules for the registration of sports clubs. The introduction of revised provisions at this stage of Hilary Term 2000 is urgently required to assist university sports clubs in reviewing their constitutions and completing a re-registration process before the start of the new academic year. The following rules are therefore published in accordance with the Proctors' powers under Title XIII of Statutes and are subject to ratification by the Rules Committee. The rules are similar to the regulations published provisionally following the Hilary Term 1999 meeting of the Rules Committee and subsequently withdrawn (Gazette, Vol. 129, p. 1380 (10 June 1999), and Vol. 130, p. 147 (14 October 1999)).

Delete clause 7 of the Regulations of the Rules Committee and substitute:

` 7. (i) Each sports club which registers with the Proctors shall:

(a) establish a constitution and deposit a copy of it with the Director of Sport. This constitution must include provisions satisfactory to the Proctors relating to safety and insurance matters and must provide for the sports club to appoint a president (or similar principal officer), a secretary and a treasurer as in 6 (i) (e), (f), (g) and ( h) above; must provide for the club to admit members as in 6 (l) and (m) above; and must provide for the club to be run by a committee on which members of the University, both Senior and Junior, are in a majority;

(b) act in accordance with the constitution established under (a) above;

(c) advise the Proctors promptly, through the Director of Sport, of any changes in the constitution established under (a) above;

(d) be designated or re-designated by the Proctors, as they see fit after consulting the Sports Strategy Committee, to be a "foundation sport", "development sport", "established sport" or "recognised sport";

(e) appoint to its committee a Senior Member (who shall be a person who is a Member of Congregation) through whom the club is accountable to the Proctors: in the case of a sports club designated by the Proctors to be a "recognised sport" in accordance with (d) above, the Senior Member shall be the Director of Sport ex officio, who shall be formally responsible for the affairs of each recognised sports club;

(f) unless designated by the Proctors to be a "recognised sport" in accordance with (d) above, present to the Proctors, through the Director of Sport, annual accounts together with a copy of the club's current constitution and list of officers, (such accounts to be submitted not later than four months after the end of the financial year to which they relate). If having a turnover in excess of £30,000 in the preceding year, or if owing to a change in the nature or scale of its activities, confidently expecting to have such a turnover in the current year, a sports club must submit its accounts for audit by auditors approved in advance by the Proctors. Accounts are to be ready for audit within four months of the end of its financial year and the costs of the audit shall be borne by the sports club. If requested by the auditors, the sports club shall submit accounts and related material as the basis for a review of accounting procedures, the costs likewise to be borne by the sports club.

(g) Ensure that all paid club administrative and coaching appointments are ratified by the Sports Strategy Committee and that all paid coaches are accredited by the relevant national governing body;

(ii) Each officer of a sports club must, on relinquishing his or her appointment, promptly hand to his or her successor in office (or to another member of the club nominated by its committee) all official documents and records belonging to the club, together with (on request from the club's committee) any other property of the club which may be in his or her possession, and must complete any requirements to transfer authority relating to control of the club's bank account, building society account or any other financial affairs.

(iii) Any registered sports club may apply to the Proctors, through the Sports Strategy Committee, for permission to co-operate in the establishment of a federal structure or representative team.

(iv) There shall be only one registered club for each sport, with the possibility of the club being federal in nature.

(v) In exceptional circumstances, at the request of a sports club submitted through the Director of Sport, the Proctors shall have discretion to dispense from the requirements of any of sub-clauses (i) (a) to (g), subject to such terms and conditions as they may from time to time see fit to impose.'

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Intensive weekend courses

The Language Centre will be running four weekend language courses in Trinity Term. Each course will consist of eight hours' tuition and last from 9 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday. The emphasis will be on speaking and listening. The courses are as follows:

20–1 May: German (Absolute Beginners and Intermediate)

20–1 May: Italian (Absolute Beginners and Lower Intermediate)

3–4 June: French (Near/False Beginners, Lower Intermediate, and Upper Intermediate)

3–4 June: Spanish (Absolute Beginners and Lower Intermediate)

The fee will be £28 for junior members of the University and other full- time students, £36 for members of Congregation, and £48 to non- members. Further details and a booking form may be obtained from Angela Pinkney at the Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT (telephone: Oxford (2)83360, e-mail: An application form can also be downloaded from the Centre's web page

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German courses for archaeologists

A week of intensive German courses for archaeologists, for beginners and intermediate learners, will be held in the Institute of Archaeology in ninth week of Hilary Term (13–17 March). Those wishing to attend should register with the receptionist at the institute (telephone: Oxford (2)78240, e- mail:, giving details of name, college, contact number, and desired course. The course tutor will be Gertrud Seidmann, Research Associate, the Institute of Archaeology.

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Queen's College

Bach at Queen's 2000

This series of organ recitals, including the complete works for organ of J.S. Bach, will continue at 1.10 p.m. on the following days in the chapel, Queen's College. A series brochure is available, price £2.50 (telephone: Oxford (2)79173).

Wed., 23 February: MARTIN BAKER (admission free; retiring collection).

Thur., 2 March: STEPHEN FARR (admission £5 (£3 concessions), at the door).

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