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Christ Church

JOHN RICHARD IM THURN, MA, 30 November 1999; commoner 1948–50.

THOMAS HUSTON MACBRIDE, MA, October 1999; Rhodes Scholar 1935–8.

JOHN WHITAKER SWEET-ESCOTT, 10 December 1999; commoner 1943–4.

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Hertford College

ANDREW MICHAEL GODFREY BARING, 15 October 1999; commoner 1967. Aged 50.

HERON LESLIE CADOUX-HUDSON, 13 November 1999; scholar 1949. Aged 70.

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Keble College

FRANCIS DOUGLAS PRICE, B.LITT., MA, F.R.HIST.S., FSA, 25 December 1999; Fellow and Tutor in History 1949–82, Dean 1950–62, Emeritus Fellow 1982–5, Honorary Fellow from 1985.

ELLIOT LEE RICHARDSON, December 1999; Honorary Fellow.

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St Hilda's College

JANE ANGELA THOMAS (née Allen), MA, 22 December 1999; commoner 1959–62. Aged 58.

(GLADYS) MARY VISICK (née Oswin), B.LITT., MA, 1999; scholar 1937–41.

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St Hugh's College

DR JEAN MARY SHANKS, BM, B.CH., F.R.C.PATH., November 1999; commoner 1944–9; Honorary Fellow, Royal College of Pathologists. Aged 74.

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Keble College

A Memorial Service for FRANCIS DOUGLAS PRICE, formerly Fellow of the college, will be held at 11.30 a.m. on Friday, 25 February, in the chapel, Keble College.

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Osler Essay Prize 2000

Friends of 13 Norham Gardens

This prize, to the annual value of £200, is offered by the Friends of 13 Norham Gardens through the generosity of Dr Martin Entin of Montreal, Canada, for an essay to be submitted by a registered clinical medical student of Oxford University (either clinical or preclinical).

The subject chosen should in some way deal with medicine or medical science in the light of the life and work of Sir William Osler. Students who are interested in submitting an esay may visit Osler's former home and lib- rary at 13 Norham Gardens by appointment (telephone: Oxford 512492). Essays of not less than 2,500 words and not more than 5,000 words should be sent to Lord Walton of Detchant at 13 Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 6PS, by 31 May.

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Prospectus for the Dr Chun-tu Hsueh Travel Awards

The Dr Chun-tu Hsueh Travel awards have been established to provide postgraduate students who are working on research degrees in any aspect of Northeast, Southeast, and/or South Asian Studies with grants towards the cost of their thesis research. Only students from St Antony's College may apply.

The maximum award available is £500. Students with probationary status, students for the M.Phil., M.St., or M.Sc. degrees, or students whose thesis deals only tangentially with Asia are not eligible for consideration.

Among the purposes for which grants may be given are: travel essential to thesis research, travel to a conference to present a paper related to the thesis, the acquisition of material essential to research, and the preparation of artwork or other material for inclusion in the completed thesis. Grants for subsistence will not be made; nor is funding available to present papers at conferences, except when a very strong case can be made for the relevance of such a presentation to the applicant's thesis research. Candidates are expected to apply for grants before incurring expenses.

Applications for awards are considered once a year. Applications should be made on a form available from the Secretary of the Asian Studies Centre, St Antony's College, Oxford OX2 6JF (e-mail:, and should be submitted by the end of the second week of Hilary Term.

Applicants are asked to name one referee, normally the thesis supervisor, who should be requested to send in a reference directly to the Secretary of the Asian Studies Centre, St Antony's College, by the deadline.

A subcommittee of the Asian Studies Centre will consider the applications and announce its decisions by the middle of the sixth week of Hilary Term. It reserves the right to make no awards, in the event that no suitable applications are received. Successful candidates will be required to submit a brief report to the Asian Studies Centre on their use of grants received, and notify the Centre upon completion of their degrees.

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Appointment of Temporary Stipendiary Lecturer in French

Somerville College invites applications for the post of Temporary Stipendiary Lecturer in French for Trinity Term and Michaelmas Term 2000.

The lecturer will be required to provide an annual average of twelve hours' teaching a week during the two Full Terms (which each last eight weeks).

The appointment will be for the period 16 April 2000 to 16 December 2000. The stipend will be at point one (£15,334) or point two (£16,286) of an incremental scale, depending on experience. Payment will be for two eleven-week periods: four weeks' leave will be paid during the Long Vacation.

Teaching will be required for papers for the Preliminary Examination, modern period tutorials, and translation classes. The lecturer will be asked to serve as Personal Tutor and Director of Studies to those undergraduates reading French. In addition, the lecturer will normally be expected to help with the annual undergraduate admissions exercise, and with the organisation of teaching within the school.

The lecturer will have the use of a teaching room in college and wlll be a member of the senior common room. He or she will be entitled to a number of meals in college during Full Term.

Candidates should apply by letter addressed to the College Secretary, Somerville College, Oxford OX2 6HD, enclosing six copies of a curriculum vitae each with a cover sheet and naming two referees who should be asked by the candidate to write directly to the College Secretary, marked `Confidential', by the closing date. The closing date for application is 24 January 2000. Short-listed candidates are likely to be invited for interview during the week beginning 7 February.

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