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The Oxford University Research Services Office (RSO) is based in the University Offices, Wellington Square (with a satellite office in the Medical School Offices, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital). The RSO is part of the Finance Division of the University's central administration.

The RSO processes and approves all applications to outside bodies for research grants and approves research-related agreements on behalf of the University. It also acts in an advisory capacity for those seeking outside funding or requiring information about specific initiatives (e.g. LINK, ROPA, Teaching Company Schemes, EU research programmes, etc.).

The RSO produces a weekly bulletin on funding opportunities, electronic Research Funding News (eRFN), which is available to members of the University via the World Wide Web at: Research-related information other than that regarding funding opportunities is communicated via the RSO's electronic Bulletin Board, which is updated on an ad hoc basis. This is also available to members of the University via the World Wide Web at:

Research contracts with industry are negotiated through the RSO, which deals with research-related agreements covering the sponsorship of research, clinical trials, services to industry, confidentiality issues, material transfer, and consultancy. Contact details for members of the RSO are as follows:

Ms Catherine Quinn, Director (telephone: (2)70158, e-mail: catherine.quinn@admin.;

Dr Richard Liwicki, Head of Research Contracts Administration (telephone: (2)70011, e-mail:;

Mr Pierre-Manuel Espinasse, Head of Research Grants Administration (telephone (2)70043, e-mail:;

Ms Stephanie Malcolm, Research Grants Administrator (telephone (2)70145, e-mail:;

Dr Michael Halsey, Assistant Registrar, John Radcliffe Hospital satellite office (telephone: (2)22604, e-mail:;

Ms Kathryn Dally, Research Administration Officer (telephone: (2)80319, e-mail: kathryn.dally@;

Ms Grace Garland, Research Administration Officer (telephone: (2)22131, e-mail:;

Ms Linda Andrews, Research Administration Officer (telephone: (2)80666, e-mail:;

Dr Clara Ovenston, Research Administration Officer (telephone: (2)70142, e-mail:;

Ms Barbara Murray, Research Administration Officer (telephone: (2)70039, e-mail:;

Enquiries relating to day-to-day processing of research grant applications should be addressed to the RSO's Research Grants Office (telephone: (2)70146), or, in the case of certain clinical departments, to the RSO satellite office, the Medical School Offices, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington (telephone: (2)22544).

General enquiries may be addressed, in the first instance, to Mrs Jane Taylor (telephone: (2)70143), who will be pleased to direct calls to the appropriate member of staff.

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Submitting research grant applications to external sponsors

Members of the University are reminded that all applications for external research funding support must be endorsed on behalf of the University through the RSO before they are despatched to the sponsor, whether or not this is required by the funding body.

The reasons for the requirement are (i) to ensure that the funds being requested are adequate for the purpose and that the costing rules of the sponsor have been applied correctly, and (ii) to ensure that the University could undertake the obligations arising from an award and that these do not contravene University policy.

The detailed arrangements are as follows: applicants for research grants should submit the original plus one copy of their application, together with a completed copy of the University's outside grants form, to the Research Services Office, Wellington Square (telephone (2)70146), leaving three clear working days for it to be processed.

In connection with the acceptance of awards and signature of contracts it should be noted that Statutes, Tit. X, cl. 3, provides that `no official of the University or any other person employed by the University or working in or in connection with any department of or under the control of the University shall in connection with any invention, discovery, or patent, or ... process, or manufacture have authority to make any representations on behalf of the University or to be concerned in any transaction whatsoever in connection therewith on behalf of the University except with the express consent of Council'.

The Research Services Office has been given authority to approve research funding applications to external sponsors and the terms of contracts in straightforward cases under this provision; in more complicated cases, specific authority is necessary.

Enquiries related to any aspect of externally sponsored research should be directed to the Research Services Office, whose staff would be pleased to help.

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The following scholarships offering the opportunity for Oxford graduates and final-year undergraduates to study in Germany are available in the academic year 2000–1.

Theodor Heuss Research Fellowship

The fellowship is tenable for the one year, in the first instance, at any university or other institution of higher learning in Germany. The holder of the fellowship will receive a monthly maintenance grant, which is currently DM 3,400 for postdoctoral fellows, and DM 2,500 for doctoral students, and travel expenses; institution fees will also be covered. The fellowship is open to members of the University who are British citizens, under thirty-two years of age by 1 October 2000, and who have embarked on a course of post-graduate study or have already obtained a postgraduate qualification of the University.

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Michael Foster Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship is tenable for ten months from 1 October 2000 at any university, technical university, or art or music academy in Germany, and may be extended for a second year. The scholar will receive a monthly maintenance grant and remission of institution fees. A grant will be made to assist with travel expenses and a small book grant will be available each term. The candidates will have either completed all the examinations required for the Oxford BA degree or have embarked on a course of postgraduate study at the University. Age and nationality requirements are the same as those for the Theodor Heuss Research Fellowship.

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Hanseatic Scholarships

Two scholarships are available for graduate and undergraduate (final year) students at the University of Oxford. They are tenable for two years (or, in certain circumstances, one year) at the University of Hamburg. The current value of the scholarship is DM 24,000 per annum. Candidates must be under twenty-eight years of age and should be of British nationality.

Further details of all three scholarships may be obtained from the International Office, University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)70241, e-mail:

One application will suffice for these three scholarships but applicants must state which awards they wish to be considered for. There is no formal application form.

The closing date for these scholarships is Friday, 25 February.

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