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Brasenose College and Queen's College

PROFESSOR L.D. REYNOLDS, MA, FBA, 4 December 1999; Junior Research Fellow, Queen's College, 1954–7; Official Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Brasenose College, 1957–97, Vice-Principal 1984-8, Acting Principal 1985 and 1997, Emeritus Fellow 1997–9. Aged 69.

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Corpus Christi College

DONALD HOWARD BOALCH, MA, FSA, 14 November 1999; Fellow 1965–75; Keeper of Scientific Books, Bodleian Library, 1961–75. Aged 85.

DAVID MATTHEW HENRY DEWAR, MA, A.M.I.MECH.E./M.I.MECH.E., 12 September 1999; scholar 1937–9 and 1946–7. Aged 80.

PROFESSOR HECTOR ALASTAIR HETHERINGTON, MA, 3 October 1999; commoner 1938–40, Honorary Fellow 1971; Editor, The Guardian, 1965–75. Aged 79.

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Jesus College

JOHN BUCKLAND ALLEN, commoner 1937-9.

JOHN MACKIE BANNOCHIE, MA, 22 December 1997; commoner 1931-4. Aged 87.

RONALD COLEBOURN, MA; scholar 1927-31.

FREDERICK RONALD DAIN, MA, 1999; commoner 1928-31.

RICHARD JOHN ELLINGHAM, BA, 1998; commoner 1976-7. Aged 46.

WILLIAM ALFRED FRANTA, BA, 12 April 1999; Rhodes Scholar 1935-7. Aged 86.

WILLIAM MICHAEL HAINES MA, 2 October 1999; commoner, 1954-8. Aged 64.

SIR JOHN RIGBY HALE, FBA, 12 August 1999; scholar 1942-5, Fellow 1949, Honorary Fellow 1986. Aged 76.

GEORGE EDWARD HALLYBONE, MA, 17 July 1996; commoner 1937-9 (and 1947). Aged 77.

ALUN GARETH JONES, MA, 23 October 1999; commoner 1935-39. Aged 83.

GERAINT DYFED BARRI JONES, MA, D.PHIL., FSA, 16 July 1999; scholar, 1955-63. Aged 63.

HUGH MEREDYDD JONES, BA, 16 April 1999; commoner 1941-4. Aged 76.

DAVID WYNDHAM LEWIS, BA, 18 February 1998; commoner 1967-72. Aged 50.

HERBERT JOHN LEWIS, B.SC., 24 December 1997; commoner 1932-4. Aged 87.

TERENCE ARNOLD LEWIS, MA, BD, 6 March 1999; commoner 1933-9. Aged 83.

ROBERT SMITH MOFFETT, B.LITT., 14 February 1999; exhibitioner 1939-47. Aged 78.

GEOFFREY PALLISER MOSS, MA, 20 December 1998; commoner 1928-30. Aged 89.

WILLIAM NASH, BA, 12 July 1998; Rhodes Scholar 1928-31. Aged 90.

JOSEPH HAYDN NICHOLAS, MA, 25 October 1999; commoner 1937-41. Aged 80.

JOHN TREVOR PARRY, MA, 16 April 1998; exhibitioner 1953-6. Aged 63.

DONALD PESCOTT PLUMMER, B.SC., 9 February 1999; King Charles I scholar 1931-4. Aged 85.

WILLIAM GORDON ROE, DPhil, 19 July 1999; commoner 1950-3. Aged 67.

GLYN SEABORN-JONES, BA, 1999; exhibitioner 1938-9 & 1946-7. Aged 80.

JAMES TINN, BA, November 1999; commoner 1955. Aged 77.

ALAN WALTON, B.LITT., 11 December 1998; commoner 1952-61. Aged 70.

SAMUEL PETER WHITLEY, MA, 17 May 1999; commoner 1935-9. Aged 82.

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Merton College

CHRISTOPHER LAURENCE HALL, 22 October 1998; commoner 1933–7. Aged 84.

CHARLES EUGENE SPRINGER, 29 March 1999; Rhodes Scholar 1927–9 and 1939. Aged 95.

ANTONY ERICH RAUBITSCHEK, 7 May 1999; lecturer 1961. Aged 86.

MARTYN BAKER, 7 May 1999; commoner 1953–6. Aged 86.

ARTHUR MARIA GUSTAVE GELARDI, July 1999; commoner 1929–30. Aged 90.

DOUGLAS EDWARD FILBY, 10 August 1999; Postmaster 1941–2 and 1946–7. Aged 77.

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Oriel College

MATTHEW FLETCHER, 1998; graduate 1993. Aged 28.

BROTHER PETER JOWETT HAND, MA, SSF, 21 June 1999; commoner 1934. Aged 85.

HENRY STEPHEN HOUSMAN, MA, 17 November 1999; Nolloth Scholar 1939. Aged 79.

ROBERT GUY LANG, D.PHIL., March 1995; Kellett Fellow 1956. Aged 61.

BENJAMIN ANTHONY REEVES, MA, 31 January 1999; commoner 1930. Aged 86.

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St Edmund Hall

FRANCIS HENRY HENEAGE FINCH, MA, 13 November 1999; commoner 1933–6. Aged 88.

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Merton College

To a Visiting Research Fellowship (TT 2001):


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Evans-Pritchard lecturership 2000–1

Applications are invited for the Evans-Pritchard lecturership during the academic year 2000–1.

The lecturer will deliver a series of four to six lectures in the course of at most one term, based on fieldwork or other indigenous primary materials concerning Africa, the Middle East, or the Mediterranean, and offering an empirical analysis of social relations. Scholars in the field of social anthropology, classical studies, modern history, and Oriental studies are eligible and, other things being equal, the electors will prefer a person at the beginning or middle of his or her career. It is hoped that the lectures will be published in book form.

The lecturer will be accommodated in All Souls College, and will receive a stipend.

Candidates for election should send an outline of the proposed lectures, and a list of publications, to the Warden, All Souls College, Oxford OX1 4AL, by 7 January. They should also ask two referees to write directly to the Warden, from whom further particulars may be obtained.

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Jowett and Phizackerley Senior Scholarships

Balliol College proposes to elect Jowett and Phizackerley Senior Scholars. The scholarships, which will be awarded solely on the basis of academic merit, are open to graduates currently working in Oxford who are reading, or intend to read, for a D.Phil. It is expected that applicants will normally be in at least their first year and not later than their second year of graduate work. The Jowett Scholarships are tenable in any subject. The Phizackerley Scholarship is reserved for those in Medicine and closely related subjects.

The scholarships will be awarded for a maximum of two years. Scholars will take up their award on 1 October 2000. The value of the scholarships is £1,550 a year. Scholars will also receive free meals, and they will be entitled to dine twice a week at high table. The scholars will be entitled to accommodation (for which they will be charged) until they have completed their university residence requirements. This accommodation will be in the Graduate Centre in Holywell Manor.

There will also be Jowett Exhibitions, up to the value of £1,000 each, for candidates who are runners-up for the Jowett Senior Scholarships. These will be restricted to members of Balliol College. The exhibitions are tenable for one year only.

Application forms may be obtained from the Senior Tutor's Secretary, Balliol College, Oxford OX1 3BJ, and should be returned by Friday, 21 January. There is no separate application form required for the exhibitions. The college hopes to interview short-listed applicants during the week commencing 21 February (sixth week).

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Fowler Hamilton Visiting Research Fellowships 2001–2

Christ Church proposes to elect Fowler Hamilton Visiting Fellows, in the Humanities or the Social Sciences, from overseas for up to eleven months in the period September 2001 to August 2002.

The fellowships are intended to enable distinguished senior scholars to pursue their own study and research as members of the college community, and they will be expected to reside in Oxford during the period of tenure.

The fellows will be entitled to free family accommodation, use of a study room in college and free lunches and dinners. Return fares from the country of origin will be paid for each fellow and his/her family. Limited stipends may also be offered depending on individual circumstances.

Further details may be obtained from the Dean's Secretary, Christ Church, Oxford OX1 1DP (fax: Oxford (2)76238), and applications must be received by 14 February at latest. The further particulars can also be seen on the college Web site,

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Official Fellowships in Politics

Nuffield College proposes to appoint, with effect from 1 October 2000, an Official Fellow in Politics. Official Fellowships are comparable with research professorships in other universities, and form a central component of the permanent research and teaching establishment of the college. The duties of an Official Fellow are to engage in research and to supervise graduate students; an established research record is essential.

For this appointment, preference will be given to scholars whose research lies in the field of comparative politics, broadly defined. However, outstanding candidates with a substantial scholarly record in other fields of politics will also be considered.

Further details can be obtained from the Warden's Secretary, Nuffield College, Oxford OX1 1NF (e-mail: or from the college's Web site, Applications should be received by 1 February.

Nuffield College is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity, and exists to pomote excellence in education and research.

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William R. Miller Junior Research Fellowship in Biological Sciences

St Edmund Hall proposes to elect to a W.R. Miller Junior Research Fellowship in the field of the Molecular Aspects of Biology for three years from 1 October 2000. The fellowship includes dining rights and will be stipendiary, but the stipend will be reduced by the amount of any other stipend received from another source. The college will not normally elect someone who has previously held a similar appointment.

Further particulars may be obtained from the Principal, St Edmund Hall, Oxford OX1 4AR, and applications should reach him no later than Monday, 10 January.

St Edmund Hall is an equal opportunities employer and a charity which exists to promote excellence in education and research.

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Appointment of Temporary Stipendiary Lecturer in French

Somerville College invites applications for the post of Temporary Stipendiary Lecturer in French for Trinity Term and Michaelmas Term 2000.

The lecturer will be required to provide an annual average of twelve hours' teaching a week during the two Full Terms (which each lasts eight weeks). The appointment will be for the period 16 April 2000 to 16 December 2000. The stipend will be at point one (£15,334) or point two (£16,286) of an incremental scale, depending on experience. Payment will be for two eleven-week periods; four weeks' leave will be paid during the Long Vacation.

Teaching will be required for papers for the Preliminary Examination, modern period tutorials, and translation classes. The lecturer will be asked to serve as Personal Tutor and Director of Studies to those undergraduates reading French. In addition, the lecturer will normally be expected to help with the annual undergraduate admissions exercise, and with the organisation of teaching within the school.

The lecturer will have the use of a teaching room in college and will be a member of the senior common room. He or she will be entitled to a number of meals in college during Full Term.

Application materials may be obtained from the College Secretary, Somerville College, Oxford OX2 6HD (telephone: Oxford (2)70691, e-mail: secretariat@somerville.

The closing date for applications is 24 January. Short-listed candidates are likely to be invited for interview during the week beginning 7 February.

Somerville College is an equal opportunities employer.

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