Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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St Anne's College

MISS EDNA M. WHITEHEAD; Member of the Society of Oxford Home-Students 1925–8.

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Jesus College

To a Senior Research Fellowship (from 1 October 1999):

ROBERT DAVID ROGERS (BA, M.SC. London, PH.D. Cambridge)

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St Hugh's College

To Scholarships:

RICHARD BLENNERHASSETT, formerly of St Andrew's College, Dublin

DOMINIC ANDREW CARPENTER, formerly of the Barclay School, Stevenage

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM POTTER, formerly of Hill's Road Sixth-Form College, Cambridge

ELIZABETH REBECCA FLORENCE WHARTON, formerly of Alerton Grange High School

JENNIFER CLARE WILSON, formerly of Sutton High School

JAMES OLIVER COTTMAN BROWN, formerly of Kingswood School, Bath

HANNAH MARIA KEEVER, formerly of St Michael's Catholic Grammar School

DANIEL RODBOURN, formerly of Bristol Cathedral School

PHILIPP KUKURA, formerly of the University of Hamburg

DAWN EMMA GRENSHAW, formerly of Bruton School for Girls

ANTHONY DAVID DALY, formerly of Epping Forest College

MICHAEL PAUL WEEKES, formerly of St John's College, Cambridge

ETHAN SUKUMAR SEN, formerly of King Edward's School, Birmingham

DONOVAN MATTHEW REES, formerly of Hampton School

SAMUEL WILLIAM DAVIES, formerly of the University of the West of England

BRENDAN LEE ROLLE-ROWAN, formerly of the King's School, Worcester

CHRISTOPHER EDWARD HUMPHREY, formerly of Beford Modern School

JAKOB SUCKALE, formerly of the University of Hamburg

NBAILA SHIRIN KHODABUKUS, formerly of Edgbaston High School

JAMES MAX ALEXANDER MATTHEWS, formerly of Felsted School and Carmel College

PAUL RICHARD MATTHEWS, formerly of Barton Peveril College

ALEXANDER JAMES GOUGH, formerly of Reading School

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To Exhibitions:

JOSEPH DOUGLAS MERCER NAIRNE, formerly of Eton College

KONSTANTIN PUTNIK, formerly of Bundes-Oberstufen-Realgymnasium

GABRIELLE SWAIT, formerly of St Edward's School, Cheltenham


LUCY CLARE STONE, formerly of Holy Cross College Bury

CLAIRE LOUISE ALLITT, formerly of Devonport High School for Girls

KATHERINE ELIZABETH HOARE, formerly of Bury Grammar School for Girls

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St Hugh's College

Book Prize for Examination Results:


Katherine Lawrence Memorial Prize:


Mary Lunt Prize for Practical Biochemistry:


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