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International Organisations and the Security Issues of the Post-Cold War Era

The Centre for International Studies invites applications from members of Oxford University for research grants in the area named above.

Applications are invited for grants of up to £5,000 for research projects in the two areas of transitions from war to peace, and regionalism and regional organisation. Selections will be made three times a year.

This competition is an integral part of the Centre's research programme on International Organisations and the Security Issues of the Post-Cold War Era. It has four components: the role of international organisations in transitions from war to peace; international organisations and new threats to international peace and security; regionalism, regional organisations and security; and the attitudes and policies of states and groups of states towards international organisations. Details of the programme and its management may be found on the Centre for International Studies Web site,

The competition is open to university faculty members and to research students who have completed doctoral theses. Grant funds must be used for expenses related to the research project. They may not be used for living expenses while in Oxford. Receipts must be submitted in order for reimbursement to be received.

Applications should be in the form of a letter giving a brief description of the proposed research and its end product, and a budget. They should indicate how the project is related to the objectives of the transitions from war to peace and regionalism components of the programme. Research students should also provide a letter of support from their supervisor.

This competition will be managed by the Managers of the Cyril Foster and Related Funds, to whom applications should be directed. Applications should be submitted to Marga Lyall, Secretary, Centre for International Studies, Social Studies Faculty Centre, George Street, Oxford, by the end of seventh week this Michaelmas Term only, and thereafter by the end of fifth week of each term for consideration at the termly Committee meeting of the Managers of the Cyril Foster and Related Funds.

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