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Notes on the candidates for election to Council

(from members of the faculties in the Divisions of Life and Environmental Sciences, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, and Medical Sciences)

Aronson, Jeffrey Kenneth (b. 31 August 1947). Clinical Reader in Clinical Pharmacology (1980--). Fellow, Green College (1985--); Tutor for Admissions (1986--8); Senior Tutor (1994--7). Assessor (1989--90). Member, Clinical Medicine Board (1997--). Honorary Consultant Clinical Pharmacologist (1980--). Honorary Consultant Physician (1992--). Deputy Chairman, Wellcome Trust History of Medicine Grants and Units Panel(1996--); member (1993--). Editor, Side Effects of Drugs Annuals (1991--). Reviews Editor, The European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (1994--); Managing Editor (1985--93). Member, Editorial Advisory Panel, Prescribers' Journal (1996--); member of Committee of Management (1990--6); Vice- -Chairman of committee (1992--4); Chairman (1994--6).

Macmillan, William Donald (b. 17 November 1948). University Lecturer in Human Geography (1984--); titular Reader (1997--). Tutorial Fellow, Hertford College (1984--); Senior Tutor (1997--). Junior Proctor (1995--6). Chairman, Buildings Committee (1999--); Undergraduate Studies Committee of the General Board (1998--9); Committee to Review University Sport(1997--8). Member, General Board (1998--); Nominating Committee for the Vice--Chancellorship (1998--).

Richards, William Graham (b. 1 October 1939). Reader in Chemistry (1995--); titular Professor (1996--). Chairman of Chemistry (1997--). Tutorial Fellow, Brasenose College (1966--); Senior Tutor (1987--91). Member, General Board (1997--).

Sherratt, David John (b. 14 June 1945). Iveagh Professor of Microbiology(1994--). Professorial Fellow of Linacre College (1994--). Member, Biological Sciences Board (1994--); Bioscience Research Board (by invitation, 1998--). D.Sc. Convenor, Biological Sciences Board (1997--). Professor of Genetics, University of Glasgow (1980--94). Lecturer in Medical Genetics, University of Sussex (1971--80). President, UK Genetical Society (1994--7). Chairman and member, various Medical Research Council committees (1985--94). Fellow, Royal Society (1992); member of various Royal Society committees (1993--); elected to Royal Society Council (1999- -).

Woodhouse, Nicholas Michael John (b. 27 February 1949). CUF Lecturer in Mathematics (1977--); Junior Lecturer (1976--7). Official Fellow, Wadham College (1977--); Senior Tutor (1982--6); Tutor for Admissions (1989--92). Chairman, Mathematical Sciences Board (1988--90); IT Committee (1998--9). Acting Chairman of Mathematics (1999--). Member, General Board (1992--7). Meetings and Membership Secretary, London Mathematical Society (1998--).

(from members of the faculties in the Divisions of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Black, Lauchlan Glenn (b. 21 September 1943). CUF Lecturer in English (1978-- ); Tutor for Admissions (1983--5); Dean (1986--8). Junior Proctor (1985-- 6). Chairman, General Board (1996--9); member (1986--94). Chairman, English Board (1991--3). Member, Hebdomadal Council (1995--6). Editor, Notes and Queries.

Hendry, David Forbes (b. 6 March 1944). Professor of Economics (1982--); Leverhulme Personal Research Professor of Economics (1995--2000). Professorial Fellow, Nuffield College (1982--); Technical Services Officer(1984--8); Economics Group Chairman (1986--7). Member, Computing Council (1985--9); Social Studies Board (1986--9); Committee to consider the Future Development of Management Studies (1987--8). Fellow, British Academy. President, Royal Economic Society (1992--5). Chairman, Research Assessment Exercise Economics Panel (1995--6). Founding Organiser, (EC)2(1990--).

Langford, Paul (b. 20 November 1945). Reader in Modern History (1993--); titular Professor (1996--). CUF Lecturer in Modern History (1970--93). Tutorial Fellow, Lincoln College (1970--); Junior Research Fellow (1969-- 70); Senior Tutor (1976--9); Tutor for Graduates (1995--8). Chairman, Committee of Tutors for Graduates (1997--8); Modern History Faculty(1986--8). Vice--Chairman, Modern History Board (1996--8). Member, Graduate Studies Committee of the General Board (1997--8). Chairman and Chief Executive, Arts and Humanities Research Board (1998--2000). Member, Humanities Research Board of the British Academy (1995--8).

Smith, Roger John (b. 30 November 1948). CUF Lecturer in Law (1974--). Tutorial Fellow, Magdalen College (1974--); Clerk to the College (1979--80, 1982--5, 1988--9); Senior Tutor (1994--6). Chairman, Senior Tutors' Committee (1995--7); Law Faculty (1988--91).

Volfing, Annette Marianne (b. 5 February 1965). University Lecturer in Medieval German (1994--). Tutorial Fellow, Oriel College (1994--). Junior Proctor (1997--8). Member, General Board (1998--). Chairman, Undergraduate Studies Committee of the General Board (1999--).

(from members of Congregation, not necessarily being members of any division and not in any case being nominated in a divisional capacity)

Brown, Hilda Meldrum (b. 28 February 1939). CUF Lecturer in German (1965--); titular Reader (1997--9); titular Professor (1999--). Tutorial Fellow, St Hilda's College (1966--); Tutor for Graduates (1975--85); Senior Tutor(1985--8, 1995--7). Assessor (1982--3); Pro--Proctor (1993--4). Chairman, Undergraduate Studies Committee of the Modern Languages Board (1997-- 9). Member, Modern Languages Board (1993--9); Committee to Review University Sport (1997--8); Committee on Procedures in Congregation(1990); Committee on Tenure (1983).

Caldicott, Dame Fiona (b. 12 January 1941). Principal, Somerville College (1996- -). Member, Hebdomadal Council (1998--). Chairman, Joint Committee of Council with Junior Members (1999--); member (1998--). Chairman, Committee on Student Health (1999--); member (1997--). Member, Nominating Committee for the Vice--Chancellorship (1999--); Staff Committee (1998--); Health and Safety Committee (1998--); Honorary Degrees Committee (1998--); Advisory Council on Continuing Education(1998--). President, Royal College of Psychiatrists (1993--6). Chairman, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (1995--6). Senior Clinical Lecturer in Psychotherapy, University of Birmingham (1982--96).

Cunliffe, Barrington Windsor (b. 10 December 1939). Professor of European Archaeology (1972--). Professorial Fellow, Keble College (1972--). Chairman, Anthropology and Geography Board (1984--6); member (1972--). Chairman, Museums and Scientific Collections Committee (1994--8). Member, General Board (1994--8); Buildings Committee (1994--8). Professor of Archaeology, University of Southampton (1966--72). Governor, Museum of London (1995--8). President, Society of Antiquaries (1991--5). Commissioner, English Heritage (1986--92). Chairman, Research Assessment Exercise Archaeology Panel (1992, 1996). Member, Natural Environment Research Council Science--based Archaeology Strategy Group (1995--8).

Gasser, Robert Paul Holland. Bursar, Brasenose College (1982--). University Lecturer in Physical Chemistry (1959--82). Tutorial Fellow, Corpus Christi College (1959--82); Senior Tutor (1974--8). Junior Proctor (1968--9). Chairman, General Board (1978--80). Member, Hebdomadal Council (1981--).

Iversen, Susan Diana (b. 28 February 1940). Professor of Experimental Psychology and Head of the Department of Experimental Psychology (1993- -). Professorial Fellow, Magdalen College (1993--). Professorial Fellow, Magdalen College (1993--); member, Magdalen Oxford Science Park Advisory Committee (1997--); Research Fellowship Committee (1995--8). Pro--Vice--Chancellor (Research) (1998--2000); Pro--Vice--Chancellor-- designate for Planning and Resource Allocation (2000--). Member, Hebdomadal Council (1999--); Buildings Committee (1999--); Joint Committee of Council with Junior Members (1999--); Planning Subcommittee of the Resources Committee (1998--); Technology Transfer Advisory Group (1996- -); Bioscience Research Board (1995--); Psychological Studies Board (1993- -). Chairman, Wellcome Trust Mental Health and Neuroscience Grant Committee (1995--8); member (1990--8). Member, Research Assessment Exercise Psychology Panel (1996, 2001); Council of the Science and Engineering Research Council (1991--4); Council of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (1994--7); FORESIGHT LIFE Science Panel (1993--8).

Marshall, Susan Elizabeth (b. 12 January 1947). Official Fellow, Exeter College(1987--); Home Bursar (1988--). Pro--Proctor (1998--9). Member, City Questions Committee (1998--); Equal Opportunities Committee (1998--); Access Funds Committee (1999--); Telecommunications Committee (1988--98). Barrister, Middle Temple (1978); Commander, Royal Navy (1982--8).

Noble, Denis (b. 16 November 1936). Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology(1984--); University Lecturer in Physiology (1963--84). Professorial Fellow, Balliol College (1984--); Tutorial Fellow (1963--84); Praefectus of Graduate Centre (1971--89); Vice--Master (1983--5). Member of Hebdomadal Council (1989--). Chairman, International Committee (1992--). Member, Committee on the Allocation of Professorships and Appointment of Electors(1990--); Academic Salaries Committee (1989--); Health and Safety Committee (1990--3); Oxford Committee for the Maison Française (1991--). Adviser to the Development Office on the Korean Office (1990--). Secretary--General, International Union of Physiological Sciences (1993--). Chairman, Medical Research Council Training Awards Panel (1980--4); Medical Research Council, Science and Engineering Research Council, and Health Departments Dental Research Committee (1984--90). Member, Medical Research Council Systems Board (1980--4); Cabinet Office Japan and Asia/Pacific Advisory Committee (1993--7); Department of Trade and Industry Advisory Group on Korea. President, Medical Section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1991--2). Founder, Save British Science (1986). Frequent personal adviser to government departments and policy units on science policy and East Asia (1986--). Frequent member, Royal Society and other academy committees.

Shale, Suzanne (b. 2 July 1958). CUF Lecturer in Law (1989--); Director-- designate, Institute for the Advancement of University Learning (2000--). Tutorial Fellow, New College (1989--); Tutor for Graduates (1992--5). Chair, Academic Staff Development Committee (1998--). Member, Appointments Committee of the General Board (1998--); Committee for Educational Studies (1999--); Law Board (1992--6); Harassment Panel(1992--3). Lecturer in Law, University of Kent at Canterbury (1986--9); Deputy Master, Darwin College, University of Kent (1987--9). Lecturer in Law, Middlesex Polytechnic (1984--5).

Slack, Paul Alexander (b. 23 January 1943). Titular Professor of Early Modern Social History (1999--); Reader in Modern History (1990--6); CUF Lecturer(1973--90). Principal, Linacre College (1996--). Tutorial Fellow, Exeter College (1973--6); Sub--Rector (1983); Senior Tutor (1984--6, 1991--2). Junior Proctor (1986--7). Pro--Vice--Chancellor (1997--); Pro--Vice-- Chancellor--designate for Academic Services (2000--). Chairman, Modern History Board (1988--90); General Board (1995--6); Libraries Committee(1997--). Member, Hebdomadal Council (1987--). Member, Humanities Research Board (1994--5).

Smith, Anthony David (b. 16 September 1938). Professor of Pharmacology and Head of the Department of Pharmacology (1984--); University Lecturer in Pharmacology (1971--84). Professorial Fellow, Lady Margaret Hall (1984--). Official Student and Tutor, Christ Church (1978--84). Chairman, Bioscience Research Board (1997--9). Member, General Board (1980--4); Curators of the University Chest (1990--9). Director, Oxford Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing (1988--). Honorary Director, Medical Research Council Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit (1985--).

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CONGREGATION 7 March 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice of any intention to vote against the following special resolutions, signed in each case by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 28 February (see the Guide to Procedures in Congregation cited in the note at the end of `University Agenda').

Voting on Special Resolutions approving the conferment of Honorary Degrees

(1) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Civil Law, honoris causa, upon HELEN BAMBER, OBE, Founder and Director of the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture, be approved.

(2) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, upon DAME JUDI DENCH, DBE, actress, be approved.

(3) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, upon SIR HOWARD HODGKIN, CBE, Honorary Fellow of Brasenose College, painter, be approved.

(4) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, upon THE VISCOUNT RUNCIMAN, CBE (MA Cambridge), FBA, Honorary Fellow of Nuffield College, sociologist, be approved.

(5) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, upon QUENTIN ROBERT DUTHIE SKINNER (MA Cambridge), FBA, Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge, Regius Professor of Modern History, University of Cambridge, be approved.

(6) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, upon SIR AARON KLUG, OM (B.SC. Witwatersrand; M.SC. Cape Town; PH.D., SC.D. Cambridge), President of the Royal Society, Honorary Fellow of Peterhouse and of Trinity College, Cambridge, formerly Director of the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, be approved.

(7) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, upon SIR MARTIN REES (MA, PH.D. Cambridge), FRS, Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, Royal Society Research Professor, University of Cambridge, Astronomer Royal, be approved.

(8) That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Science, honoris causa, upon JANET DAVISON ROWLEY (PH.D., BS, MD Chicago), Blum Riese Distinguished Service Professor, University of Chicago, be approved.

¶ If the Special Resolutions are approved, the honorary degrees will be conferred at the Encaenia on 28 June 2000.

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