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Applications are invited from graduate students registered for a degree of the University, and members of Congregation engaged in Egyptological research or publication, for grants from the Griffith Egyptological Fund. The fund exists for `the promotion of research into the history and antiquities of Egypt and the Nile Valley and the anthropology of north-east Africa so far as it concerns the study of Ancient, Hellenistic, and Christian Egypt and the early pagan and Christian kingdoms of the Nilotic Sudan, including such linguistic, religious, and cultural survivals as may throw light upon these matters, but excluding special studies of Muhammadanism and Islamic art.' Funds may be awarded for research and field trips in Egyptology, attendance at conferences, and the preparation of publication materials.

Application forms and further details (which prospective applicants must consult before they apply) are available from Mrs Alix Slater, the Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford OX1 2LE. They can also be found on the Near Eastern Studies Programme Web site,

The closing date for applications is the Friday of third week in Hilary Term (4 February).

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