No. 4550 Thursday 1 June 2000 Vol. 130

Vice-Chancellor speaks out on access issues : The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Colin Lucas, has spoken out in support of the University's admissions policy in the wake of the speech made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, last week highlighting the case of a state-educated student from the North-East whose application to read medicine at Oxford was unsuccessful.

Oxford BioSignals Ltd.—the latest University spin-out : The university's latest spin-out company, Oxford BioSignals Limited, was launched last week to exploit University-developed technology for the analysis of brain waves, which will deliver revolutionary diagnostic solutions to the healthcare market.

New research direction for Centre for Mathematical Biology : The university's Centre for Mathematical Biology, part of the Mathematical Institute, is moving in a new research direction following a grant for nearly one and a half million ECUs (£880,000) from the European Commission to fund an international research effort to improve cancer therapy using mathematical modelling and computer simulation.

Digital TV increases carbon emissions : The environmental dangers associated with continued high level domestic electricity use have been highlighted by a team from the University's Environmental Change Institute (ECI) in a report entitled `Lower Carbon Futures for European Households'.

State-of-the-art lecture hall opened by Sir Martin and Lady Wood : The first talks were given at the University of Oxford's newest state-of-the-art lecture hall last week in front of Sir Martin Wood, OBE, FRS, and Lady Wood, who funded the £2 million project.

Corpus President elected : Sir Tim Lankester, Director of the School of African and Oriental Studies, University of London, and a former Permanent Secretary at the Department of Education and Science, is to be the next President for Corpus Christi College.

2000–2001 Budget settled : In common with most other universities, Oxford finds itself facing substantial financial constraints for 2000–1, following the grant settlement announced by HEFCE in March.

Royal Society of Chemistry awards:

Professor Richard Compton, Professor of Chemistry and Fellow of St John's College, has been awarded a silver medal in this year's Royal Society of Chemistry Awards in the category of Electroanalytical Chemistry. He was distinguished for his contribution to the development of electrode surface activation techniques.
Professor Richard Wayne, Professor of Chemistry and Student of Christ Church, was also awarded a silver medal in the RSC Awards, in the category of Reaction Kinetics. He has been distinguished for his studies of important photochemical and chemical processes in the Earth's atmosphere and his contribution to the understanding of the role of ozone in the stratosphere and troposphere.

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