New Principal for St Edmund Hall

Pic of Prof Mingos Professor Michael Mingos, Professor of Chemistry at Imperial College, London, has been appointed as Principal of St Edmund Hall. Professor Mingos has already assumed some of the duties, and will be in post fully from 1 September.

Professor Mingos gained his B.Sc. at Manchester and his D.Phil. from Sussex, before gaining further postdoctoral experience at Northwestern, in the United States.

He then became a lecturer at Queen Mary College, London, before becoming a Fellow of Keble College (1976–92).

In 1992 he moved to the Sir Edward Frankland BP Chair in Chemistry at Imperial College, where in 1996 he was elected Dean of the Royal College of Science.

Professor Mingos' research activities span a wide range, including synthetic chemistry, spectroscopy, x-ray crystallography, theoretical chemistry, and the development of new experimental techniques.

He has received a number of awards in recognition of his work, including the Corday Morgan (1980) and Tilden (1988) Medals of the Royal Society of Chemistry; and he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1992. One of his most significant contributions has been the development of the polyhedral skeletal electron pair approach (sometimes known as the Wade-Mingos rules), a generalisation which has unified many aspects of main group, transitional metal, and metallo-borane chemistry.

Professor Mingos has published more than 370 scientific papers, and four books, including Essentials of inorganic chemistry (OUP, 1995) .

While a Fellow of Keble College, Professor Mingos served as University Assessor (1991–2). He was also a member of the HEFCE Research Assessment Chemistry Panel while at Imperial.

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