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JONATHAN ALAN HODGKIN, BA (PH.D. Cambridge), FRS, Division of Cell Biology, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 February 2000.

Dr Hodgkin will be a fellow of Keble College.

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The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Chichele Professorship of Economic History

                                      Appointed by

The Principal of Linacre College 
(Chairman)                             Mr Vice-Chancellor [1]
The Warden of All Souls                ex officio
Professor B. Supple, London            Council
Professor Sir Tony Wrigley, Cambridge  General Board
Professor M.J. Daunton, Cambridge      General Board
Professor J.M. Malcomson               Social Studies Board
Professor J.F. Harris                  Modern History Board
Dr A. Offer                            Modern History Board
Dr J. Humphries                        All Souls College

[1] Appointed by Mr Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Tit. IX, Sect. iii, cl. 2 (Statutes, 1997, p. 67).

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The Board of the Faculty of English Language and Literature gives notice that eight prizes on the foundation of Mr and Mrs P. Vaughan Morgan will be awarded in Trinity Term 1999 if suitable candidates present themselves.

The examination will be open to members of the University who are citizens of one of the countries of the British Commonwealth, have not exceeded the ninth term from their matriculation, and are reading for the First or Second Public Examination. In awarding a prize, in addition to scholastic acquirements, the characters of the candidates will be taken into consideration so far as they can be judged from a viva-voce examination and also from their records at college, and a prize will not be awarded to anyone who, in the opinion of the examiners, does not show promise of becoming a loyal citizen of the British Commonwealth.

The examination (consisting of two papers on English Literature) will be held in the Schools on Thursday, 13 May 1999, at 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. Viva-voce examinations will be held in the Schools on Thursday, 20 May, beginning at 9.30 a.m. The examiners intend to set two papers (each of three hours); one composed of general critical questions requiring no special preparation; the other composed of three sections, (1) fourteenth- and fifteenth-century poetry and drama, (2) drama 1580–1642, (3) Victorian poetry, of which candidates must limit themselves to answering questions in one section.

The prizes are of the value of £120 each. Each prize-winner will also receive a bronze medal having on one side a profile of Maude Violet Caroline Vaughan Morgan, and on the other side an engraved statement of the origin of the prizes.

Persons wishing to become candidates must apply to the Head Clerk, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, for a form of entry which will include a certificate (to be signed by the head or senior tutor of the candidate's college or society) stating that the candidate has not exceeded the ninth term from matriculation, is reading for the First or Second Public Examination, and is a citizen of one of the countries of the British Commonwealth. The completed entry forms must be returned to the Head Clerk by Friday, 12 March 1999, and must be accompanied by a confidential letter of recommendation in a sealed envelope from each candidate's tutor. The attention of tutors is drawn to the second paragraph of this notice and to the need to comment explicitly on non-scholastic (as well as scholastic) acquirements.

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It has been decided that any former member of Congregation over the age of seventy-five who is resident in Oxford may continue to receive the Gazette, if he or she so wishes, on application in writing to the Information Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. Such applications must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year.

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Statistical Consulting Service

The Department of Statistics runs a consulting service available to members of the University. The consulting officer is Dr Mario Cortina Borja, who may be contacted at the department (telephone: Oxford (2)72597, fax: (2)72595, e-mail:

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2 South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3UB

Isis Innovation, a wholly-owned company of the University, was established in 1988. The company has been formed to exploit know-how arising out of research funded by the UK Government through the Research Councils and funded by other bodies where the rights are not tied. The function of the company is to ensure that the results of research bring rewards to Oxford, and to the inventors, who are given a financial incentive for exploitation.

Isis seeks licensees willing to pay lump sums and/or royalties for the use of know-how arising out of research. Isis also exploits the intellectual property of the University by setting up individual companies using venture capital or development capital funds.

Isis' services are also available to individuals who wish to exploit the results of research supported by non- Research Council sources, when there are no prior conditions on the handling of the intellectual property rights. Isis Innovation has at its disposal a small pre- seedcorn fund for paying the costs of protecting intellectual property rights and for taking work to a stage where its potential can be assessed.

Isis finds industrial partners to ensure that new ideas can be developed for market requirements. The company has established the Oxford Innovation Society for major industrial companies, so that they can have a window on Oxford technology and an opportunity to license and invest where appropriate.

A brochure explaining Isis' activities is available. Please contact the above address, or the telephone and fax numbers given below.

Members of the University should contact the Managing Director if they wish to take advantage of the services that Isis provides. (Telephone: (2)72411; fax: (2)72412.)

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German courses for archaeologists

A week of intensive German courses for archaeologists, for beginners and intermediate learners, will be held in the Institute of Archaeology, 15–19 March. Those wishing to attend should register with the receptionist at the institute (telephone: (2)78240), giving details of name, college, contact number, and desired course. The course tutor will be Gertrud Seidmann, Research Associate, the Institute of Archaeology.

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Call for project proposals: Humanities Computing Development Team

Proposals are invited from Oxford University Humanities staff for IT-based teaching or research projects to be developed between April and September 1999. Projects may be based in any humanities subject area and can have either a teaching or research focus; priority is given to teaching-related projects and those with a large potential user group, as the projects require a substantial investment of time and effort by both parties. The sorts of projects which would be considered appropriate are: Web-based learning materials for undergraduates; a Web-based database to be used by undergraduates in their studies; making heavily-used resources available on-line in digital format; and the design and development of a research-oriented database or textbase.

Current projects

The HCDT began operation in October 1998 to work with Humanities academics within the University of Oxford on IT-based research or teaching projects. For each project the academic content is selected by the academic and provided by them, whilst the design of the IT system, its implementation and documentation is provided by the HCDT. The four projects which are currently in progress are based in four different Humanities faculties: Archaeology, English, Oriental Studies (the Chinese Institute), and Theology. As well as serving the needs of very different subject areas, each project presents different technical challenges: the team is making use of networked database technology; World Wide Web delivery of database systems; interactive systems which make use of Perl script and Java; and investigating the delivery of electronic documents in different Web-based systems.

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Project proposal

In order to propose a project, a standard form should be completed, providing information on what will be achieved by the project, the quantities of materials that are involved, and other details. The form can be downloaded in a standard word-processor format from the Web at, or a paper copy may be obtained from Sarah Porter (see below). The closing date for submission of proposals for this academic year is Monday, 1 March.

\bMore information about current HCDT projects is available from the HCDT Web site at

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The Christ Church Festival Orchestra (conductor James Ross, leader Aidan Thompson) will perform the following at 8 p.m. on Saturday, 27 February, in Christ Church Cathedral: Gluck, overture, Iphigenia in Aulis; Mozart, Sinfonia Concertante, K.364 (with Biranda Ford, violin, and Bourby Norman, viola); Beethoven, Piano Concerto no. 5, The Emperor (with Clive Driskill-Smith, piano); and Dukas, The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Tickets, costing £8 (students and those under eighteen, £5), may be obtained from the Oxford Playhouse (telephone: Oxford 798600), and Russell Acott's, 124 High Street.

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