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Bryce Research Studentship and Lothian Studentship in History 1999

If suitable candidates present themselves, elections will be made to a Bryce and a Lothian Studentship with effect from Michaelmas Term 1999.

The studentships are tenable for one year, either at Oxford, or, with the consent of the Board of Management, elsewhere. The maximum value of either studentship will be £5,600—but any other emoluments accruing to the student during the tenure of the studentship will be taken into account. The Board of Management reserves the right to determine the value of any award within the maximum in the light of all the circumstances.

Candidates must be members of the University who are pursuing research in either Ancient or Modern history for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. By the date on which they would take up the studentship, they must have been admitted to, and not lost subsequently, full D.Phil. status, but must normally not have exceeded the tenth term since registration as a graduate student of the University.

Applications must include: (a) a brief statement of the academic career, including attainments and qualifications; (b) a brief statement on the programme in work in history (ancient or modern) which the candidate proposes to undertake; (c) two confidential references (please ask your referees to hand you their references in a sealed envelope, with their signature across the flap); (d) a statement of any other emoluments being applied for by the candidate.

While all applicants will be considered on their academic merits, sympathetic consideration will be given to applicants who are advanced in their research, and whose research would seriously suffer from an interruption through lack of funding.

Applications, including the two sealed references (one set only, as the Board of Management will consider each applicant for any of the awards in its gift), should be received by Hubert M. Stadler, Graduate Secretary, Modern History Faculty, Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BD, no later than Friday, 11 June.

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