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CONGREGATION 15 June 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice of any intention to vote against the preambles of the statutes at item 1 below, or the special resolution at item 2 below, signed in each case by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 7 June (see the Guide to Procedures in Congregation cited in the note at the end of `University Agenda').

1 Promulgation of Statutes

Statute (1): Changes concerning certain senior administrative posts in the central administration

Explanatory note

Following a review by the Registrar of the central administration, and after consultation with the officers concerned, Council has agreed that it is desirable to change the existing legislation governing the `deputies to the Registrar'. The following statute, and the decree to be made by Council if the statute is approved, accordingly delete specific references to those officers by title from the legislation.

The new titles, and those of certain other senior administrative officers, which are intended to reflect more clearly the functions concerned, are as follows. (Only the first three on the list are referred to specifically in the existing legislation.)

Existing title                     New title

Secretary of the Chest        Director of Finance and Secretary of
                              the Chest

Secretary of Faculties        Secretary of Faculties and Academic     

Surveyor to the University    Director of Estates Services and
                              Surveyor to the University

Director of Personnel         Director of Staffing and Administrative
Services                      Services 

Solicitor (Commercial)        Director of Legal Services

Director of Administrative    Director of Management and 
Information Services             Administrative Services

The title `Deputy Registrar' is dispensed with.

Cll. 1–3 of the decree to be made by Council if the statute is approved delete the existing references to the officers concerned in the legislation governing, respectively, residence requirements, qualification for professorial fellowships, and superannuation schemes. The present post-holders will still be required to reside within twenty-five miles of Carfax by cl. 5, and future post-holders will be required to do so by the terms of their appointment in accordance with the second paragraph of Ch. V, Sect. VIII, cl. 1 (Statutes, 1997, p. 371). Their position in regard to professorial fellowships will be covered by the general provision in Ch. VII, Sect. VII, § 2, SCHEDULE B (p. 537), and that in regard to superannuation by the general provision at the end of Ch. VIII, Sect. IV, § 4, FIRST SCHEDULE (pp. 546–7).

(1) WHEREAS it is expedient to change the existing legislation governing the deputies to the Registrar, THE UNIVERSITY ENACTS AS FOLLOWS.

1 In Tit. IX, Sect. VII (Statutes, 1997, p. 73), insert new cl. 5 as follows and renumber existing cll. 5–8 as cll. 6–9: `5. The Registrar may delegate any of his or her functions or powers to any of the University's senior administrative officers, provided always that such delegations are not inconsistent with the due performance of the duties set out in clause 10 below, and that they may be withdrawn (either generally or in respect of a specific item) at any time, and that such delegations shall not relieve the Registrar of general responsibility for the matters delegated.'

2 Ibid., delete existing cll. 9–12 (pp. 73–4) and substitute: `10. The University's senior administrative officers shall be under the general direction of the Registrar and shall be responsible to him or her for the due performance of their duties, provided always that they shall have the right to make their views on financial, professional, and technical matters known to the Vice-Chancellor, Council, and the appropriate committees of the University. 11. The University's senior administrative officers shall be appointed by Council, after consultation with the Registrar.'

3 Ibid., (p. 74), renumber existing cl. 13 as cl. 12.

4 Ibid., insert new cl. 13: `13. For the purposes of this Section, the phrase "the University's senior administrative officers" shall mean officers who are directly responsible to the Registrar and who hold established posts in the highest administrative grade.'

Decree to be made by Council if the Statute is approved

1 In Ch. V, Sect. VIII, cl. 1, concerning persons who are required to reside within the University (Statutes, 1997, p. 370), delete `The Secretary to the Curators of the University Chest ... The Deputy Registrar (General)'.

2 In Ch. VII, Sect. VII, § 2, SCHEDULE A, concerning persons whose offices qualify them to hold professorial fellowships (p. 536), delete `The Deputy Registrar (Administration) ... The Surveyor to the University'.

3 In Ch. VIII, Sect. IV, § 4, FIRST SCHEDULE, concerning superannuation (p. 546), delete `The Deputy Registrar (Administration) ... The Secretary to the Curators of the University Chest'.

4 Ibid., Sect. X, concerning the effecting of contracts (p. 555), delete `the Secretary of the Chest ... University Surveyor' and substitute `the University's senior administrative officers appointed under the provisions of Tit. IX, Sect. VII, cl. 11'.

5 This decree shall have immediate effect, provided that the present holders of the posts concerned shall continue to be required to reside within twenty-five miles of Carfax for the remainder of their tenure of those posts, notwithstanding the provisions of clause 1.

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Statute (2) : Procedures in the event of the ill-health of Junior Members

Explanatory note

The following statute sets out procedures to be adopted when the Proctors have reason to believe that a Junior Member may be suffering from serious ill-health. The Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals recommended in its report on disciplinary procedures (the Zellick Report) that such procedures should be introduced, noting that disciplinary procedures would not be appropriate. It should also be noted that such provision already exists for staff (Tit. XVI, Part IV, Statutes, 1997, p. 174).

(2) WHEREAS it is expedient to provide procedures for the consideration of problems arising from the serious ill-health of a Junior Member, THE UNIVERSITY ENACTS AS FOLLOWS.

1 Insert new Title XIV (Statutes, 1997, p. 107) as follows and renumber existing Titles XIV--XVI (pp. 107--67) as Titles XV--XVII:



1. The Regius Professor of Medicine shall be responsible for the appointment of a panel of medical practitioners who shall be available, when called upon, to assist the Proctors in the administration of the procedures prescribed in this Title. In the event that the Regius Professor is not clinically qualified, he or she shall take appropriate medical advice before making the appointments. When a panel member is approached under these procedures he or she shall be known as the University Doctor for the purpose of these procedures.

2. The term `Junior Member' shall have the same meaning as in Title XIII.

3. In the event that the Proctors believe that a Junior Member is suffering from a serious problem arising from ill-health, whether this has come to light in the course of a disciplinary investigation or otherwise, they may refer the student to the University Doctor. Before any such reference is made, the student shall be given a reasonable opportunity to make representation to the Proctors as to why such a reference should not take place.

4. If disciplinary proceedings have already been commenced, they shall be adjourned pending a determination under these procedures.

5. The University Doctor shall be responsible for seeking medical evidence from the Junior Member's general practitioner and may recommend that the Junior Member submit to an independent medical examination at the University's expense. Any request for a medical report from a Junior Member's general practitioner shall observe the provisions of the Access to Medical Reports Act 1988.

6. In the event that a Junior Member fails to co-operate with the University Doctor's inquiry, or refuses to provide a medical report, or to attend for the purposes of a medical examination, he or she may be liable to suspension by the Proctors.

7. The University Doctor, having considered the evidence available, shall report his or her findings to the Proctors.

8. If the Proctors are of the opinion that further action may be necessary, they shall summons the Junior Member to a hearing to consider all the evidence. The Junior Member may be represented at the hearing by a member of Congregation. Having considered the evidence, the Proctors may proceed in one of the following ways:

(a) in any case of such gravity that expulsion might be considered, the Proctors shall refer the matter for consideration by a Medical Board;

(b) in any case where disciplinary proceedings have been adjourned, but the Proctors are satisfied that the Junior Member is not suffering from a serious problem relating to ill-health, they may resume those proceedings;

(c) in any other case

(i) they may discharge the Junior Member, whether absolutely, or subject to conditions (e.g. as to medical treatment); or

(ii) they may suspend the Junior Member (whether or not subject to certain conditions) for a specified period or for an indefinite period.

9. In the event that the Junior Member fails to attend or to make representations, the Proctors may proceed in his or her absence.

10. Any hearing under these procedures shall be in camera.

11. Where a Junior Member's conduct gives rise to a need for urgent action, the Proctors may suspend him or her forthwith pending investigation, such suspension not to exceed twenty-one days. The Junior Member shall have the right of appeal to the Vice-Chancellor or to his or her duly appointed deputy in respect of such an interim order.

12. A Junior Member who has been suspended on the grounds of his or her state of health under clause 8 above shall be entitled to invite the Proctors to reconsider the case after the expiry of at least fourteen days from the date of the initial decision and on the production of medical evidence in support of his or her claim.

13. The Junior Member shall have a right of appeal in respect of an indefinite suspension, or in respect of the conditions attached to his or her suspension under clause 8 (c) (ii) above, to the Medical Board, and shall have a right to be represented at that appeal. The decision of the Medical Board shall be final.

14. If a case has been referred to the Medical Board for consideration under clause 8 (a) above, the Junior Member shall be given reasonable notice of any hearing, and shall be entitled to legal or other representation before the board.

15. The Medical Board, having considered the evidence, shall recommend to the Proctors that they

(a) discharge the Junior Member, whether or not subject to conditions; or

(b) suspend the Junior Member (whether or not subject to certain conditions) for a specified period, or for an indefinite period; or

(c) expel the Junior Member.

16. There shall be a right of appeal to the High Steward against expulsion.

17. The Medical Board shall comprise

(1) a person nominated by Council;

(2) a person nominated by Council in consultation with the Junior Member's college;

(3) a medically qualified chairman nominated by the Regius Professor of Medicine.'

2 In Tit. XV, Sect. VII, SCHEDULE (p. 117, as renumbered by clause 1 above), delete `Title XV' and `Title XVI' and substitute: `Title XVI Title XVII'.

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2 Voting on Special Resolution allocating space at Begbroke to the Department of Materials

Explanatory note

The University purchased the Begbroke Technology Centre (now renamed the Begbroke Science and Business Park) in December 1998 under an arrangement by which the Department of Materials would occupy part of the site and contribute towards the costs of the capital funds required. The remainder of the site has been offered on similar terms to other university departments and is also being advertised for letting to outside organisations at market rates. The following special resolution allocates the relevant part of the site to the Department of Materials.

Text of Special Resolution

That some 3,268 sq.m. at the Begbroke Science and Business Park comprising buildings numbers 317, 318, 319, and 321 be allocated to the Department of Materials for ten years on payment of an annual charge relating to the cost of capital required to purchase this space, such charge to be set by the Resources Committee or successor body and reviewed every three years or whenever there is a material change in the circumstances.

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1 Encaenia

Mr Vice-Chancellor invites Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Heads of Houses, holders of the Oxford Degrees of Doctor of Divinity, Civil Law, Medicine, Letters, Science, and Music, the Proctors, the Assessor, the Public Orator, the Professor of Poetry, the Registrar, the outgoing President of the Oxford University Student Union, and the Presidents of the Junior and Middle Common Rooms of Lady Margaret Hall, Pembroke College, and Nuffield College (as being the colleges of the Proctors and the Assessor) to partake of Lord Crewe's Benefaction to the University, meeting him in the Hall of Balliol College at 10.45 a.m. on Wednesday, 23 June. Thence they will go in procession to the Sheldonian Theatre, where will be spoken the Oration in Commemoration of the Benefactors of the University according to the intention of the Right Honourable Nathaniel, Lord Crewe, Bishop of Durham.

Note. Pro-Vice-Chancellors, Heads of Houses, and Doctors who propose to accept Mr Vice-Chancellor's invitation, and to be present in the Sheldonian Theatre, are requested to inform his Secretary at the University Offices, Wellington Square, not later than Wednesday, 16 June. They are reminded that, while the academic dress of other universities may (if desired) be worn at the Encaenia Garden Party, the appropriate Oxford academic dress should always be worn at the partaking of Lord Crewe's Benefaction and at the Encaenia Ceremony.

2 Honorary Degrees

Doctor of Civil Law

JUSTICE AHARON BARAK (LL M, LL D Hebrew University of Jerusalem), President of the Supreme Court of Israel

Doctors of Letters


JEAN-PIERRE VERNANT, Professeur Honoraire au Collège de France

SIR TONY WRIGLEY, MA (MA, PH.D. Cambridge), Master of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, President of the British Academy, Visitor of Harris Manchester College

Doctors of Science

SIR JOHN WALKER, MA, D.PHIL., FRS, Honorary Fellow of St Catherine's College, Fellow of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Director of the Medical Research Council Dunn Nutrition Unit, Cambridge

ANDREW JOHN WILES, MA (MA, PH.D. Cambridge), FRS, Honorary Fellow of Merton College and of Clare College, Cambridge, Eugene Higgins Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University

Doctor of Music

SIR SIMON RATTLE, CBE, Honorary Fellow of St Anne's College, conductor

¶ Arrangements for admission to the Sheldonian Theatre, which will be by ticket only, are published in `Notices' below.

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