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Mark Quested Exhibition

The Vice-Chancellor has received notice that the Fishmongers' Company will shortly proceed to the election of a Mark Quested Exhibitioner.

The value of the exhibition is £1,000 per annum, payable half-yearly in advance, and is held by a graduate of the University of Oxford in need and deserving of financial assistance, who shall on 1 October 1999 be not more than thirty years of age, and shall during the tenure thereof be bona fide and diligently engaged either in the University or elsewhere in a course of study or research approved of in writing by the Vice- Chancellor.

The exhibition is available from 1 October 1999 and will be awarded for a period of three years.

The exhibitioner will, on appointment, receive a half-yearly payment in advance, but in order to be entitled to any subsequent payment, the Clerk of the Company must receive written confirmation from the Vice-Chancellor, or from someone nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, that during the preceding six months the exhibitioner has been bona fide and diligently engaged in a course of study or research approved of by the Vice-Chancellor, and that his/her conduct has been satisfactory.

If no such confirmation is forthcoming, or if the exhibitioner is, in the judgement of the company, guilty of serious misconduct or idleness, or wilfully ceases the course of study, the company may withdraw the exhibition, and for this purpose may act on the report of the Vice-Chancellor, or on such other evidence as the company believes sufficient.

All applications must be accompanied by proof of the following (photocopies only at this stage): that the applicant is a graduate of the University; that the applicant is in need and deserving of financial assistance; that the applicant is not over thirty years of age; plus a testimonial as to good character and conduct, satisfactory to the Vice-Chancellor.

Each applicant should include a statement about the proposed course of study or research he/she would undertake if elected to the exhibition.

Applications and accompanying documents must be received by the Vice-Chancellor, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, no later than Friday, 30 April.

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The Board of Management for these funds is considering making small grants to applicants in the following categories: students registered for degrees at the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology who need funds for research purposes; and, from the Peter Lienhardt Memorial Fund only, other individuals working in the field of social anthropology who wish to carry out some particular project within the University. The terms of reference of the Philip Bagby Bequest specify that grants from that fund must encourage the comparative study of the development of urban, literate cultures in accordance with anthropological principles and methods. Application forms may be obtained from Mrs Alix Slater, the Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford OX1 2LE, and completed forms should be returned to her no later than 4 May. Applicants are advised that the Board of Management is unlikely to be able to meet commitments requiring expenditure before August 1999.

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