No. 4488 Thursday 22 October 1998 Vol. 129

Review heralds revamp of Oxford sport : The university has unveiled new proposals aimed at improving and extending sporting facilities and opportunities—particularly for women—following a high-level review of the current state of play at Oxford.

Congregation set to debate governance proposals in Eighth Week : The working party report on the future governance of the University—the first paper, circulated this week, to emerge following the Commission of Inquiry Report—has significantly refined the model outlined in the North report.

M&S supports library conservation scheme : A talented young conservator is starting out on her career by working among the collections at the Bodleian Library, thanks to Marks & Spencer.

Astronomy chair filled by expert in cosmology : Professor Joseph Silk, Professor of Astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley, has been appointed to one of Oxford's oldest chairs—the Savilian Professsorship of Astronomy, founded in 1619.

Gene study to reveal children's ability to learn : Scientists at Oxford are embarking on a new study, exploring how genetic factors influence the extent to which a person is right or left handed and their ability to learn.

Call for reform of law on domestic violence : The way domestic violence cases are handled needs fundamental reform, according to an Oxford researcher.

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