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Exeter College

THE REVD PHILIP LESLIE SIBBORN BARRETT, 22 May 1998; Choral Exhibitioner 1965. Aged 51.

HIS HONOUR JUDGE PETER STANLEY PRICE, QC, 28 September 1996; open classics scholar 1930. Aged 84.

MONTGOMERY RAIKES, 7 October 1998; commoner 1928. Aged 78.

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Trinity College

ANTHONY GERALD STILL BARLOW, 14 May 1998; commoner 1956. Aged 62.

SIR DENYS BUCKLEY, 13 September 1998; minor scholar 1924, Honorary Fellow 1969–98. Aged 92.

MICHAEL GEORGE HEWER, 28 July 1998; scholar 1965. Aged 51.

ROBERT NOEL HUTCHINGS, August 1998; commoner 1953. Aged 65.

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Worcester College



SIR RALPH FREEMAN, CVO, CBE, MA, F.ENG., FICE, FCIT, FASCE, 24 August 1998; 1929–32, Honorary Fellow from 1980. Aged 87.

RALPH ANTHONY FREEMAN, MA, 15 July 1998; 1964–7. Aged 52.

ROGER PHILIP GOLDING, BM, B.CH., MA, 10 July 1998; 1951–5. Aged 66.



WYNFORD WILLIAM MOUNTJOY PHILIPPS, MA, March 1998; 1949–51. Aged 70.

ARTHUR JOHN SNOWDEN, MA, 4 April 1998; 1951–4. Aged 66.

BRIAN TYERS, 15 June 1997; 1968–70. Aged 66.

JAMES MCCORMICK WATERS TAYLOR, MA, 25 May 1998; 1939–40 and 1946–7. Aged 77.

JOHN WOLFERS, 25 March 1998; 1940–1. Aged 74.

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St Anne's College

A Celebration of the life of MISS CHRISTINE LATTO (KIRSTIE) MORRISON, member of the Society of Oxford Home-Students 1923--7, Tutor in English 1933, Fellow of St Anne's College 1952, Emeritus Fellow 1973, died 4 August 1998, will be held in the Mary Ogilvie Theatre, St Anne's College, on Saturday, 28 November (tea at 4 p.m. followed by poetry and music).

Those wishing to attend are asked to contact Margaret Davies, Mead Close, Old Boars Hill, Oxford OX1 5JF.

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Exeter College


To Amelia Jackson Senior Scholarships:

JONATHAN DAVIS, formerly of Truro School, Cornwall

RUTH GRIFFIN, formerly of St Hilda's College

Note: this notice replaces the notice of election to the Amelia Jackson Senior Scholarships published in the Gazette of 24 September, p. 23.

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Magdalen College

To Demyships:

TORNA ARNOLD, formerly of Notre Dame Senior School, Cobham

BEN BAKOWSKI, formerly of Colchester Royal Grammar School

ANNA BEALE, formerly of Llanidloes High School

KATHARINE BELL, formerly of Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth-form College

ANDREW BLAKE, formerly of King Edward VI School, Southampton

CHRISTOPHER BLAKE, formerly of King Edward VI School, Southampton

TESSA BLUNDEN, formerly of Harrogate Grammar School

EMILY-ANN BOWDEN, formerly of Ardingly College, Haywards Heath

EDWARD BROOKE, formerly of Eastbourne College

STEPHEN BRUCE, formerly of Gosford Hill School, Oxford

HARRY CLEEVELEY, formerly of Dulwich College, London

PHILIP CROCKER,, formerly of Kingswood School, Bath

LUCINDA FISHER, formerly of Bishop Luffa School, Chichester

JAN GOLASZEWSKI, formerly of Chigwell School

SOPHIE GREEN, formerly of St Helen's and St Katharine School, Abingdon

RUPERT HARRISON, formerly of Eton College

OLIVER HAYES, formerly of Repton School

CHETHAN JAYADEV, formerly of Rougemont School, Newport

LAURA JAMES, formerly of Marlborough College

HELEN JONES, formerly of Oakham School

NICOLA JORDAN, formerly of Hutchesons Grammar School, Glasgow

NATALIE KEAR, formerly of Wyedean School, Sedbury

KATHARINE LEVICK, formerly of Oxford High School

CLARE LOMBARDELLI, formerly of Aquinas College, Stockport

CAROLINE MCKENNA, formerly of Nottingham Girls' High School

CATHERINE MILNES, formerly of St Margaret's School, Exeter

PHILLIP MORTIMER, formerly of Longcroft School, Beverley

KATHRYN MUSCROFT, formerly of King Edward VI Girls' High School, Birmingham

RICHARD O'BRIEN, formerly of Monmouth School

NATALIE PARISH, formerly of Sevenoaks School

SOPHIA PARKER, formerly of Alleyn's School, London

ANDREW PORTER, formerly of Ormskirk Grammar School

LAWRENCE POTTER, formerly of King's School, Canterbury

SIMON PRATT, formerly of Knox Grammar School, Sydney

LYDIA PRIOR, formerly of Methodist College, Belfast

JONATHAN REEVES, formerly of St Peter's School, York

RICHARD RUDMAN, formerly of Manchester Grammar School

EMMA SAGE, formerly of St Alban's High School

ROBERT SAUNDERS, formerly of King Edward's School, Bath

ANDREW SHAW, formerly of Whitgift School, Croydon

MARTHA SHEPPEE, formerly of Blessed William Howard High School, Stafford

RACHEL SMITH, formerly of Greenhead College, Huddersfield

MARTIN STAPLETON, formerly of Reading School

JOHN STUBBS, formerly of Hele's School, Plymouth

HELEN SWIFT, formerly of Wakefield Girls' High School

PAUL TEALE, formerly of Luton Sixth-form College

TRISTAN THOMAS, formerly of Eton College

CORALIE THORNTON, formerly of St Swithun's School, Winchester

DANIEL TIBBETTS, formerly of Glyn School, Ewell

JAMES WARBRICK-SMITH, formerly of Oakham School

PHILIPPA WARD, formerly of Wellingborough School

ALEXANDER WEIR, formerly of Winchester College

STIAN WESTLAKE, formerly of St Paul's School, London

ANNABEL WHIBLEY, formerly of King's School, Canterbury

GRAHAM WHITE, formerly of Henley College

MARY WILKS, formerly of North London Collegiate School, Edgware

PETER WOODROFFE, formerly of Reading Blue Coat School

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To John Doncaster Scholarships:

STEFANIE BALL, formerly of Newcastle under Lyme School

KATIE OGSTON, formerly of Abbey School, Reading

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To William Doncaster Scholarships:

MARY ELLIOT, formerly of Westminster School, London

SARAH-JANE GREEN, formerly of St Peter's School, Bournemouth

NATASHA GRIGORIAN, formerly of Wallington High School for Girls

ALIX LEVEUGLE, formerly of European School, Brussels

ROBERT PYRAH, formerly of Bradford Grammar School

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To Roberts Gawen Scholarships:

RORY DUNLOP, formerly of Eton College

CECILIA HEWETT, formerly of the Open University

To Anne Shaw Scholarships:

DANIEL EDGE, formerly of Coventry School

KATHERINE HARLOW, formerly of Colchester County High School

To Exhibitions:

JAMES BLACKHAM, formerly of Colchester Royal Grammar School

TOBY BOUTLE, formerly of Queen Mary's College, Basingstoke

WILLIAM BROWN, formerly of Eton College

OLIVER CAMPBELL, formerly of Merchant Taylor's School Northwood

MARK CARTER, formerly of Poole Grammar School

TIMOTHY CHELMICK , formerly of Whitgift School Croydon

OLIVIER GALBINSKI, formerly of University College School, London

DANIEL GREINEDER, formerly of Konrad-Adenauer Gymnasium, Meckenheim, Germany

ELEANOR HARRIS, formerly of Esher School, Thames Ditton

SAMUEL HOLMES, formerly of S Bromsgrove High School

SAMUEL LEADER, formerly of Ipswich School

CHRISTOPHER MOLE, formerly of Latymer School, London

RITIKA PRASAD , formerly of Dehli University

JULIETTE SEDDON, formerly of Manchester High School

RICHARD SMITH, formerly of Alton Sixth-form College

PHILIP SOHMEN, formerly of Eton College

JONATHAN STANLEY, formerly of Royal Grammar School, Guildford

JOSCELIN TOSONI, formerly of Skinners School, Royal Tunbridge Wells

DAVID VASSAR-SMITH, formerly of Eton College


EDWINA WEARMOUTH, formerly of Hitchin Girls School

ROSANNA WELLESLEY, formerly of Cheltenham Ladies' College

SABRINA WEYENETH, formerly of St Paul's Girls School, London

MAGDALENA ZIRA, formerly of Pagkyprion Gymnasium, Nicosia

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To the Frere Benefaction:

SOPHIA PARKER, formerly of Alleyn's School, London

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To the Herbert Warren Memorial Benefactin:

SIMON CHESTERMAN, formerly of Melbourne University

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Merton College

To Postmasterships:

MISS ELLEN JANE O'HARE, formerly of Cirencester College

MISS JULIE NIGHTINGALE, formerly of King Edward VI College, Stourbridge

SVIATOSLAV VLADIMIROS PELIPENKO, formerly of Magdalen College School

MISS ANNA LOUISE PRICE, formerly of Eastbourne College

PHILIP CHARLES WALFORD, formerly of Westminster School

PAUL MICHAEL WHITE, formerly of Birkenhead School

GUY HENRY EDWARD WINKWORTH, formerly of Winchester College

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To Exhibitions:

MISS SARAH ROSE ALLEN, formerly of Haberdashers' Aske's Girls' School

MISS RACHEL GRENVILLE BERKSON, formerly of Perse School for Girls

MISS JOANNE CABLE, formerly of Rochester Grammar School

MISS ALICE GEORGETTE HOOD CLARK, formerly of St Mary's School, Ascot

BENJAMIN BARRY CLARSON, formerly of Caistor Grammar School

MISS SARAH ELIZABETH COLE, formerly of Culford School

JAMES ANDREW CUNNINGTON, formerly of King Edward's School, Birmingham

AARON DAVID DAVIES, formerly of Shaftesbury School

ANTONY DAVID LESLIE DODSON, formerly of Royal Grammar School, Worcester

MISS NICOLA REBECCA EVANS, formerly of King James's School, Knaresborough

STEVEN DAVID FULLER, formerly of Latymer Upper School

MICHAEL JOHN HALEY, formerly of Torquay Boys' Grammar School

OLIVER JOHN RICHARD HARRIS, formerly of Norwich School

BENJAMIN JOHN HERBERT, formerly of Imberhorne Upper School

DANIEL BRADDOCK HERTZ, formerly of Nordsjagllands Grundskole

MISS ELLEN FRANCES HUGHES, formerly of Sir John Deanes Sixth-form College

RICHARD JOHN KEANE, formerly of Yateley School

MISS KATE MARGARET KELLY, formerly of Hall Cross Comprehensive School

IAN JAMES DAVID KILPATRICK, formerly of Ballyclare High School

THOMAS PETER XAVIER MILLER, formerly of Royal Grammar School, Newcastle upon Tyne

KRISHNAN NARAYANAN, formerly of Manchester Grammar School

MISS RACHEL MARY REED, formerly of Wycombe High School

PAUL MICHAEL ROWE, formerly of Newent School

MISS CAROLINE LUCY SCOTT, formerly of Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School

MISS ANAMIKA SEHGAL, formerly of Cranford Community School

CHRISTOPHER JAMES ANDREW SLOCOMBE, formerly of St Crispin's School, Wokingham

MISS TRACEY AMANDA SOWERBY, formerly of Queen Elizabeth Sixth-form College, Darlington

ADAM TIMOTHY STEARNS, formerly of Eton College

DENNIS KHENG JIN TAN, formerly of Raffles Junior College

TIMOTHY MAXWELL AMADEUS TAYLOR, formerly of Chiswick Community School

RICHARD JAMES WALTON, formerly of the Judd School, Tonbridge

MATTHEW NIGEL WICKS, formerly of King's College School, Wimbledon

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St Anne's College

To Exhibitions:

MISS CLARE EDWARDS, formerly of Mackworth College

PAUL D. EVERY-CLAYTON, formerly of European School, Brussels

ADAM H. JORNA, formerly of Hymers College, Hull

NATHAN LEVI, formerly of J.F.S. Comprehensive School, London

MISS RACHEL PAGE, formerly of Croydon High School

TIMOTHY M SOUSTER, formerly of Royal Grammar School, Guildford

MISS DANIELLE WILLIAMS, formerly of Belveder School, Liverpool

ANDREAS YERASIMOU, formerly of American Academy, Larnaca

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To Scholarships:

MISS REBECCA ANDREWS, formerly of City of Bath College

MISS ROSE BEAUCHAMP, formerly of King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham

EWAN P. BRIGGS, formerly of Canford School, Wimborne

THOMAS M. CAIRNES, formerly of Penweddig Comrehehsive School, Aberystwyth

THOMAS H. CHARLTON, formerly of Bedford School

MISS KATE L. HOWELL, formerly of Olchfa Comprehensive School, Swansea

THOMAS E. HUTCHINGS, formerly of Ashcombe School, Dorking

MS NANCY R. KENT, formerly of Gumley House Convent School, Isleworth

JOHN T. KNIGHT, formerly of Dartford Grammar School

SAY L. NG, formerly of Concord College, Shrewsbury

DUNCAN R. PARSONS, formerly of Monmouth School

NIKHIL RATHI, formerly of Our Lady's Chetwynde School, Barrow-in-Furness

ANTON TCHETVERTAKOV, formerly of Parliament Hill and W. Ellis Sixth-form College, London

JAMES D. THOMAS, formerly of Cedars Upper School, Leighton Buzzard

JONATHAN S. THWAITE, formerly of Settle High School

MISS DEVORA LEE VINICK, formerly of Waterford UWC, Swaziland

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St Hilda's College

To Scholarships:

HANNAH IRVING, formerly of Framlingham College

DILJA KRUEGER, formerly of Gymnasium Rodenkirchen, Cologne

TAMSIN LISHMAN, formerly of St Margaret's School for Girls, Aberdeen

LAURA MASON, formerly of Olchfa Comprehensive School, Swansea

CLAIRE ROETHER, formerly of Lessing Gymnasium, Frankfurt

CATHERINE WASILEWSKI, formerly of St Mary's College, Hull

KAREN WONG, formerly of Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore

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To Exhibitions:

CAROLINE ATKINSON, formerly of Oundle School

ALEXIA BARNES, formerly of St Augustine of Canterbury High School, Oldham

JANA ENGLICHOVA, formerly of Richmond Community College

ELIZABETH ERSKINE, formerly of the Ladies' College, Guernsey

ELIZABETH HANSHAW, formerly of Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Ashbourne

MARYAM KHAN, formerly of Old Palace School, Croydon

REBECCA LUCAS, formerly of Kingsthorpe Upper School, Northampton

SUZANNE MITCHELL, formerly of Bournemouth School for Girls

AMBER RITHALIA, formerly of North Bolton Sixth-form College

HELEN THOMAS, formerly of Lampeter Comprehensive School

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Appointment of Admissions Secretary

A secretary is required to work for the Tutor for Undergraduate Admissions and the Tutor for Graduate Admissions. The post is a temporary one covering maternity leave for a permanent member of staff and is available between the beginning of December 1998 and the end of June 1999.

This is a busy post and the successful applicant will possess excellent secretarial skills, computer skills, and organisational ability. Experience within the University would be a great advantage. The salary will be on the scale £12,098 to £14,003, with approximately ten days' holiday at Christmas and at Easter.

Applications, with a curriculum vitae and the names of two referees who may be contacted immediately, should be sent to the College Secretary, Balliol College, Oxford OX1 3BJ, by Monday, 9 November.

Balliol College is an equal opportunities employer.

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Friends Provident Stewardship Joanna Lumley Research Fellowship

Green College proposes to elect this research fellow from 1 January 1999. The successful candidate will undertake, or already be undertaking, full-time research on an issue of public concern that has strong implications for corporate practice. Fields such as public health, public information, medicine and media, environmental sustainability, and genetic science, are examples. Research that has strong, but not necessarily immediate, implications for business practice will be preferred. The fellowship may be held in conjunction with another appointment.

The fellowship is non-stipendiary. It provides access to all university and college facilities, including dining rights in college and an academic expenses allowance of £250 a year. It is tenable for a year in the first instance and may be renewable for a second year.

Application forms and further details are available from the Warden's Secretary, Green College, Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HG (telephone: Oxford (2)74775, e-mail: They should be returned by 8 November.

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Appointment of Secretary to Tutor for Admissions and Tutor for Graduates

Lincoln College wishes to appoint a full-time Secretary with good typing and audio skills, and a knowledge of Microsoft Word for Windows, to handle both undergraduate and graduate admissions and the administration of graduate students in residence. Shorthand is not essential but could be an advantage. Previous university experience would be an advantage. An agreeable personality, ability to use own initiative, to work under pressure, and to meet deadlines is essential.

The salary will be according to experience, within the range of the university clerical and library staff grade 5 scale (currently £15,134–£18,036 per annum). The hours will be for a 36.25 hour week plus generous holidays and free lunches. The college has its own contributory pension scheme. Further details may be obtained from the College Secretary, Lincoln College, Oxford OX1 3DR (telephone: Oxford (2)79801, fax: (2)79802).

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of two referees by Monday, 9 Novem- ber. Short-listed candidates will be interviewed in mid-November.

Lincoln College is an equal opportunities employer.

The college exists to promote excellence in education and research.

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Sir Christopher Cox Junior Fellowship

Harold Salvesen Junior Fellowship

Applications are invited for these two fellowships, both tenable for three years from 1 October 1999. The successful candidates will be expected to carry out advanced study or research (with no restriction on subject area), to act as links between senior and junior members of college, and to perform certain student welfare duties. Applicants must not have exceeded four years from completion of their first degree at 1 October 1999. Each fellowship carries a stipend of £11,896 (subject to review). In addition, the fellows will be entitled to free rooms and meals in college, and entertainment, research, and book allowances.

Application forms and further particulars are available from the Senior Tutor, New College, Oxford OX1 3BN

(telephone: Oxford (2)79596, fax: (2)79590, email: tuition@ A single application covers both posts. The closing date of receipt of applications is Friday, 27 November.

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Appointment of Cataloguer for College Library

A Cataloguer is required, to work on retrospective conversion onto OLIS of the library's pre-1990 stock. Training will be provided if necessary. This is a one-year full-time post, to start on 7 December (negotiable). Salary £12,250 per annum.

Applications should reach Dr David Smith, Librarian, St Anne's College, Oxford OX2 6HS (telephone: Oxford (2)74810, e-mail:, by 2 November. Further details are available on request.

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Rawnsley Studentship in Czech, Slovak, or Polish Language and Literature

The Rawnsley Studentship is tenable for one year from 1 October 1999, and is renewable for a second year. The current value of the studentship is £5,455, and will be revised upwards for 1999–2000. All university and college fees are paid. The studentship is open to men and women graduates qualified to work for a research degree or a course of higher study.

Further particulars may be obtained from the College Secretary, St Hugh's College, Oxford OX2 6LE, who should receive applications by Friday, 1 March 1999.

Graduate Scholarships

St Hugh's is offering up to twelve scholarships for research to graduates of any nationality from October 1999, each of £2,000 per annum and for a period depending on the fee-paying duration of the student's course. Scholarships are offered in all subjects. In addition, there are named scholarships in Classics, Modern Languages, and Theology.

Each graduate scholar will be entitled to a room in St Hugh's graduate accommodation for up to two years at the standard charge, and to dine periodically at the high table.

Awards to applicants not already reading for a higher degree at Oxford will be conditional on their being accepted to do so by the relevant faculty board of the university.

Further particulars of the scholarships and of the application procedure may be obtained from the Tutor for Graduates, St Hugh's College, Oxford OX2 6LE, who should receive applications by Friday, 1 March 1999.

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Appointment of President from 1 October 2000

The governing body of Wolfson College, Oxford, is beginning the search for a new President to take office on the retirement of Sir David Smith, FRS, FRSE, in September 2000. Wolfson College admits students to read for advanced degrees and diplomas in the University of Oxford. The President exercises general supervision over the academic affairs and management of the college and over the well-being and discipline of its students.

The governing body would be pleased to hear in confidence from individuals who might like to suggest the names of appropriate persons. Letters of recommendations should be addressed to the Vicegerent, Dr M.J.O. Francis, Wolfson College, Oxford OX2 6UD.

Appointment of part-time Accounts/Clerical Assistant

Wolfson College seeks to appoint a part-time Accounts/ Clerical Assistant to work in its busy Catering Office. The main areas of responsibility are the recording of meal charges in the college's large self-service dining hall, including meal-checking in the dining hall at lunch-times, and preparing figures for the catering account. Other duties include general support work for the Conference Manager and Steward in the Catering Office. Applicants should have word-processing and spreadsheet experience. Hours of work are 9.30 a.m.–2.30 p.m., Monday–Friday (i.e. twenty-five hours per week). The salary offered will be in the range £7,200–£7,800 with six weeks' paid holiday, pension scheme, subsidised lunches, and free parking.

Applications should be submitted in writing, marked `Confidential', to the Accountant, Wolfson College, Linton Road, Oxford OX2 6UD, by 26 October.

Wolfson College is an equal opportunities employer.

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