No. 4508 Thursday 22 April 1999 Vol. 129

Boost in arts and humanities research funding : Oxford is expected to receive more than a million pounds in research funding grants following the completion of the first round of awards announced by the Arts and Humanities Research Board—the highest total for any UK university.

Oxford academic named `Australian of the Century' : A former Oxford academic, Lord Florey (1898–1968), who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1945 for his role in the discovery of penicillin, has been named `Australian of the Century' in a poll run by Melbourne's Herald Sun.

Scientists set to simulate creation of the universe : Scientists at Oxford are among an international group of physicists devoted to recreating the immediate aftermath of the big bang, as part of a major project to study the infinitesimal world of elementary particles.

Russian professor for Mathematical Logic chair : Professor Boris Zilber, Professor and Head of Algebra and Geometry subdivision, Department of Mathematics, Kemerovo State University, Russia, has been appointed to the Professorship of Mathematical Logic.

Museum tracks giant dinosaur footprints : A sixty-metre long reconstruction of the trackway of the giant carnivorous dinosaur Megalosaurus was unveiled by the Vice-Chancellor, Dr Colin Lucas, on the lawn in front of the University Museum on 21 March, to mark the conclusion SET99 week.

Medical award: Dr Fran Platt and Dr Terry Butters, University Research Lecturers, have been jointly awarded the Alan Gordon Memorial Award for their work on Gaucher's disease, an inherited metabolic disorder affecting the spleen, liver, lungs, bone marrow, and, in rare cases, the brain. A drug based on their discoveries is currently in clinical trials with Oxford GlycoSciences.

Reading award: Professor Peter Bryant, Watts Professor of Psychology, Department of Experimental Psychology, has been honoured by the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading, for his contribution to the scientific understanding of reading.

Socio-Legal Studies Fellowship: The Oxford Centre for Socio-Legal Studies is to create a Research Fellowship in honour of Mr Nicholas deB. Katzenbach, a Rhodes Scholar at Balliol College (1947–48). The Board of Americans for Oxford, based in New York, is donating $125,000 over five years towards the fellowship.

Geological Society award: Professor John Dewey, FRS, Professor of Geology and Fellow of University College, has been awarded the 1999 Wollaston Medal of the Geological Society for `fundamental research in tectonics'.

Why boys lose out: Research from the Department of Applied Social Studies and Social Research has in a joint project helped shed new light on the motivations and attitudes of young men across Britain today. The overall report of the Tomorrow's Men project suggests that low self-esteem may be the key to boys' poor school performance.

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