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Hilary Term 1999

Thursday, 14 January, at 8 a.m. THE REVD PROFESSOR JOHN BARTON, Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture, Fellow of Oriel College, Emeritus Fellow of St Cross College, Celebrant, Holy Communion (Latin). At St Mary's.

Sunday, 17 January, at 10 a.m. DR RICHARD CROSS, University Lecturer (CUF) in Theology, Fellow of Oriel College. (Latin Litany and Sermon.) At St Mary's.

Sunday, 24 January, at 10 a.m. THE REVD PROFESSOR WILLIAM JOHNSTONE, Professor of Hebrew and Semitic Languages, University of Aberdeen. (Macbride Sermon on the Application of Messianic Prophecy.) At Hertford College.

Sunday, 31 January, at 10 a.m. THE RT. REVD DR THOMAS BUTLER, Bishop of Southwark. (Ramsden Sermon.) At St Mary's.

Sunday, 7 February, at 10 a.m. PROFESSOR HENRY MAYR-HARTING, FBA, Regius Professor of Ecclesiastical History, Lay Canon of Christ Church. At St Mary's.

Sunday, 14 February, at 10 a.m. THE REVD GERARD W. HUGHES, SJ, author. (On the Grace of Humility.) At St Mary's.

Sunday, 21 February, at 10 a.m. THE RT. REVD AND RT. HON. LORD HABGOOD OF CALVERTON, sometime Archbishop of York. (First Bampton Lecture: `Varieties of unbelief—belief and unbelief'.) At St Mary's.

Sunday, 28 February, at 10 a.m. THE RT. REVD AND RT. HON. LORD HABGOOD. (Second Bampton Lecture: `Varieties of unbelief—a matter of proportion'.) At St Mary's.

Sunday, 7 March, at 10 a.m. THE RT. REVD AND RT. HON. LORD HABGOOD. (Third Bampton Lecture: `Varieties of unbelief—explanation and understanding'.) At St Mary's.

*Sunday, 14 March, at 10 a.m. MRS MARGARET HEBBLETHWAITE. (Sermon for the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.) At Oriel College.

*On this day Doctors will wear their robes.

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On the recommendation of the Physical Sciences Board, the General Board has conferred the title of Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor in Engineering Design on R.H. BOOTH (B.SC. Birmingham), consultant and Senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Engineering Department of the University of Reading, for the period from 1 January 1999 to 30 September 2001 in the first instance, and has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Physics on J.G. RARITY (B.SC. Sheffield, M.SC. London, PH.D. CNAA), Defence Research Agency, Malvern, for a period of three years in the first instance from 1 January 1999, and has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Materials on C.C. BRADLEY (B.SC. Birmingham, PH.D. Cambridge), Managing Director of Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd., for a period of three years in the first instance from 1 January 1999.

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Kolkhorst Exhibition have been awarded to IULIANA BURSUC, Christ Church, and GWENLLIAN LANSDOWN, St Hilda's College.

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The prizes are offered annually for essays in astronomy and geophysics (including meteorology). The 1998 Graduate Prize has been divided between DANIEL J. LEA, Wadham College, and CLAIRE E. NEWMAN, St Anne's College.

There were no candidates for the undergraduate prize.

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As part of its ten-year rolling programme of reviews of faculties and departments, the General Board has established a committee to review the Faculty of Social Studies.

The review committee will be chaired by Miss A.S. Kennedy, Lady Margaret Hall. The other members of the committee will be: Professor J. Cheetham, formerly of Stirling University; Mr A. Dilnot, Institute of Fiscal Studies; Professor R.H. Jackson, University of British Columbia; Professor G.K. Wilson, University of Wisconsin; and Dr M.F.E. Philp, Oriel College.

The committee's terms of reference are:

(a) to consider the provision and quality of teaching, the future development of teaching and the quality of research in the Faculty of Social Studies, and the balance between teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels on the one hand and research on the other, having regard to international standards of excellence;

(b) to consider the content, balance, and methods of examination of the graduate and undergraduate courses and associated quality assurance mechanisms;

(c) to review the organisational and management structures of the faculty, including such matters as academic staff planning and recruitment; resource allocation mechanisms; accommodation and space; library and IT provision and other facilities; relationships with cognate subject areas; taking into account where relevant the recommendations and the progress of implementation of the recent reviews of the Department of Applied Social Studies and Social Research and Sociology;

(d) to make recommendations, bearing in mind, where there are financial implications, the level of resources likely to be available.

Any member of the University who wishes to submit written comments on any issues covered by the committee's terms of reference should send them to the secretary to the review committee, Mr C.M.M. Shaw, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (fax: Oxford (2)70708, e-mail:, if possible by Thursday, 21 January.

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University Instructorships in Japanese

Applications are invited for two University Instructorships in Japanese, for a period of four years with effect from 1 October 1999, or as soon as possible thereafter. The university salary will be according to age, on the scale £15,735–£18,275 per annum.

The instructors will be expected to give between fifteen and twenty hours of instruction in Japanese in each week of the University Full Term and may be required to offer classes for any of the four years of the BA in Japanese, when the aspects of language covered will be conversation, translating into Japanese, writing essays and letters in Japanese, and practice in the use of kanji. Applicants should have a native command of Japanese and considerable experience of teaching Japanese as a foreign language. The instructors will join a team comprising three language instructors in all and four university lecturers in Japanese in the Faculty of Oriental Studies.

The further particulars of the posts (which all candidates are asked to consult) may be obtained from the office of Dr A.M. Knowland, Secretary to the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford OX1 2LE (telephone: Oxford (2)78200, fax: (2)78190, e-mail: They are also available on the Oriental Institute's Web page ( instructorship.html). Formal applications naming three referees (seven typed copies, or one only from candidates overseas) should be sent to Dr Knowland by Friday, 29 January.

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The Association of University Teachers is both a professional association and a trade union, committed to the advancement of university education and research. At the national level, the AUT is the recognised union for academic and academic-related staff. Besides its concern for more general questions of university education and research, the AUT negotiates salary levels and conditions of employment with the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals.

The Oxford branch of the AUT is open for membership to university and college employees, whether academic or academic-related. It has over 900 members. It is the official body with which the University discusses priorities and problems bearing on education and research, and negotiates solutions to them. Discussions between the Oxford AUT and university officers occur formally once per term at a meeting of a Joint Consultative Committee, but there are many other informal meetings to discuss particular problems, including those affecting the conditions of employment of academic and academic-related staff, such as the `waiver clause' for those employed on contract grants. The local AUT also provides confidential advice on problems relating to terms and conditions of employment.

Application for membership and other enquiries can be made to Mrs Anne Hendry, Administrative Secretary, Oxford AUT, New Barnett House, 28 Little Clarendon Street, Oxford OX1 2HY (telephone and fax:

(2)70418, e-mail: (9.30 a.m.--4.30 p.m., Tuesday–Thursday).

Enquiries may also be directed to the following: Kit Bailey

(Honorary Secretary), Department of Plant Sciences (telephone:

(2)75090); Denis O'Driscoll, Department of Biochemistry (telephone:

(2)75260); Arthur Marsh (Personal Cases), St Edmund Hall (telephone:


General meetings of the Oxford AUT take place on Tuesday of third week in each term. The Hilary Term meeting will be held on at 1.15 p.m. on Tuesday, 2 February, in Blackhall, Queen Elizabeth House, 21 St Giles'. All AUT members and non-members will be welcome.

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