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Degree by Special Resolution

The following special resolution will be deemed to be approved at noon on 16 November, unless by that time the Registrar has received notice in writing from two or more members of Congregation under the provisions of Tit. II, Sect. vi, cl. 6 (Statutes, 1997, p. 15) that they wish the resolution to be put to a meeting of Congregation.

Text of Special Resolution

That the Degree of Master of Arts be conferred upon the following:

TARANI CHANDOLA, Nuffield College


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The meeting of Congregation is cancelled. The sole business comprises questions to which no opposition has been notified and in respect of which no request for an adjournment has been received, and Mr Vice-Chancellor will accordingly declare the preamble adopted and the general resolution carried without a meeting under the provisions of Tit. II, Sect. iii, cl. 11 (Statutes, 1997, p. 8).

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CONGREGATION 1 December 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice of any proposed amendment to, or intention to vote against, the following general resolution, signed by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 23 November (see the Guide to Procedures in Congregation cited in the note at the end of `University Agenda').

Voting on General Resolution concerning the Report of the Joint Working Party on Governance

Explanatory note

Chapters 4–6 of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry, concerning the governance of the University, were referred for consideration to a joint working party comprising Mr Vice-Chancellor, the Chairman of the General Board, the Principal of Hertford, the Principal of Linacre, the Warden of New College, the Principal of St Anne's, Professor R.J. Cashmore, Dr K.A. Fleming, Professor A.S. Goudie, and Dr R.C.S. Walker. The joint working party's report was published as Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4487, 21 October 1998 (pp. 177–99). Taking as its broad starting point the governance model in the report of the Commission of Inquiry, but refining this significantly in many areas, the working party's report makes proposals about Congregation; about the Vice-Chancellorship; about a new single executive body to replace Council and the General Board; about the role and composition of that body and its major committees; about large groupings of faculties and departments in both the sciences and the arts; about delegation; about academic services; and about the role of committees and their officers.

The report of the joint working party is now being considered in a wide consultative exercise involving faculty boards, other relevant university bodies, colleges, and individual members of Congregation.

Council and the General Board have also agreed to hold a debate in Congregation on 1 December. Members of Congregation who wish to speak in this debate are asked in so far as possible to let Mr Vice-Chancellor know of that, by 27 November at the latest, and to inform him of the particular topics they wish to address. Any member of Congregation will, however, be free to speak, whether or not such notice has been given.

In terms of the general consultative exercise, any members of Congregation (or other members of the University or members of staff of the University) wishing to comment on the report of the joint working party are invited to send their views to the secretary of the joint working party, Dr J.D. Whiteley, at the University Offices.

The general resolution set out below asks Congregation to take note of the report of the joint working party. This is a `technical' device to enable the debate on 1 December to be held. The intention is that there should be a broad discussion of the particular proposals in the joint working party's report.

In the light of the debate and of the responses received in the consultative exercise as a whole, the joint working party will aim to make definitive proposals on future arrangements for the governance of the University for submission to Congregation in Hilary Term 1999.

Against that background Council and the General Board wish to emphasise the role of the debate on 1 December as an integral part of an important consultative process in which it is hoped that a full range of views will be expressed, in order that the proposals of the joint working party, which are provisional at this stage, may be refined to reflect the will of the University at large.

Text of General Resolution

That this House take note of the Report of the Joint Working Party on Governance.

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