Colleges, Halls, and Societies

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Note: college vacancies will also be found in the Gazette's Appointments Supplement.

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Corpus Christi College

ERNEST CLIVE FIGGIS, 10 February 1999; commoner 1927–8. Aged 96.

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Green College

DR MARTIN STANLEY LAWRENCE, BM, MA, MRCP, MRCGP, FRCGP, 27 February 1999; Research Fellow 1985–95, Governing Body Fellow 1995; University Lecturer in General Practice.

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Lady Margaret Hall

JOSEPH THÉRÈSE AGBASIERE (SISTER MARY JOSEPH), D.PHIL., 7 June 1998; commoner 1979–85. Aged 68.

CLARE ALISON ANDERSON (née Hoskin), 20 December 1998; commoner 1973–6. Aged 43.

KATHARINE BURGOYNE MILLER BENTLEY BEAUMAN (née Jones), 26 December 1998; scholar 1922–5. Aged 95.

EDITH ALICE BROMLEY (née Robin), MA, 13 February 1998; commoner 1926–9. Aged 89.

ALICE MARY BURROWS (née Littlewood), date unknown; commoner 1926–9.

MAUREEN ELIZABETH COOKE (née Haslam- Fox), 1 January 1999; commoner 1952–5. Aged 64.

PHYLLIS MARY COOPER (née Carter), 3 July 1998; scholar 1942–3. Aged 74.

JOHANNA JUDITH DE MARCOS, 2 February 1998; commoner 1956–7. Aged 70.

PENELOPE SUSAN DONALD (née Passant), 12 March 1998; commoner 1947–50. Aged 69.

GLORIA SHAW DUCLOS (née Livemore), MA, February 1998; commoner 1949–51. Aged 69.

JEANNE DOREEN HARRINGTON, date unknown; commoner 1979–86.

MARY HILL HENDERSON (née Higginbotham), 28 October 1997; commoner 1935–8. Aged 81.

VERENA MARY HORSFALL, 8 February 1998; commoner 1935–8. Aged 81.

BARBARA MILDRED HOWES (née Tidd Pratt), 26 January 1998; commoner 1921–5. Aged 95.

MURIEL MABEL JENNINGS, MA (MA Cambridge), 30 June 1998; commoner 1921–4. Aged 95.

GERTRUDE MARY JERRED, MA, 25 August 1998; commoner 1921–4. Aged 95.

JOAN LEONORE GENEVIEVE LANDYMORE (née Hall), 1998; commoner 1938–40. Aged 80.

RACHEL MARY MAKIN, BA, 2 September 1998; commoner 1982–5. Aged 34.

NANCY MANUKA MICHELL (née Wheater), BA, 23 March 1998; commoner 1928–31. Aged 90.

JAMES MITCHELL, 7 June 1998; commoner 1996–8. Aged 20.

PRISCILLA GOODENOUGH NAPIER (née Hayter), BA, 9 October 1998; scholar 1926–9. Aged 90.

MARGUERITE YVONNE OFFORD (née Pickard), B.LITT., MA, 26 February 1998; scholar 1937–41. Aged 80.

MARY OLIVER (née Bradley Dyne), BA, 17 May 1998; scholar 1933–7. Aged 82.

MARGARET ALISON POWELL, date unknown; commoner 1942–4.

DOROTHY PROCTOR, MA, 26 March 1998; commoner 1946–9. Aged 79.

MARY ROGERS (née Blagden), 22 April 1993; commoner 1932–3. Aged 78.

MARY ALISON ROSS, MA, 27 February 1998; commoner 1934–8. Aged 82.

SUSAN ANN COURT ROUD, date unknown; commoner 1965–7.

NANCY SILVER (née Pym), MA, 13 December 1997; commoner 1942–4. Aged 73.

EILEEN STAMERS-SMITH (née Fairey), MA, 1 November 1998; commoner 1948–51. Aged 69.

ARIANE VON ORLOW, 8 August 1998; commoner 1993–4. Aged 32.

KATHLEEN WRIGHT (née Higgins), B.SC., MA, 1 January 1999; scholar 1944–8. Aged 72.

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St Hilda's College

MARION EUPHEMIA (MOLLY) GIBBS, B.LITT., MA, 27 February 1999; scholar 1926–9. Aged 91.

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All Souls College

To Senior Research Fellowships (from 1 October 1999):

PAUL BRAND, Two-year Fellow, All Souls College, and Research Fellow, Institute of Historical Research, London

GRAEME SEGAL, Lowndean Professor of Astronomy and Geometry, University of Cambridge

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Corpus Christi College


To Scholarships:

CLAIRE LOUISE BASELEY, formerly of Derby High School

HELEN MARY THOMAS, formerly of Alleyn's School, London

Note: this replaces the notice of elections by Corpus Christi College published in the Gazette of 4 March, p. 835.

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Lady Margaret Hall

To Official Fellowships (with effect from 1 October 1998):




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To Scholarships:

R.R.R. DAVIS, formerly of Solihull School

S. DUNSTALL, formerly of Walthamstow Hall, Kent

T.D. ELLIS, formerly of Churcher's College, Petersfield

M.W. FAIRCLOUGH, formerly of Alton College, Hampshire

A.D.E. GOODMAN, formerly of University College School, London

K. HO, formerly of Eltham College, London

A. JEANS, formerly of Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School, London

K.S. JORDAN, formerly of Exeter College

A. KANN, formerly of City of London School

M.C. MARRION, formerly of King Edward VI School, Morpeth

R. NORTON, formerly of Sir Bernard Lovell School, Bristol

V.T. PAUKKONEN, formerly of Vasa Ouninesskola, Finland

H.C. RADICE, formerly of Central Newcastle High School

E.K. SAYERS, formerly of Esher College

Y.L. SEOW, formerly of Hwa Chong Junior College, Singapore

A. THAYANANTHAN, formerly of Chavakachcheri Hindu College, Sri Lanka

R.W. WELFORD, formerly of Brentwood County High School

C.F. WRIGHT, formerly of Royal Grammar School, Guildford

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To Exhibitions:

E.R. BAYLEY, formerly of Trinity School, Warwickshire

J.S. GARAI, formerly of Henley College

G.W. GRAHAM, formerly of Ralph Allen School, Avon

A.L. SULLIVAN, formerly of Lady Margaret School, London

F.J. YAKOB, formerly of King's College School, London

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Christopher Tower Official Studentship in Poetry in the English Language

Joint appointment with a University Lecturership (CUF)

Christ Church proposes, should there be a suitable candidate, to elect with effect from 1 October 1999, or as soon as possible thereafter, an Official Student (i.e. tutorial fellow) in English. The successful candidate will hold the Christopher Tower Studentship in Poetry in the English Language, and will be required to teach poetry within the syllabus for English Literature. The studentship is tenable in conjunction with the Christopher Tower University Lecturership (CUF): the principal teaching obligation of the lecturership will be to give university classes or lectures in the Art of Writing Poetry.

Further particulars may be obtained from the Censors' Administrator, Christ Church, Oxford OX1 1DP, and may be viewed on the college's Web site: http://www.chch.ox. Applications must be sent to the Senior Censor, Christ Church, no later than Thursday, 15 April.

Christ Church is an equal opportunities employer.

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Appointment of Junior Dean

Hertford College proposes to appoint a Junior Dean for a period of one year from 15 September 1999, with the possibility of renewal for a second year. The Junior Dean will be required to live in college, free of charge, and will also be entitled to lunch free of charge in the senior common room and to one free dinner a week at high table (more, should this prove necessary). There will also be a stipend of £850 per annum, additional to any other income which the appointee may receive. The appointee will be eligible for a modest entertainment allowance. The Junior Dean will assist the Dean and other college officers in the smooth running of the college.

Applications are limited to graduate members of the University, and should be sent to the College Secretary, Hertford College, Oxford OX1 3BW, by 26 April. Applications should include a full curriculum vitae and the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of two referees. If the applicant's supervisor is not one of these, her or his consent to the application must be obtained.

Further particulars can be obtained from the College Secretary.

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Stipendiary Lecturership in Philosophy

Magdalen College intends to appoint a Stipendiary Lecturer in Philosophy for the academic year 1999–2000.

The appointment is for one year. The college will pay an annual stipend of £15,735. The lecturer will be required to provide twelve hours' teaching per week. Applications containing a curriculum vitae and the names of two referees, together with a brief statement of teaching experience and research interests, should be sent to the Senior Tutor, Magdalen College, Oxford OX1 4AU, by 12 April. Candidates should ask referees to write directly to the Senior Tutor in their support by this date. Further particulars about the post can be obtained from the College Secretary (telephone: Oxford (2)76094, fax: (2)6094, e-mail:

Magdalen College is an equal opportunities employer.

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Appointment of Welfare Adviser

Applications are invited for the post of Welfare Adviser from 1 October 1999, to facilitate liaison between senior common room, middle common room, and junior common room welfare officers.

Applicants should already be or expect to be engaged in academic study in the University at the postgraduate or postdoctoral level. The appointment will be made for one year in the first instance, but with the possiblity of renewal for up to a maximum of three years in total. The successful candidate will be expected to undertake an appropriate course of training in welfare issues. The position will carry free board and lodging and a grant of £1,500 per annum together with some senior common room rights.

Further particulars are available from the Warden's Secretary, Merton College, Oxford OX1 4JD (telephone: Oxford (2)76373, e-mail:

The closing date for applications is Monday, 12 April.

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Yamanouchi Research Fellowship in Cell Biology 1999–2002

Wolfson College proposes to elect a Yamanouchi Research Fellow to be funded by the Yamanouchi Research Institute. The fellow will be expected to undertake research within the University of Oxford in the field of cell biology in relation to human disease.

It is hoped that the successful candidate will take up the fellowship on 1 October 1999 or as soon as can be arranged thereafter. The fellowship will be tenable for three years. Candidates should normally be under thirty-five years on 1 October 1999.

The annual stipend will be related to that of a university lecturer (currently £16,655–£23,651 at age thirty-five) plus any general percentage increase in academic salaries that may come into effect. The fellow will be permitted to undertake up to six hours' teaching per week. The fellowship will not be tenable with another stipendiary position. Accommodation (single or family) will be offered (for at least the first year of the fellowship) at the standard college rental. Fellows are entitled to free meals on common table (up to a weekly limit of £30).

Applications, accompanied by a curriculum vitae and the names of two referees (see note below), are invited from candidates with at least two years' research experience. Application forms are available from the President's Secretary, Wolfson College, Oxford OX2 6UD.

Candidates should describe in detail in their application the research they propose to carry out, and their qualifications for undertaking it. They would normally be expected to hold a Ph.D. degree or equivalent.

Note: applicants should themselves write directly to their referees asking them without further request to send a confidential reference to the President's Secretary. (These may be faxed direct to Oxford (2)74136).

The candidate will normally have made satisfactory arrangements for access to appropriate laboratory facilities. Candidates should state in their application whether they have made such arrangements. A sum of £6,000 per annum will be made available directly to the relevant department towards the cost of research.

Applications should reach the President's Secretary by the closing date, Friday, 7 May. Candidates will be expected to be available for interview in Oxford on Wednesday, 2 June.

Applications and references should be marked on the envelope `YRF' and addressed to the President's Secretary, Wolfson College, Oxford OX2 6UD, to be received by the closing date.

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