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The Curators of the Taylor Institution have made available a Zaharoff Travelling Scholarship, of value up to £12,000, for the 1999–2000 academic year. Applicants must already be registered as graduate students under the aegis of the Board of the Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, and must continue to hold that status during the tenure of the scholarship. The award is for one year, and intended primarily for those entering their second or third years of graduate study who have been unable to secure sufficient funds from other sources. It could provide for both maintenance and fees.

The scholarship is offered for study in France, and applicants will be expected to spend a substantial part of the year in France. The value of the award will reflect this requirement. Applications should consist of a research proposal of not more than four sides of A4, indicating the academic objectives, outline proposals for study in France, and an indication of how the proposal fits into the overall work being done for the degree. They should also include the applicant's name and college, and the name and college of his/her supervisor and one further academic referee, together with a statement of the applicant's financial position, including details of any other awards applied for or held. Applications should be submitted to the Graduate Studies Assistant, Modern Languages Administration, 37 Wellington Square, by Friday, 12 March (eighth week). Short- listed applicants will be summoned for interview during Trinity Term.

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