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Applications are invited for up to two scholarships for postgraduate research in Biology tenable at the University from the beginning of Michaelmas Term 1999. The scholarships are, at present, of the same value as those offered by the MRC plus £200, thus for 1998–9 new scholarships will carry a maintenance grant of £7,270 per annum. They are tenable for two years but may be extended for a third year. The Board of Management has the power to suspend a scholarship held by a medical student for a period of not more than three years, or in special cases four years, in order to enable the holder to devote himself/herself to clinical training without forfeiting his/her scholarship.

Candidates wishing to apply for the scholarships must have been accepted for admission for postgraduate study in one of the following departments: Biochemistry, Experimental Psychology, Human Anatomy, the Dunn School of Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Plant Sciences, Zoology, or by one of the departments under the Clinical Medicine Board. They must not have exceeded the sixteenth term from their matriculation, i.e. the date of admission to the University for those already at Oxford University. No person may be awarded a scholarship a second time.

Each of the departments named above can submit up to two candidates for consideration by the Board of Management, in addition to which the Regius Professor of Medicine can submit two candidates on behalf of the Clinical Medicine Board. Application forms must be countersigned by the head of department and submitted by the department. For this purpose, applications must be submitted to the departments, by those hoping to work in the Clinical Medicine departments by Monday, 25 January, and, by those hoping to work in other departments by Monday, 22 February. Completed forms must arrive at the University Offices before 11 a.m. on Monday, 8 March. It is currently intended to hold interviews with short-listed candidates on Monday, 12 April.

Application forms are available from Mrs J. Brown, University Offices, 16 Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD.

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Museveni Scholarship

The Centre for the Study of African Economies, Institute of Economics and Statistics, invites applications for this scholarship, to support D.Phil. students from Africa for the academic year commencing in October 1999. Candidates for the scholarship will be drawn from students accepted for a D.Phil. by the University.

The scholarship, of up to £10,000 for one year, will be given to Africans wishing to pursue economic research at the University. The thesis topic should be of relevance to African economies. Museveni Scholars will be research students attached to the CSAE and will usually be supervised by Centre staff.

Applications, which should include a copy of the applicant's research proposal and curriculum vitae, and details of other applications for funding and/or funding obtained by the applicant for D.Phil. studies, should be sent to the Administrator, CSAE, St Cross Building, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UL, by 31 March.

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